Santoshi Maa 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dhairya refuses to accept Santoshi’s death

Santoshi Maa 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya taking Santoshi to hospital. Gaumata goes to Santoshi Maa. Santoshi Maa asks her why is she worried. Gaumata says Prabal has killed Santoshi. Devis get shocked. Gaumata tells everything. Dhairya worries. Doctor checks Santoshi. He says sorry, she is no more, she has died because of poison, inform police and take body for post mortem. Dhairya gets shocked and says no, this can’t happen, tell them Santoshi, nothing happened to you.

Devi Parvati says what did Prabal do. Doctor says its murder case. Dhairya says she is fine, I will take her to another hospital. He lifts her and goes. Devi Laxmi says we have to stop Prabal, so that we can free Santoshi’s soul. Santoshi Maa says it seems his death is written in my hands. She gets angry and sends some wave to Prabal.

Devi Paulmi alerts Prabal about the attack and asks him to protect himself. Prabal disappears.

Devi Parvati says Prabal has entered Asur lok. Santoshi Maa says Devi Paulmi did wrong, she has to pay for this. Dhairya gets Santoshi home. He asks Kaka and Kaki to see what happened to her, don’t know what Prabal did. He asks Kaka to call doctor. Kaki asks Santoshi to get up. Kaki checks her pulse. Kaka calls doctor. Kaki cries and says no, she has left us. They all get shocked.

Dadi and Sharmili talk about Santoshi and call her. Kaka says she has gone. Dhairya says no, she can’t go, she is fine. They don’t answer calls. Dadi says we will go there and meet Santoshi. Dhairya says she promised me, she will never leave me. Police comes and says its murder case, we have to do postmortem. Dhairya asks Kaka to explain them. He cries and says nothing happened to her. Devi Paulmi says I will get success by ending Santoshi Maa’s devotees. Dhairya asks Santoshi to get up. They all cry. Dhairya scolds inspector.

Brahmadev says Prabal has gone to kill Santoshi, so you always supported him. Devi Paulmi acts innocent. She says Prabal is my brother, but he did wrong work, don’t blame me for his mistake, take action against him and punish him. She thinks Santoshi Maa can’t prove I m the culprit. Dhairya promises Santoshi that he won’t let anyone take her. Kaka asks inspector to come with him. Dhairya talks to Santoshi. Kaka says Dhairya got a big shock, he can’t tolerate this, let him stay with his wife. Dhairya asks Kaki to stop crying, nothing happened to Santoshi. He shouts. Inspector asks how long will you keep her, you have to do her final rites. Narad says Prabal has stolen Santoshi’s soul and now her body’s final rites is going to happen, we can’t do anything then. Prabal touches Santoshi’s painting and says finally I got you, you will become Asurlok’s queen, my queen.

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    The moral of this story is, that several heads are not necessarily better than one. For example, we have the trinity of goddess, plus goddess Santoshi, plus the three head twit called Brahma and last but not least the stupid sage. Yet between all of them, Paulomi outwitted, and out manoeuvred them all and managed to kill off Santoshi.

  2. Summer

    I found it astounding how ‘evil’ can win over ‘good’! With all the gods and goddess and Lord Shiva, they are unable to detect the plotting of Devi Paulomi. Bramahdev is just bias and blind to Devi Pauloumi, with her past history he should know what she is capable off and her traits are dishonesty, jealousy and conniving.
    Great message of ‘faith and hope’ the writers are delivering…’Not’!
    Devi Paulomi should be vanquished!

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