Santoshi Maa 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with goons saying Santoshi knows us. They run away. Tinu comes to Santoshi. Tinu says he kidnapped me. Santoshi says are you fine, don’t worry, I have come. She scolds the last goon and asks how dare you kidnap Tinu. He pushes her. She says stop Raju, else police will come your home. He says see, actually. She says come home and say. He says let me go.

Daksha says I have arranged money and now I will give this money to get Tinu. Guddu says I will make call outside and come. Daksha says fine and gives him phone. Santoshi brings Tinu and Raju home. Guddu gets tensed. Daksha cries and hugs Tinu. She asks where were you. Santoshi says ask Guddu about this. Seshnath asks what nonsense, is Guddu any goon. Guddu says Santoshi means kidnapper is my friend and scolds Raju. Tinu

says don’t lie, you have sent me with Raju. They all are shocked. Guddu says you are little, you won’t understand. Santoshi asks Guddu to stop lying now and signs Raju. Raju says Santoshi is saying right, I will say what happened. Guddu took money from us and lost in gambling, then he gave Tinu to us and kept him mortgaged. Everyone get shocked. Daksha scolds Guddu and taunts his upbringing, to get his brother kidnapped. She says I will call police now. Seshnath beats Guddu with slipper and says you ruined our respect.

Madhuri says calm down, he is our son. Seshnath says he has ruined our peace. He holds his stomach. Madhuri says your stitches did not heal, see your health. Santoshi asks him to rest. Seshnath says how to rest when son is like this, and beats Guddu. Daksha says you did right Seshnath. Madhuri asks will you kill him. Daksha says you give lecture to others Madhuri, now see. Santoshi says leave him, Guddu will not understand if you beat him. Seshnath says I will not leave him. Santoshi sees a bucket and asks him can he change the water shape by forcing. Seshnath asks why are you joking. Santoshi says I want to explain, Guddu did big mistake, but none can be changed by beating or forcing, see this, we can change water shape by changing the utensil, like giving right direction. Seshnath says you think Guddu will understand right path.

Santoshi says maybe he will need more time, I heard love can change things. We have to explain him difference between good and bad. Seshnath says you are saying right maybe, I did not think this. Madhuri takes Guddu and supports him. She asks Seshnath to forgive Guddu. Seshnath says I told you to read Ramayan at his birth’s time, you just saw films. Dadi says its good Tinu came, now never think to do this Guddu. Seshnath says my anger will get high, take him away. Raju asks Seshnath to forgive him also. Seshnath says fine, but get beaten first. He is about to beat Raju. Dadi says let me go Seshnath. Seshnath says no, I have to get him sense. Raju asks why are you beating me with rod, when you have beaten Guddu with hands and legs, this is cheating. Seshnath says I will explain you, I m not cheating. Raju faints before Seshnath beats him. Santoshi thanks Mata.

Santoshi Maa asks Gaumata to see how human greed is showing colors. Gaumata says yes, but I did not understand meaning. Mata says I did not say you story since long, I will say some story, you will understand all meaning. She says there was a man, who had mangoes to end his hunger, then the tree did not had any mango, then the man started hunting for money to get food, he did not had money as he never worked, then he got utensils in his house and sold the utensils to get food, then he sold everything and emptied his house, he was so greedy that he came under that mango tree, he started cutting that tree which gave him fruit, he did not know he is cutting the tree under which he is standing, the tree fell over him and he died, we can understand by this story that greed only harms, humans will progress when their greed ends.

Madhuri takes care of Guddu’s wounds. Guddu says Seshnath has beaten me a lot. Madhuri cries and says calm down. Daksha makes Tinu have papaya and bears Guddu’s screams. She says bear bad when you did bad. Tinu says I m not hungry. Janardhan comes there. Tinu goes to Santosh. Daksha is angry on Seshnath, Guddu and Madhuri. Janardhan says why to curse Seshnath and Madhuri. Daksha says enough, don’t take their side. Tinu hugs Dadi. Santoshi asks did you eat anything. Tinu says yes. Dadi asks did goons not trouble you. Tinu says I asked for chocolates and troubled them. Santoshi asks him not to go with anyone. Tinu agrees. Santoshi says it was bad time today. Seshnath comes to Guddu. Madhuri asks him to see Guddu’s state. Seshnath says I have come to apologize. He says forgive me Guddu, I could not beat you well outside, I will beat you now. He gets a stick and Guddu starts screaming before getting beaten up. Seshnath scolds him. He says such useless son… and beats Guddu asking him to get up. He says you fool, who asks for 10000rs after kidnapping, you could have asked for 50000rs, you ruined my name, you did not learn anything from me. Guddu and Madhuri get shocked.

Its morning, Santoshi sees the time and says its 5.30, I have to rush. Madhuri asks Santoshi to make breakfast for Seshnath, you know he likes food made by you. Santoshi says see time, I have to catch bus at 6. Madhuri says make it fast. Santoshi goes. Madhuri smiles seeing clock and recalls how she made the clock late. She says I will see how she goes on time, she showed down Guddu, she has to pay now.

Dhairya says Santoshi did not give food to dog and shouts. Pushpa says she went to her room at night. Dhairya says she always creates issue, I will see her today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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