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Santoshi Maa 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi making Bittoo conscious. Officer says she is not in her senses, she will need time. Santoshi scolds Radhe. Officer says they all will be in jail. Santoshi asks officer not to inform her family, they can’t bear it. He says fine. She thanks him. He arrests everyone. DSP Officer calls inspector and calls him at that cottage. Inspector says bad film is getting recorded there, DSP called me there.

Dadi and Santoshi’s family come there with the inspector. Daksha says our children are not like this. They get shocked seeing Radhe. Daksha says its same guy who came to meet Santoshi at our house. She asks Dadi to see Santoshi’s choice. They get shocked seeing Santoshi there.

They get down the police jeep and run to taunt Santoshi. Santoshi holds Bittoo,

whose face is covered. Daksha taunts Dadi to see Santoshi’s love affair. Madhvi sees the jewelry and takes it. she says I told you she has stolen the jewelry. She tells everything to DSP. Daksha gets shocked seeing Bittoo’s face and asks what happened to her.

She says Santoshi got my daughter here for this work and cries. She scolds Santoshi. DSP asks them to just shut up, Bittoo has stolen the jewelry, it’s the truth. They all get shocked. Santoshi asks him to stop. He says you stop Santoshi, truth is necessary to be said. Bittoo has stolen jewelry on Radhe’s saying, Radhe won her trust and said he will make her heroine, he was making a bad film with her. Daksha cries. DSP says if Santoshi did not come on time, don’t know what would have happened with Bittoo, what type of mum are you, don’t you know where is your daughter going. Daksha faints.

Janardhan puts water on her. Daksha gets up and beats Bittoo. Janardhan says leave her. Daksha cries. Madhvi counts her jewelry. She says its same jewelry. Inspector asks shall we take Bittoo. Daksha requests them. Santoshi tells DSP not to arrest Bittoo. DSP says don’t worry, I will manage. DSP asks inspector not to get Bittoo’s name in this case. He gives his card to Santoshi and asks her to call him if needed.

Dadi scolds Daksha and says Santoshi saved Bittoo on right time. She scolds Madhvi and says you did all this for jewelry, go home and eat this, you all hear carefully, if you blame Santoshi, I will not leave anyone. Santoshi makes Bittoo sit and asks Dadi to calm down. Seshnath says Bittoo ruined our respect. Janardhan asks Bittoo to say something, why did she do this. Madhvi says if Santoshi did not catch her red handed, my jewelry would have gone with respect. Daksha says Santoshi is better than Bittoo, and beats her. She asks Bittoo to apologize to Santoshi. She turns and sees Dadi and Santoshi gone. Daksha cries.

Madhvi says Bittoo did not take Daksha’s jewelry. Daksha thinks how to tell them my jewelry is mortgaged to Bua. She says I will apologize to Dadi and Santoshi. She thinks Santoshi has to come back to earn money and repay her loan. Madhvi asks why is she changing colors. Daksha says stop nonsense. Madhvi says we won’t come, your daughter did mistake, we will go home. Daksha says fine, take Bittoo home, I will find Dadi. Dadi packs clothes and tells Santoshi that they will leave from temple too.

Janardhan and Daksha are on the way. Dadi tells Santoshi that they will go Kashi, they will find some place to stay. Santoshi agrees. Janardhan parks the cycle. Dadi and Santoshi pray and leave from the temple. Daksha says we will apologize to them. Janardhan says I forgot the cycle keys and goes back. A truck passes and Janardhan shouts. Daksha runs to see him and gets shocked. She asks why did he shout when he is fine. He says my slipper got stuck. Daksha looks for Dadi and Santoshi. She asks Janardhan to ask pandit. Janardhan asks pandit. Pandit asks are they missing Amma now, did they not think while kicking her out of home. Daksha asks did he see them. Pandit says they have gone from here, they took bus to Banaras, its good if they go away from you sinners.

Daksha says they left home, every home has fights, I will apologize to them. Pandit says such a pretending woman. Dadi says they were blaming you. Santoshi asks her not to get angry. Daksha and Janardhan come to them. Dadi stops them and says we are not related to you, go from here, we don’t want to see your face. Daksha worries.

Dhairya is with his friends. A guy gives flowers to a girl and forces her to come with her. Santoshi slaps that guy. Dhairya looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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