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Santoshi Maa 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi saying I don’t like the deal, I want 50 lakhs, it will be good amount for my jewelry. Tolaram argues and says I will just pay 20 lakhs. Daksha says she is Devlok princess, she has some problem and selling jewelry, did you see such jewelry before, you can leave. Devi Paulmi says this crown is of Devlok king’s wife. She asks him to tell decision soon. She asks him to decide soon and starts counting. Tolaram agrees for the deal and gives 50 lakhs rs. He takes jewelry. Daksha and Madhuri smile. Tolaram leaves.

Devi Paulmi smiles. Tolaram says I m proud of myself, now I will be called Rajsunaar. His son asks where is Devlok. Tolaram asks don’t you know Devlok, I think she cheated us, we will go and cancel the deal. His son asks why, you said once you commit,

you don’t refuse. Tolaram asks on whose side are you. Madhuri tells Daksha that I think its something fishy. Seshnath comes home and looks for Devi Paulmi. Madhuri says she went, we tried to stop her, why do you look worried. He says no. Bittoo tells them that Sridevi is coming. Devi Paulmi comes in her new look, of Sridevi. They get shocked. Seshnath smiles. Rang bhare badal se……O meri Chandni………plays…………

Devi Paulmi says I know I m looking very beautiful. Daksha says you are beautiful, you look great, how did you get these clothes. Bittoo says I will answer. FB shows Devi Paulmi and Bittoo watching Sridevi’s movie. Devi Paulmi says I have to see Sridevi, I like her, I want to look like her. Bittoo says fine, I will help you, but there is a problem, money will be needed for such clothes and jewelry. Devi Paulmi gives her gold bangles. Bittoo smiles. She says I sold her bangles and arranged all this.

Devi Paulmi gives them some money and asks them to share. She says I can’t stay here now. I have money too. Seshnath says I will drop you, call me if you need help. She leaves. Madhuri and Daksha argue for money. Seshnath too fights for money. Devi Paulmi comes back and smiles seeing their greed. She says its time to fill greed in Devi Santoshi’s devotees. She goes and Tinu meets on the way. He says you changed your clothes, you maybe missing your mum, you can leave. She laughs and says I will not trouble my mummy this time. She goes.

Santoshi makes tea for Riya and Dhairya. Kaka asks her not to worry, Riya will explain Dhairya and leave in sometime, but its too late now, why are they taking so much time. She asks him not to worry. Madhu asks Santoshi what type of wife are you, a girl is in your husband’s room, and you are making tea and snacks for her. She throws the tea in sink and asks Santoshi not to send tea for Riya. Kaka asks Madhu not to worry, Riya will leave. Madhu says I gave just 15mins time to Riya, its three hours now, what is Riya explaining Dhairya. Santoshi says its fine, I think Dhairya is understanding Riya, he spoke well with me. Madhu says you don’t know anything, just be silent, I know Dhairya is weak when it comes to Riya’s matter, why is Riya talking inside room.

Servant calls Madhu and tells her that Riya called for her belongings here, she said she will stay here. Madhu and Santoshi get shocked. Pratap comes and sees the bags. He asks Madhu did any guest come. Ujwal says I think someone came on long holiday.

Pratap asks them to say it, who has come. Servant says its Riya’s luggage. Pratap asks Madhu what is Riya doing here. Nupur asks servant to keep bags in upstairs room. Madhu stops servant. Riya comes and argues with Madhu. Kaka says I got you here to explain Dhairya, what are these bags. Riya says I was going to airport with my bags, I thought to convince Dhairya once. Dhairya asked me to stay here, I will explain him and do my best, I need some time. Madhu gets shocked. Dhairya comes and says Riya will stay here. Santoshi gets shocked.

Pratap asks what is this nonsense, stop it, else… Madhu says calm down, I will explain. Pratap says he crossed limits, I can’t control. Madhu says I will manage. Pratap and Ujwal leave. Madhu asks Dhairya how can Riya stay here, what will people say. Nupur asks Madhu not to think about outsiders, do you have anything imp than Dhairya’s happiness, we are modern people. Madhu says I did not ask your advice Nupur. Nupur says fine, do what you want. Dhairya agrees with Nupur. Kaka asks him to think about his wife.

Dhairya says marriage breaks with divorce, Riya will stay with me. Santoshi cries. Dhairya asks Riya to come. Riya smiles seeing Madhu. Kaka stops Riya and asks what are you doing, you came here to save Santoshi’s life. Riya says yes, you have seen Dhairya, I will explain Dhairya, I need some time. She goes to Dhairya’s room. Madhu asks Kaka to say did he get rights for Santoshi, now bear this problem. Santoshi cries and runs from there. She asks Maa why does this happen with me. Santoshi Maa looks on.

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  1. dere is nothing in dis serial to comment

  2. Marie Taylor

    I wonder if the actors who act these show ain’t have any respect at all. Why didn’t they get jobs like teachers, journalist, lawyers, managers, accountant etc. Than acting disgusting shows earn their money with hard work. Not cheap means. Who makes jokes out of marriage like that, only a sl*t will want to come between a man an his wife for what , greeed of Money. Because Ryia don’t love Dhairya she just love his money.

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