Santoshi Maa 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Brahmadev asking Mahadev to stop the war. Santoshi Maa asks Devi Paulmi not to ruin the world by using the brahmaastra, even you will face the end. Devi Paulmi says I want your failure than my life, I will leave this brahmaastra now. She laughs. Brahmadev asks Mahadev to stop Brahmaastra. Mahadev says its most powerful weapon, it can’t be stopped from here, I have to go there and stop it in the war ground. He gets up and leaves. He goes from the mountains. Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa for her child, and says you can’t turn face away from my child, bless the child. Some men see Santoshi sitting in temple in stormy weather. Mahadev is on the way.

Devi Paulmi is ready to throw Brahmaastra. It thunders. She leaves the Brahmaastra. Santoshi Maa sees the Brahmaastra

coming. Brahmadev and everyone come there and see the war. Narad says why is Mahadev getting late to come in battle ground. Devi Paulmi laughs. Santoshi Maa worries. Mahadev appears there in front of the Brahmaastra and takes it inside his chest. Har har mahadev…..plays…… Devi Paulmi gets shocked seeing him.

Narad chants his name. Santoshi is in pain. Mahadev asks Devi Santoshi to see her devotee in so much pain, all your devotees will be in pain, you are Devi, your work is to look after devotees and stop war. Santoshi Maa says Dada shri I m ready to stop war, but Devi Paulmi used Indraastra and injured Gaumata, so she has to pay for this crime. He says don’t worry, I have power to heal anyone hit by Indraastra, but I want to know, how did your contentment turn into anger. Santoshi Maa says its true, anger ruins everything, but I had to go to anger to protect contentment, I was doing this war for good motive. Devi Paulmi says my motive was also good. Mahadev says this is no way to fight. Brahmadev asks them to come to dev sabha.

Sharmili comes to Santoshi and asks are you fine, I did not get any rickshaw, winds stopped, we will go home. Santoshi says no, I want to stay here for some time. Gaumata gets fine by Mahadev’s powers. She greets Mahadev. Santoshi Maa thanks Mahadev. Brahmadev says I m thankful, when there was problem on earth, you had drunk poison and saved world, even today you saved the universe by bearing Brahmaastra in your body. Mahadev says I just did my duty.

Brahmadev says you could have thrown Brahmaastra, then why did you take it enter body. Mahadev says how would I insult the weapon on which Brahma’s name is written. Brahmadev thanks him a lot. Everyone smile. Brahmadev says it was bad happening in devlok, I did not expect this from Devi Paulmi and Devi Santoshi, the universe would have got ruined, do you two feel guilty. Santoshi Maa says yes, but Devi Paulmi crossed all her limits, she has hurt Gaumata, she is not just my vehicle, but imp part of my life, I had to lift weapons to protect and get justice for Gaumata. He says you could have asked for justice, knowing the war result.

Devi Paulmi says I was just defending, I can’t believe I m alive. He says no need to give evidence, you did worst thing, you used Brahmaastra, did you wish to use your powers, you both did crimes, so Mahadev and I chose punishment for you two, Mahadev will announce it. Mahadev asks them to swear that this will never happen again, and your devi powers are taken away as punishment. He says to get back powers, you have to do tough tap to purify mind, then you will get powers back.

Devi Paulmi thinks I don’t need to do anything, as Trishna will do her work. Santoshi Maa thinks how to blame Devi Paulmi about creating Trishna without proof, Brahmadev will be angry, it will be good to do tap and get powers back to collect evidence. Mahadev takes their powers. He says I hope you both will respect the punishment and not repeat this. Santoshi Maa says I respect your decision, I will regain my prestige. Mahadev smiles. Pandit says it looked like disaster, but you are true devotee Santoshi. Santoshi says I feel Maa turned face away. Sharmili says no, Lord does not get annoyed for small things. Pandit says yes, sing aarti for Mata. Santoshi signs aarti. The men look on.

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