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Santoshi Maa 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi laughing and asking Dhairya to see his face, he got scared. He smiles and says I m not afraid of you. She says I know everything. He holds her and asks where are you going, if anyone sees you. She says everyone would be sleeping, no one will see. He says its wrong to be overconfident, anything can happen. She says I have to go, anyone can come in your room, I will leave else my plan will flop. She kisses his cheek and runs. He smiles.

Madhuri looks for the jewelry. Sharmili sees her and asks Madhuri was she stealing in her room. Madhuri says no. Sharmili calls out Guddu and asks him to see the ghost, your mother, she is a thief. Guddu asks Madhuri to say what she was doing. Madhuri says this is my house. Daksha comes and takes Madhuri’s side. She scolds Sharmili.

Seshnath pulls Guddu’s ears and asks him to sit quiet. Madhuri asks Sharmili shall I beat you. Daksha and Madhuri beat up Sharmili, and Seshnath catches Guddu. Sharmili pushes Daksha and Madhuri, and says I will tell my Papa about you. Seshnath asks whats the need. Sharmili says I won’t bear all this. Seshnath asks Guddu to convince Sharmili.

Brahmadev orders Dimakh Raj to come to his real form. Santoshi Maa asks him not to do this, its about someone’s life, how can you be selfish. Dimakh Raj as the tree sees everyone in Dev vatika and thinks to play smart. Narad says Dimakh Raj is not coming infront of us, what will we do. Brahmadev says we can’t find him like this, dev vatika is very huge. Santoshi Maa says one thing can help us, we don’t know about dev vatika, the one who takes care of this vatika can tell us. Brahmadev says dev vatika’s kunjika has all the entries of all the plants. She follow the book and check all the plants present around, I think one tree is extra there. Dev Parvati says it means Dimakh Raj is cheating us being a tree. Narad says we can’t see him because of the blessing, why don’t we burn the trees, Dimakh Raj will come out. Santoshi Maa says vatika is medium of food for many birds, we can’t destroy that, even trees have life, you should believe this. Narad asks how will we find Dimakh Raj then. She says where there is a hope, there is a will. He says true words.

Santoshi comes to Madhu’s room through the window. She locks Madhu in bathroom and plays with lights. Madhu gets scared and calls out Pratap. Santoshi laughs. Pratap finds the room door locked. Madhu asks him to open the door. He says relax, I will do something. Santoshi opens bathroom door and runs. Pratap breaks the room door and sees bathroom door open. Madhu comes out and tells Pratap that anything would have happened to me. He says bathroom door was open, room door was locked, how can anyone come, I think you are getting mad and making us mad. She goes.

Madhu tells Pratap that Santoshi is here. Pratap says fine. Santoshi smiles. Dhairya sees her. Santoshi gives him kisses. Ujwal asks Madhu to calm down, doctor has come and tell the problem. Dhairya signs doctor. Doctor says Madhu is getting hallucination. She gives her medicines. Madhu refuses to have medicines. Dhairya says you can also need to go mental hospital like Santoshi. Kaki says what you did with Santoshi, that’s happening with you, bad deeds do not result in good. Madhu says I m not mad. Pratap asks her to take medicines. He makes Madhu have medicines. Madhu gets dizzy and says I m not mad. She can’t see anyone and calls doctor as Pratap. She asks Pratap, why am I seeing everything blurred. He scolds Pratap thinking he is doctor. Pratap says I m Pratap, not any doctor. Ujwal says I think Madhu got weak. Madhu says Papa is saying right, I did not have anything since morning, get some food. She eats the food weird way.

Pratap asks is this way to eat. Kaki says we have to send Madhu to mental hospital. Pratap feeds more medicines to Madhu. Santoshi dances happily. Madhu faints. Sharmili’s father arrests Daksha and Madhuri. They cry. He makes lady constable beat Madhuri and Daksha. They scream. Seshnath and Janardhan ask inspector to leave the women. Inspector says I will file dowry harassment case on you all.

Pratap gets sad and does not have food. Ujwal says Dhairya, I think we should show Madhu to big doctor. Santoshi sits under the table and tease Dhairya. Kaki says Madhu is not identifying us now. Dhairya gives roti to Santoshi. Santoshi eats food and kisses his hand. Kaki asks Dhairya where is his focus.

Santoshi shows itching powder to Madhu. Madhu gets itching and tells Pratap what Santoshi did to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today it was total conedy show.


    Precap is wrong….

    Santoshi tries to stab madhu and narad ji ask santoshi maa that this will create problem for real santoshi…

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