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Santoshi Maa 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Paras getting Dhairya and Bubbly to Madhu’s house. They all come in disguise. Madhu and Ankur do not recognize them. Bubbly says he is Bhopal’s famous Nawab Sahab, I m his secretary. Madhu says sorry, we did not call him. Dhairya says I don’t go where I m not invited, I will go. Paras says wait, they are equal to you, so I got you here. He tells Madhu that Nawab Sahab plays big games, so he came here to bet money. Madhu says he is our guest, come. Dhairya says your house is beautiful, who will play with me. Ankur says I will play with you. Dhairya says I don’t play with kids, kids cry when they lose. Everyone laugh.

Ankur says agreed you are elder, but don’t guess without seeing my talent. Madhu says my son plays well, give me a chance. Dhairya says no.

Bubbly says I think he can play, give him a chance and see. Dhairya says I can’t say no if beautiful girl requests, we will play. Madhu asks them to be ready for the big game. Lady says don’t know who will win.

Madhu asks Ankur to give first chance to Nawab. Dhairya says one who wins is real king. Ankur asks him to play first. Seshnath, Daksha, Madhuri and guests look on. Santoshi tells Kaka that Dhairya is thinking something wrong, else he would have not gone without telling her. He says I know, I will ask him when he comes, if he is doing wrong, I will explain him. Kaki says don’t worry. Santoshi says I had to go market. Kaki asks her to prepare for Dhanteras. Santoshi asks anything else than puja items , utensils, and silver coin. Kaki says no. Santoshi goes.

Devi Paulmi says Santoshi, your husband has chosen wrong path of anger, greed and hatred, now he won’t return, as I m with you. Gaumata says we have to stop Dhairya, once he enters wrong way, he will get more attracted. Santoshi Maa says its no use to explain him, as he already went on that way. Gaumata says he should fail today, else his greed will get high.

Santoshi comes home and asks Kaka did Dhairya come. He says no, call him. She says he is not answering. He says Paras and Bubbly are with him, call them. She calls Bubbly and gets number off. She calls Paras and says even his number is off, something is wrong Kaka. Kaki asks them to come and light diyas, Dhairya will come.

Ankur and Dhairya bet for 2 lakhs. Madhu asks them to show cards. Ankur wins. Everyone clap. Ankur says mom, I won the first game. She says great. Paras asks Dhairya to think to play ahead or not. Dhairya says I m just laying trap, don’t worry. Madhu smiles as Ankur plays well.

Santoshi Maa and all Devis pray to Devi Laxmi and do her aarti. Santoshi Maa says all Devgan and human will pray to you, always bless us. Devi Laxmii says I feel happy getting your love, I will always bless you. Devi Paulmi comes and says I always need you for my work. Santoshi Maa asks her to do Devi Laxmi’s puja. Devi Paulmi says sure and does puja.

Santoshi worries. Kaka tells Santoshi that they will go and find Dhairya. Kaki says I will come along. He says stay here, Dhairya can call, its not good to lock home on festive day. They leave.

Dhairya bets 7 lakhs and asks Ankur to show cards. Ankur wins again. Madhu and Ujwal smile. Paras and Bubbly worry. Madhu asks Nawab will he play more or stop. Paras tells Dhairya to stop now, else they will be ruined. Dhairya says I won’t play this game, this girl is unlucky for me. Bubbly asks what did I do, am I unlucky, won’t anyone support me here. Ankur asks how can a beautiful girl be unlucky. Bubbly smiles. Paras asks Ankur to keep the girl. Bubbly says fine, I m going to Ankur’s side. Ankur says sure, you can come, I will regard you my lucky charm, come. She says this will be my good luck. Madhu says let’s start game again.

Santoshi tells Kaka that Dhairya is not at office. Kaka says where can he be. She says maybe Paras has called him home for some work. They go to see. Ankur asks Dhairya to start. Paras says maybe Nawab does not want to play. Ankur says he is rich. Paras says he lost and now he won’t play. Ankur challenges Dhairya. Dhairya says I m Nawab and will not run away. Santoshi says Paras’ house is locked, where did they go. He says we will go home. She says no, there is one place where Dhairya can be found, Madhu’s house. Kaka says maybe, come.

Ankur bets 5 lakhs. Bubbly sees Ankur’s cards. Ankur wins again. Everyone clap. Madhuri asks Seshnath to put money from Ankur’s side. He says I don’t want money, I m thinking why Lord gives money to rich people. Ankur says your secretary is lucky for me, maybe you are unlucky for her. Paras says I hope everything is fine. Dhairya says yes, game is still there.

Devi Paulmi says I went to do Devi Laxmi puja, don’t know what did Dhairya do. She sees Dhairya and says he is losing because of this clever man, I will make Dhairya win to make Devi Santoshi lose, it will be my win. She laughs.

Santoshi comes to Madhu’s house. Santoshi and Dhairya get shocked seeing each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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