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Santoshi Maa 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka asking when will Santoshi come. He says Pratap, we should file police complaint, I tried finding her everywhere. Dhairya says she went by her wish, why should we get troubled. Nupur says she should have told us, I think she is doing this with her family to give us tension. Pratap says we will fall in trouble, you know her family. Ujwal says pray that nothing happens to her, else we will be in jail, her family also does not know about her, I doubt that something is wrong, what do you think Bhabhi.

Madhu says I don’t know where she went, Santoshi has no importance in this house, no need to think of her, follow what I said, no need to go police station, I don’t want to fall in trouble because of her. Kaka prays for her. Pratap says what will we do of her family,

they are sitting on dharna. Madhu says when they get hungry and thirsty, they will go. Dhairya says right. Seshnath and Daksha protest and guard asks them to go. Seshnath asks Daksha to be patient, once they get money, it will be good.

Daksha says I m bearing hunger just for money. She loudly cries and people gather. Seshnath and Daksha tell about Santoshi getting married in rich house, but no one takes care of her, we are poor people but do something of them. Daksha says they are asking dowry, Dadi is crying at home. Seshnath consoles her. They do drama. People say don’t worry, we are with you, call police. Seshnath says whats the use, law is in their pockets, who will listen to us. Guard calls Pratap and informs him. Daksha and Seshnath get glad and wait to get money. Guard asks Seshnath and Daksha to talk to Pratap.

Seshnath asks people to protest till they come. Pratap scolds Seshnath and says I can get you arrested, I m not doing this as we don’t want any trouble, why did you get people. Seshnath says some good people came to help. Dhairya says look at your face. Seshnath says I can go, but Daksha will not go without seeing Santoshi, maybe she will go to police, then that will be your insult, why don’t you solve the matter by money. Kaka scolds him and says you are asking for money after all this. Pratap says relax, I will talk, they have this status. Madhu stops Pratap and says we did not do wrong. Pratap says we will shut this matter with money, if media comes, it will be problem. He asks Seshnath to take money and get lost. Seshnath and Daksha go to take money, and just then Santoshi comes home. They all get shocked seeing her.

Daksha thinks why did she come at this time. Seshnath misses the money. Kaka hugs Santoshi and asks where did you go, I was worried. She says I m fine. Seshnath and Daksha say the same. Dhairya says problem has come back, greedy relatives were taking money from us, they won’t get money as Santoshi came back. Nupur says she did not tell us before going. Pratap asks where did she go. Santoshi says I went to Banaras. Pratap asks why. Santoshi says Madhu has sent me. They all get shocked and look at Madhu. Pratap asks did Madhu send you. Daksha says great, you have great memory, Madhu has sent Santoshi and forgot.

Pratap asks Madhu what is she saying, did you ask her to go Banaras. Madhu cries and says yes. Pratap asks why. Madhu says for Dhairya’s betterment, Kranti Maa gave me kalash to immerse in Banaras river, Dhairya was worried since few days, she asked me just Dhairya’s wife can do this work, so I have sent Santoshi. Pratap asks why did you not tell anyone. Madhu says Kranti Maa asked me not to tell anyone, else this will get waste, am I saying right. Santoshi says yes. Pratap asks why did Santoshi not say. Madhu says she would have said, but then you would have asked reason, don’t worry now, Santoshi has come back. She asks Seshnath and Daksha to leave now. Seshnath thinks my fate is such that we did not get anything. They leave.

Dhairya says I was so happy that Santoshi left, I forgot that life’s problems come back, I wish to… Madhu says calm down, no need to argue, come. Kaka thanks Santoshi Maa that Santoshi came home face. He reminds her fast tomorrow and takes her.

Vajra mushti chants mantras. Devi Paulmi tells him to be careful and hide, as Devis and Devtas are finding you, they should not see you, do something that Devi Santoshi fails forever. He says if you say, I will take her to Paatal lok, then she can never come back. She asks is this possible. He shows her paatal lok and says magic creates illusion for Devis and Devtas that they don’t know our plan, Devi Santoshi can get trapped and then she can’t return back. She asks him to do anything soon. He agrees.

Santoshi works in kitchen. She gets ache. Kaka sees her and says you won’t listen Dhairya now. She says so much anger, did you prepare for Santoshi Maa’s fast. He smiles and says I remember, I got puja items too. She says you are two steps ahead of me. He laughs and says I m thinking to make Vidya sit in puja too. She says its great, she is getting fine and get connected to Santoshi Maa too. Kaka says I wish Dhairya also gets sense like Vidya, I will be blessed. Dhairya hears them and smiles. He thinks Papa thinks praying to Santoshi Maa will make everything fine, he is mistake, I will see how Santoshi Maa’s puja happens in this house.

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