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The Episode starts with Kaka and Kaki arguing. Santoshi smiles seeing them. Kaki asks Santoshi to solve the arguments. Kaka says I was just joking, relax. Santoshi smiles seeing them. Sonaram tells someone to reach Santoshi’s home soon, news is confirmed, get my prize. Daksha calls Devi Paulmi a princess and says you can buy anything by selling this crown. Madhuri says yes, you can tell me if you need anything. Daksha says you tell me. Seshnath says let her jewelry sell off first. Daksha asks where did Sonaram go.

Santoshi sees time and looks upstairs. She says time is not passing for the first time and waits for Riya. Her inner voice asks her not to get mad and just have patience. Seshnath says I think Sonaram is at his shop, I will go and see. Police comes there. Seshnath and everyone get

shocked. Inspector asks them not to move and sees Devi Paulmi, and her jewelry. He says I got news that the jewelry is stolen by someone, you have to come with us to police station. Three Devis look on. Devi Paulmi thinks Devi Santoshi look here how your trust is broken by my cheat, humans learnt to use cheat, I m very happy seeing my qualities in them, I will make them more bad and come back. Narad tells Devi Santoshi that its true that Devi Paulmi is always same whether in Devlok or earth. Devi Parvati says this experience will be good for Devi Paulmi. Devi Saraswati says if Devi Paulmi changes, she will not hurt Devi Santoshi’s devotee, I think you don’t agree with me. Devi Santoshi says I m thinking about Devi Paulmi, she is Devi of cheat and greed, her work can succeed, if she badly affects them, she can succeed, I think her punishment can be painful for humans there.

Daksha tells inspector that he is mistaken, the jewelry belongs to princess. Janardhan comes home and asks her to explain the fact. Daksha scolds him and calls him senseless. She asks him to stay silent, she will explain him everything later. He asks why did inspector come. Inspector say you will know it in sometime. Janardhan says I have to fix cycle on stand. Inspector asks him not to disturb him. Madhuri says this woman is a real princess. Inspector looks at Devi Paulmi. Seshnath says just her face and beauty shows her richness, else look at my wife and Bhabhi, they look beggars by face. Inspector says its true that thieves can’t wear jewelry publicly. He asks for some bribe. Seshnath says you should have told this before, you made us tensed. Devi Paulmi thinks even this inspector is my Bhakt. She says I m happy with you and gives gold bangles to inspector asking him to share with staff. Inspector gets glad and leaves.

Daksha says its good inspector was like us, else we would have gone to jail. Madhuri argues with Daksha. Seshnath says let Daksha call her jeweler we will divide amount later. He asks Madhuri to take care of Devi Paulmi’s comfort. Daksha gets her jeweler’s call and asks him to come soon. Devi Paulmi smiles.

Devi Santoshi says Devi Paulmi is creating web for the humans, and complicating. Narad says you are saying true, she changed her punishment in her favor. Devi Santoshi says there is no change in her behavior, don’t know what will happen.

Santoshi goes upstairs and thinks to go or not. Dhairya comes out and asks how did you come, get two cup tea and snacks. She gets glad seeing him talk well.

Tinu sees video on Guddu’s friend’s phone. Devi Paulmi asks what are you watching, show me. He says my name is Tinu. He says I don’t understand your language, you call yourself Devi, atleast Sridevi is better, I can understand her. He asks who is she, make me meet her. He gets an idea and plays tv. He shows Sridevi’s movie. Devi Paulmi enjoys the movie.

Santoshi says I think Riya explained Dhairya, its not less than dream for me, I should inform Dadi about my happiness, but how. She asks Pushpa her phone. Pushpa gives her phone. Santoshi calls Dadi. Tinu answers call. Tinu says Dadi did not come home till now. Santoshi thinks to share good news with Tinu, he will tell Dadi. She asks Tinu to tell Dadi that everything got fine here, and Santoshi will come home with Dhairya soon. He gets glad. Movie ends. Devi Paulmi uses remote and tv gets switched off. Dadi comes home. Devi Paulmi goes out and sees Tinu telling Dadi that Santoshi called, she said everything got fine there, she will come with Dhairya soon. Dadi thanks Santoshi Maa. Devi Paulmi says I can’t let Santoshi be happy, I will go to Santoshi’s inlaws house to show my qualities, I need money, I have to talk to Daksha to call jeweler soon.

Daksha’s jewelry Tolaram checks jewelry. He says the designs are old, I can’t give you more than 20 lakhs. He asks them to decide and tell him. Daksha thinks 20 lakhs is not less, and jewelry is not mine. She says I agree for this and asks Devi Paulmi is she ready. Madhuri says I also agree. Devi Paulmi asks jeweler to go, she will not sell her jewelry. Daksha and Madhuri get shocked.

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