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Santoshi Maa 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi telling Dadi what happened in the temple. Dadi gets shocked. Santoshi says Dhairya and Riya love each other. Dadi says don’t; worry. You just supported right, now get ready for your marriage, I want to see you as bride, I will send your friends now. She goes.

Pandit asks Pratap to send Riya, its time for jaimala. Pratap says fine, I will see. He calls Madhu to get riya. Madhu says Riya did not come yet. She asks Pratap to find out. Pratap says I will ask Dhairya. Dhairya’s friend say we find something less here. Pratap comes and asks for Riya. Dhairya says I called Riya, she is not taking call. Dhairya’s friend says we are missing music. Pratap laughs and asks dhol man to play. They all dance on heeriye…. Song.

Madhu talks to guests. Dhairya

takes Madhu for dance. Pandit asks for bride. Ujwal says its last marriage of our house, let us enjoy. They dance. Riya comes there and shouts stop it. They all look at her. Riya goes to Dhairya. Pandit says we will start jaimala now. Riya’s mum asks Riya to take garlands. Madhu asks for the file.

Dhairya asks are you fine. Riya tears the garlands and throws on Dhairya’s face. They all get shocked. Kranti Maa smiles. Dhairya asks whats this. Riya scolds him. Pratap asks whats this joke Riya. Riya says Dhairya did joke with me, see this. She throws the pics of Dhairya with that girl. The family gets shocked.

Riya says ask Dhairya why did he do this, he is already married, congrats, he is becoming father of a child too. She asks them to ask Dhairya why is he acting to love and marry her, when he has a wife. Kranti Maa signs Madhu. Dhairya asks what, I can’t even think to do this. Riya says shut up, don’t touch me, I could not imagine you will do this with me, you cheated me and our families too, you guys are so smart to use girls and dump them. I want to know why you did this. Pratap says you have misunderstanding, we know our Dhairya, he can’t do this. Riya asks him to see the evidence. Madhu says you can’t blame us. Riya’s mum asks is this proof fake, you are blaming my daughter instead scolding your son.

Riya’s dad says I think his family is involved in this. Pratap gets angry. Riya says my parents are saying right, ask him why did he cheat me. Pratap checks pics and pregnancy report. He asks Dhairya what is all this. Dhairya says I don’t know this. Riya asks do you not know your wife, you would have forgotten me as well. She says you won’t remember her. Nupur asks who gave you these pics. Riya says Santoshi. They get shocked. Madhu asks Santoshi, what did she say. Riya says Santoshi told me Dhairya’s truth, if she did not meet me in temple, my life would have got ruined. He asks are you believing her, whats truth in this, did you not realize this will be fake. Riya asks why will Santoshi lie to me, she has no reason, you have reason to sue girls and throw them, I loved you, why did you do this acting. He says I will call Santoshi here and ask her why she did this. She asks why, will truth change, I don’t have to ask anyone, don’t you dare touch me. You marry anyone you want, I don’t want any relation formed on lie. Kranti Maa stops Riya and says humans take wrong decision in anger, maybe someone did this intentionally, you know what can happen by technique, Dhairya is saying right, call that girl who confused you. Riya says they might be hearing your nonsense talk, I have a mind, I m not interested in your stupid advice. Pandit says such big insult of Kranti Maa. Kranti Maa says sorry, I don’t explain fools, I will not stay here. She leaves. Madhu says forgive us Maa and cries. Dhairya asks Riya why did you do this. Riya angrily slaps Dhairya. They all get shocked again. Riya leaves with her parents.

Pratap asks the guests to forgive them, have food and leave. The man says we will not stay here and all the guests leave. Pratap looks at Dhairya and says you ruined us today. I wish to kick you out from this house. Madhu says he is young, leave him Pratap. Pratap says no, your love spoiled him, else he would have not dared to do this. Kaka says congrats, Pratap has spoken as my elder son today, Dhairya you ruined two girls’ lives. Vidya says I trust Dhairya, he can’t do this. Pratap says that’s why he did this by using our trust. Dhairya says Santoshi did this.

Pratap says you always blame Santoshi, if she did not say this, we would have not know your truth. Madhu holds her head and faints. They all worry for Madhu. Pratap asks them to call doctor. Dhairya says I did not do anything and worries seeing Madhu. Ujwal goes to call doctor.

Pandit asks Daksha to give jal for puja. Daksha and Madhuri avoid. Janardhan gets up. Daksha stares at him and makes him sit. Janardhan thinks Daksha won’t let me help. Dadi asks pandit to ask her, they will not listen. Seshnath is happy seeing food. Sanketh brings baraat. Santoshi gets ready as bride. Sanketh’s mum meets Dadi and hugs her. She says sorry, I could not meet you before. Dadi says fine, we will do rituals first. Sanketh sits in mandap. His mum asks can I meet Santoshi. Tinnu says I will take you, come. Sanketh’s mum smiles seeing Santoshi. She compliments Santoshi. Santoshi touches her feet. Sanketh’s mum says Kaka wanted to come, but his son Dhairya’s marriage is today, he has sent blessings for you, you call me Maa from today, I have come to take daughter. They smile and hug.

Seshnath tells Dhairya that Santoshi broke your marriage, you break her marriage now. Dhairya reaches the mandap, and sees Sanketh and Santoshi taking wedding rounds. They stop seeing Dhairya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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