Santoshi Maa 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu asking Kranti Maa what to do of this water, seeing her leaving. Kranti Maa prays and tells something to her. She blesses them and goes. Santoshi looks on. Nupur asks Madhu what did Kranti Maa said. Madhu says Kranti Maa said Vidya should drink this. Vidya says its her blessings, get it. Santoshi looks on, and recalls how Madhu cleaned Kranti Maa’s feet and water spoiled. She stops Pushpa from making Vidya drink that water. She says you can’t drink this Kaki, you will fall ill.

They all look at Santoshi. Pushpa thinks now some drama will happen. Madhu asks how dare you Santoshi, do you know what are you saying. Nupur says she does not know, so she is saying this about pure water. Ujwal says we told you not to interfere in this house matter. Santoshi thinks

they will blame me and makes excuse. She says I mean water should be taken after Prasad, it effects more. Kaka says she is right. Pratap says Sanketh, come, we will check meeting files. Nupur says Santoshi, be careful, Vidya should get this water after Prasad. Vidya says I don’t trust Santoshi, give it to Pushpa. Santoshi signs Kaka. Kaka says no one will run with this water, come. Santoshi thinks I will not let Kaki drink this. Dhairya tells Madhu that its good Santoshi did not create any issue, else I would have not left her. Madhu asks him to relax.

Vidya asks Santoshi for Prasad and water. Santoshi signs Kaka. Kaka talks to Vidya about Kranti Maa and makes her busy. Santoshi throws the water in jug. Vidya asks where is Santoshi. Kaka blocks the way. Santoshi thinks how to get water in empty kalash and signs Kaka to pass water glass. She cleans kalash and adds clean water. She asks Vidya to have the water. She says Kaka, I will just change bad water and fill clean water. She goes.

Sanketh asks Kaki how are you feeling. Kaka says now she had this water, she will be fine. Sanketh says you both look cute when you both argue, I m sure you will be fine. He prays to Santoshi Maa to make Vidya fine. Pushpa tells Santoshi about Daksha’s call. Santoshi says Dadi might be missing me, can I go home today, I miss Dadi and Tinu. Pushpa says fine, end work and go. Santoshi gets glad.

Pushpa takes juice and thinks its dense, I will add water in this. She sees the jug with spoiled water. She asks Santoshi is that water good. Santoshi uses grinder and does not hear right. She says water is kept there. Pushpa adds the dirty water in juice and takes it for Nupur. Kaka comes to Santoshi and thanks her for saving Kaki from drinking bad water, she would have got unwell, here they all are superstitious. Santoshi asks him not to thank her, and don’t worry, this superstition will end soon, I trust Santoshi Maa. They both say Jai santoshi Maa.

Nupur gets the juice and tells Pushpa that she wants spicy food today. She finishes the juice. Mata smiles seeing a squirrel and tells Gaumata that no one can separate me from my devotee, this is biggest gift of love and trust, why do you look worried. Gaumata says Santoshi swapped the water, but someone is drinking the impure water, the old woman will get fine soon, but who will tell them that Kranti Mata did not do this. Mata says belief is strong and one day old woman will believe Santoshi’s devotion, we are Devi and its not my motive to get credit. Humans get fruit by their deeds, means be anyone, but hardwork takes humans towards success. Gaumata asks when will that day come, when that family believes Santoshi’s devotion. Mata says it will happen with time, don’t worry, all your doubt will be away with time.

Nupur gets stomach ache and cries. Ujwal holds her. Nupur says Santoshi did something with food. Ujwal says we all had same food. She says stupid Santoshi. He says its better to go to doctor, than blaming Santoshi, come, lets go.

Tinu sees the goons and frees the ropes. He runs away from there. The goons run after him. Daksha cries as she is unable to arrange 200rs. Dadi asks her to call Janardhan to take loan for his friend. Daksha says who will give him money, I will try. She prays for Tinu’s safety. Santoshi comes to her village by bus. Tinu sees her on the road and calls her out. The goons run after Tinu. She hears him, and turns. The goons catch Tinu and take him away. She prays for her family’s safety. Tinu bites the goon’s hand and runs. The goons run and get him. Tinu says if my family knows this, they will not leave you. The man says your family gave you, they kept you mortgaged. Tinu thinks who did this, and smiles seeing Santoshi.The goons get shocked seeing Santoshi.

Santoshi asks Tinu is he fine, don’t worry, I have come. She scolds the goon and asks how dare you kidnap Tinu. The guy pushes her on the ground and she falls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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