Santoshi Maa 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with people meeting Kranti Maa. Asur Raj thinks Devi Paulmi chose right person to fight with Santoshi Maa. He shows magic. She says anyone can show this, leave from here. He says listen to me, I m not an ordinary musician. Santoshi and Dhairya thank Santoshi Maa for saving their house from breaking. Santoshi shows her locket which she is wearing since childhood. Santoshi Maa asks her to trust Dhairya, don’t lose trust, it hurts a lot. Dhairya says you are right, nothing wrong will happen between us now.

Kranti Maa asks Asur Raj to leave. The men catch him. Asur Raj chants. All the doors and windows get shut. Candles blow off. Lights go. It gets dark. Kranti Maa asks what’s all this. Asur Raj says I have done this. He chants again and gets lights back. He blows in guards’

ears and make them hypnotized. Kranti Maa asks what are you doing. Asur Raj asks them to go and catch Kranti Maa’s neck. Guards beat the men and catch Kranti Maa’s neck. She asks how dare you do this, I did mistake. Asur Raj says you had power, what happened now. He asks guard to leave her. The guards come to senses and apologize to her. She sends everyone. Asur Raj says its imp to know what I want, I have power to hypnotize person, I can give it to you. Kranti Maa thinks I can make world dance on my fingers. She asks what do you want in return. He says you have to make Sadhvi out of Santoshi’s house. She smiles and says just this thing, I will do it. He gives her powers and goes.

Devis wait for Brahmadev’s attention. Devi Saraswati prays to break his dhyaan. They ask him about Dev Indra, where is he, why did he not come in Dev court, he could have atleast given a date. He says I will talk to him today, don’t worry.

Tinu commands everyone for work. Police comes. Seshnath tells inspector that you can’t touch Tinu. Inspector slaps him and arrests Tinu. Tinu asks them not to take tension, he is going with him, he will come back soon. Dhairya calls Santoshi for help. Rudrakshi goes to help. He scolds her. She cries and runs. Paulomika smiles. Pandit asks Santoshi and Sadhvi to come in the temple. Santoshi Maa says I will surely come to meet devotees. Pandit says I will leave now, I have much work.

The minister asks inspector what is he doing, send him to juvenile jail, put charges on him. Inspector takes Tinu. Seshnath says Tinu is gone, I have to get ready to become don, I will get that locket. Santoshi sees Rudrakshi crying. Rudrakshi says Dhairya made me out of the room. Santoshi asks her to stop crying, she will play with her. Kranti Maa recalls Santoshi Maa’s words. The man informs her that Santoshi and Sadhvi are coming in satsang, I will insult Sadhvi and make her leave this city.

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