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Santoshi Maa 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaki asking Sinduri about the fourth thing. Sinduri says I m going to wear something special. Kaki asks what is it. Sinduri says don’t ask me, I have feelings related to it, its secret, keep thinking, I won’t say. She leaves. Santoshi says Kaki, she left. Kaki asks did you hear what she said. Santoshi says yes. Kaki says we will know about clothes too. Santoshi asks are we doing wrong. Kaki says no, its not bad to play game with someone doing wrong.

Gaumata says it was right to behave such with Sinduri, now Santoshi can save her husband, you don’t look happy, what happened. Santoshi says its wrong that human leaves Dharm in tough time. Gaumata says whatever happened with Santoshi was not her mistake, it was Devlok’s mistake. Santoshi Maa says one who leaves Dharm

path once, goes to wrong path, selfish thing is always bad. Gaumata says Santoshi will not leave Dharm path, Kaki is helping her, Santoshi is good, you should help her. Santoshi Maa says I will always help her when she needs, but Kaki could not help Santoshi, as Santoshi knows just half truth now, person leaving Dharm is wrong.

Pratap comes home. He finds Madhu happy and asks why is she smiling. She says you go office late tomorrow. He says I won’t go office if you say. She says its Naag panchami tomorrow and there is great game happening. He says so that’s close now, I have to see it. He hugs her.

Narad looks for Devraj Indra and does not get him. He thinks to go to dev vatika and find him. Swarnrekha kisses the apple and asks Indra to have it. She gives the apple to the parrot. Indra eats it. She says I would have not met you easily and laughs. Narad says I will see in dev vatika, and calls out Indra. He says where did he go, I m very much worried.

Its morning, Dhairya wakes up and smiles seeing Santoshi getting ready. She looks for her mangalsutra. He holds her and gives her mangalsutra. She says so you did this and wears it. he says I know what this means to you, its Naagpanchami, I want you to give solid answer to fake Santoshi, I want to see this, so I woke up soon, I want you to fail that Sinduri by your love. She goes. Dhairya recalls talking to her.

FB shows….. He made promise to her that he will fill her maang by his hands, he will make her wear mangalsutra and marry her, get her grahpravesh done. He asks her to help him. She asks why. He says you have to help me in all the rituals. She says it means I have to do all the work equally, why are you doing this, you are lazy. He says because I broke your dream badly and want to rectify my mistake, I want to tie our relation with strong thread, I will marry you in Naag panchami, I will promise and make you mine, this way we will unite. She hugs him and says you did all planning. He asks her to pinch her, to check whether she is dreaming. He pinches her. She hugs him. FB ends.

Santoshi Maa sees the sky. Gaumata asks why is she worried. Santoshi Maa says there is some problem, I m trying to know. Narad greets them and says you are right, its disaster, Indra is nowhere in entire Devlok. Santoshi Maa gets shocked and says I feel some Asur power wants to harm Indra, we have to find him. Narad says I tried to find him everywhere. She asks him to come along, they will inform three devis.

Santoshi lights diya and prays. Sinduri prays to Naag devta/devi and does puja. Santoshi asks Santoshi Maa for blessing. Sinduri prays to Naag devi. Swarnrekha gets glad seeing a human praying to her, and says it means even I have devotees. She sees Sinduri praying to her and smiles.

She says so she is praying to me, and I will help her as her Devi. She blesses Sinduri. Santoshi says I can’t do anything without Santoshi Maa, and asks for blessings. Swarnrekha smiles happily and says I have become Devi and can hear devotee’s prayers. She laughs seeing Sinduri ad asks Devraj Indra to say, she has become Devi now. She says I can hear all Bhakts now, and thanks Indra for showing her way to get special Devi powers, I will always be with you, I will manage your work in devlok too, you can try, but its impossible to fly away from here.

No Precap in & tv video episode.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. santoshi ‘rool too much boring n i wish she will get her hsbnd

  2. santoshi ‘role too much boring n i wish she will get her hsbnd

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