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Santoshi Maa 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi teasing Dhairya. Kaki and Ujwal ask Dhairya whats happening, why is he jumping in his chair. Dhairya says mosquito, you continue your discussion. Ujwal says I m worried for Madhu. Dhairya gives another roti to Santoshi. He says Madhu will get treated like Santoshi. Pratap gets shocked. Kaki says Santoshi’s state was not so bad like Madhu, I think we don’t have any way than sending Madhu to mental hospital. Dhairya says yes, you are saying right, shock therapy will make Madhu fine. Santoshi bites Dhairya’s foot. Dhairya screams and says patients scream like this then. Pratap asks them to stop saying all this, I gave medicine to Madhu, I m sure she will get fine.

Dhairya says staying positive is good, but we all know Madhu’s state. Pratap goes. Seshnath

asks Guddu to explain his father in law. Sharmili’s dad scolds Guddu for silently seeing how Sharmili got beaten up, this is crime. Madhuri and Daksha cry and ask Sharmili to forgive them. Sharmili says if they are saying sorry, we will leave them Papa, next time put them in jail. Daksha and Madhuri fall in her feet and say sorry. Guddu thinks Sharmili’s dad did not do this right, now see what I will do.

Dhairya and Santoshi talk about how she was teasing him infront of everyone. She says I m not scared till my hero is with me and hugs him. He says you got much naughty, but family believed Madhu has gone mad, even Pratap is believing. Santoshi says it will be fun when Madhu really goes mad, it just started. He says its enough of drama now. She says a bit more. He asks what do you want, tell me. She smiles seeing him. hua hai aaj meri baar……….plays……….

Narad asks how to find Dimakh Raj. Brahmadev tells everyone that Dimakh Raj forming the tree will not have the symbol made by Devraj Indra, which all the trees will have. Dimakh Raj thinks I did not know this. Gaumata says I will check that. Santoshi Maa says I will also check, don’t think anything, the time is very valuable now. They all check the trees. Gaumata tells them about the tree without symbol and says I think Dimakh Raj is here. Dimakh Raj tries to leave. They all see a tree. Devi Laxmi says there is no symbol on this tree, this is Dimakh Raj. Brahmadev says no, this is not Dimakh Raj, because its symbol is over there. They continue finding the tree.

Guddu recalls what all happened. Sharmili asks why is he sitting silent. He says nothing, go from here, I don’t want to talk. She asks what happened, are you angry for Papa’s scolding. He asks her to say was this right to get Daksha and Madhuri beaten up, they have apologized to you, you got content doing this. She says you feel I did wrong, what about Madhuri and Daksha, what did they do. He says I have always supported you, I did not expect this from you. She says you feel this is wrong, what about your behavior with Dadi, Madhuri and Daksha is bearing this for her deeds, stop it, else I can file case against you. He thinks he would go to jail and turns sweet asking her to forget all this. She asks him to get tea for her, made by Madhuri. He goes and thinks I will see you and your dad.

Santoshi goes to Madhu. Madhu screams seeing her. Santoshi stops her and scares her. She shows the itching powder and says person dies by itching, I won’t let you die, so I got its solution, you have bath by cow dung and you will get saved, I m not ghost, hold me and see. Madhu asks her to go. Santoshi asks why, you started the game and I will end this, if you tell everyone that I m not ghost, no one will believe, they all think you are mad. Madhu shouts Pratap. Santoshi puts itching powder on her. Madhu says you scared me as ghost, I will see you. Santoshi asks her to manage herself first. Madhu does itching. She calls everyone. She tells Pratap about Santoshi putting itching powder on her, and asks for cow dung. Pratap asks are you mad and calls doctor to admit Madhu in hospital. Dhairya says I think Madhu got mad. Madhu says I will tell Pushpa to get it. She gets cow dung and applies it to her hands. Pratap asks what are you doing. Santoshi smiles.

Madhu goes to stab Santoshi. Santoshi wakes up and they both have a fight. Madhu says I will kill you. Devi Parvati says if anything happens to Dimakh Raj, we can’t help Santoshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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