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The Episode starts with Kaka and Kaki taking Santoshi out with them. Santoshi smiles seeing the cow and calf. Kaka says we can’t meet Santoshi Maa but we can do Gau puja. Kaki asks her to pray to Gaumata, its auspicious day, Gaumata will bless you. Gaumata says it got simple for me now, I was thinking how to make Santoshi know the fourth promise. Gaumata goes on earth. Kaki says Santoshi will get more confident after doing Gaupuja.

Santoshi does the Gaupuja. Gaumata thinks its good chance and spoils Santoshi’s clothes. The man says sorry, my cow is always calm, don’t know why cow did this. Santoshi thinks to change saree and wear that green one. Kaki asks Santoshi to come with her. Sinduri smiles seeing them. Kaka prays to Santoshi Maa to keep Santoshi’s sindoor respect.


meets Sweety and thinks she is very rich. She asks Guddu how did he come. He says I want to do something different, small things don’t suit me. She says I will give you job, you know I want your house. He says ask anything other than my life, how will I do convince family. She says come on, everyone gives life for me, can’t you do small thing for me. He says everyone lies when they say they will give life. she thinks everyone tries to impress me, this guy is saying fact. He says I can’t do this. She says don’t worry, I will tell you how to go ahead, so deal done. He says deal done and shakes hands.

Swarnrekha smiles seeing Sinduri. She asks Devraj Indra to see her devotee looks winner before my blessing reached her. Daasi says Santoshi Maa is coming here. Swarnrekha worries and says Devi can know this parrot is Indra. She disappears the parrot. Santoshi Maa comes there with three Devis. Swarnrekha greets them. Narad comes there. Swarnrekha asks why did they come. Santoshi Maa says we have here to find Indra, Narad said he was seen in her palace. Narad says yes, Swarnrekha told me. Devi Parvati asks for any news about Indra.

Swarnrekha thinks to divert their attention, else they can reach Indra. Swarnrekha acts and says I m worried for Indra, I got this sorrow before my marriage. Devi Laxmi says don’t worry, we will find him. Devi Saraswati says yes, we will find him soon. Narad says we should inform Brahmadev soon. Santoshi Maa says we all have searched everywhere, now it will be right to tell Brahmadev. Swarnrekha says I have to see my first devotee, but also see Devi’s doings. She asks them can I come with you. Santoshi Maa asks her to come. Swarnrekha goes with them.

Madhu asks Pratap why did everyone not come till now. Santoshi gets dressed. Kaki asks her to hurt up. Sinduri looks on and thinks I should trap Santoshi as she got ready. She locks the door and Santoshi worries.

Madhu shows the veil and tells Pratap that Sinduri planned something big. Santoshi says my phone is out, and shouts to Dhairya and Kaka. Sinduri comes to temple and signs Madhu. Sinduri shows her attire, and wears bridal saree and jewelry. She sees the veil and thinks maybe Madhu kept some surprise for me. Dhairya comes there with Kaka. Sinduri smiles. Kaka says why did Santoshi and Vidya not come till now. Santoshi says we have to do something and tries to break door lock by chair. She gets hurt. Kaki worries. Dhairya thinks where is Santoshi, and wishes she comes fast.

Ujwal says I think we should start rituals. Madhu says its good Santoshi is not here, Sinduri you start your drama, I mean your rituals. Sinduri says I was waiting for this. Santoshi takes a metal vase and hits on door knob to break it.

Sinduri does Dhairya’s aarti and puja of him. He thinks Sinduri is doing as Santoshi said, if she does everything right, then it will be wrong. He sees the kheer and says I will make you have kheer later. Kaka waits for Santoshi. Sinduri holds Dhairya’s hand to show him something. She shows the swing. He says I won’t sit on swing, where is Dhairya. Madhu says you have give her chance, you said if Sinduri proves she is Santoshi, you will accept her. Pratap says anyways you loved Sinduri, whats the meaning of staying with someone you did not love. Sinduri makes him sit on swing. She asks him to plant a Chandan tree with her and says its our love sign. He thinks did I love Sinduri and plants the little Chandan. She asks him not to kill snakes from today.

She makes him have the kheer. Everyone smile. Pratap says its proved Sinduri is Santoshi. Sinduri says no, I did not win yet, Dhairya has to fulfill his four promises now. She gets sindoor and mangalsutra and reminds his promises. She asks him what is he thinking. He takes sindoor in hand, and says its not right Santoshi, you played with my feelings. Santoshi comes there and asks Dhairya to stop. Kaka gets relieved, while others get shocked. Santoshi comes there, dressed in red bridal saree. Dhairya smiles. Santoshi says my turn did not come yet. Sinduri gets shocked.

Santoshi recalls how she broke the door knob and got free. Kaki recalled Sinduri locked them, and tells Santoshi that Sinduri was hiding herself in shawl, she was wearing red saree and bangles like bride. Santoshi says we are getting late. Kaki says Sinduri told just three things, fourth thing is bride clothes, you go and wear that red saree, get ready as bride. Santoshi rushes. FB ends.

Madhu gets angry seeing Santoshi. Santoshi asks Dhairya did you decide who is real Santoshi without taking my test. Kaka asks Kaki where was she. She says I will say. Santoshi says now its my turn, I m ready. She says I will fulfill all my promises, then you fulfill your promise of marrying me. He nods and smiles. Sinduri says this fake Santoshi cheated me. Santoshi says its enough now. Sinduri says I did not see you doing any arrangements, how will you make Dhairya sit on swing.

Santoshi holds Dhairya’s hand and shows the swing hidden. She makes Dhairya sit and does other rituals too. Sinduri cries. He tells Santoshi that his love will always be same for her, sorry to doubt on her. Santoshi smiles. She does his aarti. Sinduri fumes. Santoshi says I did everything, and asks Dhairya to do what he said. Sinduri calls her liar. Dhairya says stop it, what nonsense. Santoshi says person should be in limits, else others have to show them right place, did you tell your truth to everyone that you locked me in room. Everyone get shocked. Santoshi says tell them the truth. She asks Dhairya to see CCTV camera and know who is true and who is liar. Kaki says yes, Santoshi is saying true. Dhairya asks Pratap to check CCTV footage on his phone. Pratap checks and gets shocked seeing Sinduri locking Santoshi in room. He shows video to Madhu. Madhu gets shocked too. Dhairya checks video and gets angry.

He says you are playing game, you cheated me, Santoshi is true, you are fake one. He says I have doubted my wife because of you. Kaki asks Dhairya to fulfill his promise and make this relation strong. She gives mangalsutra which she kept for her youngest bahu. Dhairya fills Santoshi’s maang and recalls the old moment. Ankhiyaan…………..plays……….. he makes her wear mangalsutra and hugs her. Sinduri cries.

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