Santoshi Maa 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi asking Dhairya to forgive Rudrakshi. He says look at her doings, avoid her, she will understand her mistake. She says forgive her. He says she does not know pain, you do anything. Rudrakshi hears him and cries. Seshnath asks Tinu not to worry, and give him locket. Tinu refuses to give him locket, its for good use. He says you all are thieves. Seshnath scolds him and goes to inspector to complain about Tinu. Inspector asks him to get lost. Seshnath thinks to leave.

People fall in Kranti Maa’s trap again. Ujwal comes to meet her. Kranti Maa thinks its good he came here, he will make that Sadhvi leave. Devi Paulmi thinks Santoshi Maa will be out of Santoshi’s home now. Kranti Maa blesses Ujwal by stepping on his head. Daksha cries for Tinu. Janardhan says nothing

will happen to him. Seshnath says I could not do anything, I tried a lot, he will be in jail now.

Santoshi Maa gives Pravachan to the people about Dharm. Everyone smile. Asur Raj looks on. Kranti Maa comes and says she is saying wrong definition. She hypnotizes the people. Santoshi says prasad is ready, we will take it after satsang. Kaka finds the door locked and tells Santoshi. Kranti Maa says satisfaction ends all dreams, we all have some talent, we use it and earn money, why can’t anyone else do this, giving hard earned money in charity is ruining it, she is saying running away from world is Dharm. Santoshi Maa says I m saying about adapting good things. Kranti Maa asks her to win over her in argument. Santoshi Maa says this is not any war, you say and I will say what’s right and wrong. Kranti Maa says money is imp in life, no matter how person gets it. Pandit and everyone call her right.

Santoshi Maa says this is not truth. The people say this is truth and argue with her. Asur Raj thinks Santoshi maa’s insult will happen in her temple. People ask her to leave. Kranti Maa thinks these people will do my work. The man asks her to go from here, else they will break this temple. Santoshi calls for help.

Three Devis look on. Devi Paulmi says Asur Raj has played great game. The people ask Santoshi Maa to leave. She thinks what happened to them, why are they behaving so. She prays to Devis. Narad comes and greets devis. He says solution is infront of us, what’s the need to worry. Devi Saraswati says you said right. She lights diya. People try to make Santoshi Maa leave. Kaka tries to break the door. Winds blow. Temple bells ring. Santoshi says we will try together. Devi Saraswati sends a diya. Narad tells Gaumata that Kranti Maa controlled the people’s mind but Devi Saraswati is showing them the right path. Santoshi Maa sits praying.

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