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Santoshi Maa 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaki making kheer. Sinduri comes and says you know I love kheer. Kaki says everyone like kheer here, I make good kheer and no one can make such kheer. Sinduri says I can know, but how to believe you make great kheer, I want to taste it. Kaki says I will give you kheer after its made, come to my room and have it. Sinduri goes. Kaki says I think she got trapped. She adds some powder in the kheer.

Sinduri gets kheer’s aroma and goes to taste it. Santoshi comes to Kaki and asks what were you doing. Kaki says you scared me. Narad goes to Brahmadev. He asks Brahmadev why is he worried. Brahmadev says I m trying to contact Indradev and he is not replying. Narad says maybe he is in some work. Brahmadev says I need to talk to him, can you give my message. Narad says sure and


Kaki hides Santoshi behind the bed. Sinduri comes and asks Kaki to give kheer. Santoshi thinks whats Kaki doing, she planned something. Kaki gives kheer to Sinduri. Sinduri eats kheer and finishes it. She says it was great, you said right, you make tasty kheer. Santoshi feels sorry to become part of this wrong work. Sinduri says I will go and sleep for sometime. Kaki says no, stay with me for some time. She acts to stop Sinduri. Sinduri makes her sit. Kaki says I think something went in my eye. Sinduri says I m going now. Kaki worries. Sinduri stumbles and gets dizzy. Sinduri gets affected by powder and talks like drunk girl. Kaki smiles and asks Santoshi to stay in room. Kaki asks Sinduri to be with her. Sinduri says I will go and meet my hero. She calls out Dhairya. He says why is Sinduri calling me and walks there. Santoshi sees him coming and makes Sinduri shut up. She calls Sinduri mad and takes her to room. Dhairya does not find anyone.

Gaumata says Kaki got clever to know truth. Santoshi Maa says I can’t say its smartness or not. Guddu meets Sweety and says maybe you called me. She says no. he says you were seeing me. She asks how did you get ready to sell house. He says I had no money and work. She says I will give you work, you need to sell this house to me, come tomorrow to office, I want this house. The builder says Santoshi is clever, she has share in this house. She says the new junction will be close to this house, this house will be worth crores in few time, this guy will do our work. She leaves.

Kaki asks Sinduri did she do preparations for tomorrow. Sinduri says I will do it well, I promised my hero. Kaki asks what is she doing to do tomorrow, tell me. Sinduri laughs and says if I say anyone, I will lose Dhairya. She faints. Santoshi says she did not say anything.

Narad asks Swarnrekha where is Indra. She says he did not come here, I m waiting for him, he said he will marry me. He says he did not reply Brahmadev’s call, I thought he is here, so I came here. He thinks where did Devraj Indra go, I have to find him. He leaves. She smiles seeing parrot and says Narad, you won’t find Indra in entire world.

Sinduri gets conscious. Kaki asks Santoshi to hide behind bed fast. Sinduri holds head and holds Kaki’s hands. She kisses Kaki’s hands for making great kheer. She asks for recipe. Kaki says I won’t teach you kheer making, I m annoyed. Sinduri asks why. Kaki says I thought you believe me Kaki, but I was wrong. Santoshi prays that Sinduri tells everything. Kaki says I m going. Sinduri says I will tell you truth, if I tell you, you have to believe that Dhairya loves me. Kaki says fine, I will believe you. Sinduri asks will you accept me as bahu. Kaki says yes. Sinduri says I feel dizzy, I will say truth to become bahu. She tells her everything. Santoshi hears them. Kaki asks Sinduri why are you laughing, tell me more. Sinduri says Dhairya took four promises from me. Kaki asks what. Sinduri says I won’t say. Kaki says come on tell me. Sinduri says fine, first thing…… (muted) Kaki asks fine, whats the fourth one…….

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