Santoshi Maa 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi wondering how is Santoshi. Sharmili comes from parlor and is happy. She sees Dadi upset and asks her why did she not eat food. Dadi says I don’t want to have food, don’t know how is Santoshi. Sharmili thinks I have to help Dadi, else she will get unwell. She asks Dadi to have food, she will ask her dad to find Santoshi. She asks Dadi to feed her food as her nail polish did not dry. Dadi says why not, come. Madhuri, Sweety and Guddu come home.

Guddu tells Dadi that he could not find about Santoshi, but he is staying in Dhairya’s room because of Sweety. Dadi says none worries for Santoshi. Madhuri says we came for kuldevi puja. Sharmili asks Guddu won’t he ask how is she. Sweety says why will he worry for you, he just worries for me.

Its morning,

Dhairya gets ready and tells Santoshi that he is leaving. She asks him to have breakfast first. He says I can’t say no to you, I will have this on the way. She gives him tiffin and bottle. He says I m already spoiled, I will spoil more if you pamper me, I m lucky to get a wife like you, if I get late, have food. She says we will have food together, take care. He says fine, and holds her. She asks him to go office. He says I m your husband, give me this right. She hugs him. Bubbly comes there. Dhairya leaves. Santoshi asks Bubbly will you have parathas. Bubbly says no.

Daksha, Madhuri and Sweety prepare for puja. Sharmili gets ready and says its my first kuldevi puja, I will get ready well so that everyone know. Daksha calls the bahu for puja. Sharmili says I m coming and goes out. She gets shocked seeing Sweety doing puja with Guddu. Dadi says Sharmili is puja. Daksha asks Dadi not to say anything. Dadi and Sharmili feel bad. Madhuri does puja with Guddu and Sweety. Dadi tells Sharmili that she got what she has sown, you can do puja alone, you have Guddu’s name sindoor. Sharmili sits alone and does puja.

Ankur is on the way and sees Dhairya. Dhairya meets the clients and tells about solar panels. He leaves. Santoshi laughs while talking to Bubbly and cooks food. Ankur follows Dhairya. Dhairya’s work continues. Santoshi says its good Bubbly you came else work would have taken much time, sit here, I will make tea.

Madhu comes to the house with some lady. She sees Santoshi and Bubbly making rangoli outside the house. She shows the article in newspaper and says this is that woman Santoshi. Bubbly says sometimes the colony gets boring. Santoshi asks why. Bubbly says its just a temple and sweet shop here. Santoshi says we will go some day. The lady tells Madhu not to worry, work will be done. Madhu says now we will see who saves Santoshi.

Guddu tells Daksha that he is enjoying in Sweety’s rule. Tinu says take me along. Madhuri praises Sweety. Daksha and Madhuri try to influence Sweety. Sweety asks Madhuri to let Daksha and everyone come, its big house and we can adjust them. Daksha gets glad and blesses Sweety. She says I will throw a party tonight and dances.

Sharmili cries and tells Dadi that Guddi did not talk to me, he does not care for me. Dadi asks why will he worry, when you have given him to someone else, money is necessary, but getting money by giving precious thing is useless, you sold your husband and bought this fake happiness, you have to be with this fake happiness all your life. Sharmili cries.

Santoshi prepares for the puja. Madhu comes there and signs a lady. Santoshi agrees to sing the aarti. The lady says don’t make Santoshi sing aarti, see her bad deeds. She shows the newspaper. Gaumata says I think Devi Paulmi’s bad powers are there. Bubbly says Santoshi is not bad, you are lying. The lady asks all ladies to see the newspaper. Madhu smiles. The people get angry on Santoshi and make her leave. Santoshi says its old thing and its all fake. They throw stones on Santoshi and beat her. Dhairya comes home and gets shocked. He hugs Santoshi and stops everyone. He asks them are they mad. The man asks who are you. Dhairya says I m her husband. The man says husband, who marries such women, I think you are also with her. The people throw stones at Dhairya also. Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa to do something. Madhu looks on and smiles.

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