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Santoshi Maa 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa asking Gaumata why did she come back from puja. Gaumata says I was worried for Dhairya, I don’t want him to win, but if Dhairya loses everything, Santoshi will have to bear trouble. Santoshi and Kaka are on the way. Santoshi prays that Dhairya does not do anything wrong. Kaka says don’t worry. Santoshi says I think something is going to happen today. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi is praying to me, but I can’t help her, Dhairya has taken this decision, if he realizes his mistake, he can get saved, else he is inviting trouble by greed and cheat. Gaumata says we can expect Santoshi reaches on time.

Devi Parvati ask Devi Laxmi why is she worried. Devi Laxmi says I got question by Devi Paulmi’s words, she said whoever is blessed by me, get her in heart

also and run away from Devi Santoshi, it means Devi Santoshi is my opponent. Devi Parvati says we have to think about it. Santoshi reaches Madhu’s house and sees Dhairya. Dhairya sees Santoshi and gets shocked.

Dhairya tells Paras that Santoshi should not see us. Santoshi talks to Madhu. Bubbly turns face away. Madhu asks why did you come here. Santoshi says I came to find Dhairya. Madhu scolds her. Santoshi says I feel Dhairya is here, sorry, I will go when I get him. Paras asks them to make this woman leave. Ankur asks Madhu to take Santoshi away.

Madhu asks Santoshi will you leave on own or shall I make you get out. Daksha asks Santoshi to leave than getting insulted. She scolds Santoshi. Dhairya gets angry hearing this. He thinks I m sorry, I m not able to say anything, I promise I will make everything fine, just leave. Madhu asks Santoshi does she want tip, Santoshi is old maid and came to take money, tell me how much money you want. She insults Santoshi. She asks Seshnath to take away Santoshi.

Dhairya gets angry and shouts….. Bubbly thinks plan will get exposed, control. Dhairya says stop, you can’t do this with her. Paras asks Dhairya to calm down. He says we can’t bear insult of women and elders. Santoshi leaves. She says we will start game again. Dhairya says I want to go to washroom. Ankur says its there. Dhairya says I will come soon, keep my cards safe. He goes with Paras. Madhu tells Ankur earned a lot today. Ankur says its just starting, see what happens next, this Diwali will be best one. She laughs.

Dhairya says don’t know to play the big game or not. Bubbly goes to them and asks why did you call me here. Dhairya says we are thinking what to do. Madhu says I will go and see them. Paras says I think you should not leave this chance. Bubbly says if Ankur has three aces, what will happen. Dhairya says we should know his cards. She says how will I know. Devi Paulmi says his idea is nice and I will complete this thought. Dhairya says I have an idea and need Bubbly for this. Madhu comes there and sees them.

Paras says you here, we were coming downstairs. Dhairya resumes the game. Ankur asks did you lose, or shall we play ahead. Bubbly holds mirror and shows Ankur’s cards to Dhairya. Dhairya thinks to play big game now. He says this will be last game from me, so I will keep 100 crores property on stake. Madhu, Ankur, Ujwal and everyone get shocked.

Ankur says I also out all my property on stake. Madhu asks are you mad. Ankur says relax, trust me. Dhairya says you don’t have courage like me, I know your status. Ankur says you will know my status soon. Dhairya says I got my will and property papers along, you have to keep your papers too. Ankur asks Madhu to give property papers, trust me. Madhu asks Ujwal to check Nawab’s papers. Ujwal checks and says its correct papers. Dhairya provokes Ankur. Ankur requests Madhu to give property papers. She asks Ankur and Ujwal to come along. Dhairya asks Daksha to get juice. Paras says I don’t think Madhu will get trapped. Dhairya says I want to trap Ankur then even Madhu will be trapped.

Madhu asks Ankur is he mad to put house on stake. Ankur says yes, but we can get 100 crores property of Nawab, think we can earn 100 crores, I m sure luck is on my side, let me play. Ujwal agrees and says Nawab does not know, his property is worth 150 crores, and our property is of 50 crores, lets go it. Madhu agrees.

Dhairya says its late. Paras says I think they will not give papers. Ankur comes back and is tensed. Madhu brings the papers and puts on the table. Ankur asks Nawab did you see our status now. Dhairya asks him to show cards. Ankur says cards will be distributed again, as I left from the game, what happened, why did your face get pale. Paras says Dhairya, we got trapped. Ankur says this time I will distribute the cards. Ankur gets three jokers. Bubbly tries to show Dhairya. Dhairya sees the cards. Dhairya thinks Ankur’s cards are strong, it means he will win. Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa. Devi Paulmi says it will be wrong, Dhairya chose this path, now you and Devi Santoshi can’t do anything. Ankur shows the cards and says I won the last game Nawab Sahab. Dhairya looks on.

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