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Santoshi Maa 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking the people to go to their homes. She asks Bittoo to get hot haldi milk for Daksha. Sanketh says I shall leave now, I have much arrangements to do. Madhuri says we should also be ready. Dadi says I m eldest, I have no problem with Santoshi and Sanketh’s marriage, no one has right to talk in between them, is anyone tries to create hurdle, I will not leave them. She asks Santoshi to come to temple.

Dhairya’s function goes on well. Kranti Mata comes there. Everyone look happy. Madhu takes care of Kranti Mata. Kaka says I wish Madhu cared for her inlaws too. Vidya says its good Kranti Maa came. Dadi asks Santoshi to do puja well and make a wish. Santoshi asks her to come along. Dadi says just suhagan women go in such puja, I will sit here and rest. She goes

to temple and pandit guides her about puja rituals. Riya comes there and goes to attend call. Another girl comes and sees Santoshi there. Santoshi says I m unable to see Sanketh as my life partner till now, I know Sanketh is good person, I m marrying for Dadi’s happiness, I m confused. The girl tells her that that guy will ruin her life. Santoshi asks who are you. The girl says I m the one whose life is ruined, I married that guy and then came to know it’s all fake. Santoshi asks about whom are you saying this. The girl says whom you are going to marry, I m pregnant with his child. Santoshi asks what and thinks Sanketh can’t do this with me. The girl says this is true. Santoshi says I can’t believe you, why will he cheat me. The girl asks why will any girl take such stain on her head, I lost my family and respect, see my pregnancy report if you don’t trust me. Santoshi checks reports and gets shocked.

Santoshi says this report can be fake too. The girl says I swear on my child, its his child. She shows a pic, I have these memories. Santoshi checks the pics. She gets relieved that the guy is not Sanketh. She thinks this girl is talking about Dhairya, I was scared. She says I m not marrying him, he is Dhairya, I work in his house. The girl asks are you not Riya. Santoshi says no, I m Santoshi, my marriage is also today, I don’t know where is Riya, but is this true. The girl says this is true, I came to know Riya is coming here to do puja. Santoshi says I still can’t believe you. The girl says you know him, and trust him, if you have thought about me, you would have not said this, I have to find Riya, don’t misunderstand me. She says sorry for trouble and goes.

Santoshi asks Lord to show the way. Riya comes there. Santoshi sees her and recalls the girl’s words. The girl passes. Santoshi stops that girl. Santoshi tells Riya that this girl told me something about Dhairya, you should know it first. The girl shows her pregnancy reports and her pics with Dhairya. Riya gets shocked. The girl tells her everything. Riya says my Dhairya can’t do this, why should I believe you. The girl says I got ruined, I don’t him to ruin other girl’s life, I m ready for DNA test if you are not believing me. Riya says no… Santoshi says Riya, I know you believe Dhairya a lot, but I think you should talk to Dhairya once. The girl says Dhairya cheated many girls, you think Dhairya will get worse after marriage.

Riya leaves from the temple. The girl cries. Santoshi consoles the girl. She wishes to Lord to get a right path. Dhairya talks to his friends. They tease him and ask did he invite his old GFs. He says I m tensed, I m marrying for the first time, I don’t know how to feel.

Santoshi is at home and recalls the girl’s words. Dadi asks her is she not ready yet. She says I will get your friends, they will make you ready, I want to show you something. She gives her Riddhima’s bangles saying I saved this from those greedy people, Riddhima used to say that she will make you wear this at the time of your marriage, don’t cry. She makes Santoshi wear the bangles. Kranti Maa and guests ask Madhu about Riya. Riya’s mum says she went to temple, she will come. Madhu asks guests to wait, bride will take time. She thinks why did Riya not come till now.

Riya scolds Dhairya and tells everyone that Dhairya is already married, and congrats to become father of a child. Dhairya asks what are you saying. Riya slaps him. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. why in all the serials they always act in haste without taking time to find out the real truth already she is blaming dhayria pictures can be doctored to show someone elses face or body so stop jumping to conclusions before speaking to the person and finding out the truth

  2. I jst hope santoshi marries sanketh

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