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Santoshi Maa 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Janardhan to leave. He gets a stick and gives Dadi. He asks her to get her anger out, but come back home, see Dakshi, she is crying so much. Dadi says fine, give me stick. Dadi beats Janardhan for doing this with Santoshi. Daksha is glad seeing Dadi’s anger on Janardhan. Santoshi stops Dadi. Dadi throws the stick. Janardhan apologizes and asks her to come home. Daksha cries and says punish me too, come home, we are sorry. Dadi says you should not blame Santoshi, is this right to blindly love Bittoo, you go and be happy, let us be happy too.

Daksha says we can’t be happy without you. She thinks its about her jewelry. She asks Santoshi to forgive her. Santoshi convinces Dadi to come, and forgive Daksha and Janardhan. Madhvi puts water on Bittoo. Bittoo

gets shocked. Madhvi asks did she get senses now, and scolds her for stealing jewelry.

Narad greets Mata and says Santoshi is great, she saved Bittoo. But why is Santoshi going back in same family, her problems will end. Mata shows a flower blooming and says if goodness way was easy, every human would have been my devotee, I m with my devotees who walk on tough path.

Daksha and Janardhan bring Dadi and Santoshi home. Daksha says our family got completed. Madhvi and Seshnath taunt Daksha about Bittoo. They all greet Dadi well. Janardhan says I will not give Dadi any chance to complain, stay well, we all will serve you Amma. Seshnath says our heaven is in your feet. He asks Santoshi to rest. Santoshi asks Dadi to see, everyone is happy that they came back.

Daksha cooks and says Madhvi got her jewelry, now I have to think to send Santoshi in that house, Dadi shoukd agree. She sees Santoshi and starts acting. She talks on phone and says Santoshi will not come on work, beat Janardhan, do anything, we don’t want promotion. Santoshi goes. Daksha thinks will Santoshi agree or not.

Santoshi gets ready and tells Daksha that she is going on work. Daksha smiles and says you just came, take rest. Ddi says yes, Santoshi go tomorrow. Daksha asks Santoshi to have food and go. She leaves. Dadi says they are selfish, no one loves you truly. Santoshi says fine, but I love them, I can do anything for their good, I will leave now, take rest Dadi.

Dadi prays for Santoshi. Narad tells Mata about this result, Santoshi is going in that house as maid again. He says the human who does injustice thinks he won. Mata says its not like you are thinking, Santoshi protests, but there is no use to protest with them, they are selfish people. Santoshi will show her strength on right time, don’t worry, I will not let injustice happen with my devotees.

Santoshi asks a girl about Lucknow bus. The girl says I m also waiting for same bus. Santoshi drinks water and offers the girl. The girl says I m fine. Santoshi says have it. The girl drinks the water. Dhairya and his friends pass by on their bikes. The guy gives her flowers and asks her to come with him. the girl refuses. The guy crushes the flowers angrily. The girl says I don’t want anything, don’t create an issue. The guys say we will take her to bungalow, then she will agree. Dhairya asks them to take her, they will talk there. The guy asks her to agree, else his friends can do anything for him. She says I don’t want to talk. The guy asks do you have affair with someone else, give me your phone. She says leave me. Santoshi asks him to leave her. The guy asks who are you, just shut up. Dhairya says just take her. The girl says I don’t want to keep any relation, help me. Santoshi stops the guy and says leave her hand, why are you forcing her. The guy pushes her on the ground. Santoshi gets hurt. The girl asks for help. Santoshi gets up and slaps that guy. Dhairya gets shocked.

Dhairya says I will show Santoshi whats result of interfering in other’s matters. Devi Paulmi says this night will be tough for Santoshi. Dhairya’s friend shocks Santoshi in the party.

Update Credit to: Amena

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