Santoshi Maa 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu, Ujwal and Ankur being on the way. Dhairya asks Santoshi to carefully recall. Santoshi gets a jerk and recalls the route. She asks him to be careful, I got hurt by the jerk. Paras says maybe speed breaker. Dhairya says where will we speed breaker on highway. Santoshi says I did not see anything that day, maybe I should close eyes and see. Dhairya asks Bubbly to blindfold Santoshi. She tries to guide him. Santoshi Maa asks Gaumata to tie this cloth to her hands, as her worry is related to Santoshi, if you also guess and find answers, you will find it easy to understand situation.

Santoshi counts and asks Dhairya to be careful, a pit will be there. Bubbly shows pit and says we are going on right. Santoshi says there will be cross road ahead. Gaumata asks Santoshi

Maa why did she ask her to blindfold. Santoshi Maa says sometimes we should close eyes and know relations by heart, like our love, it will look nice to see route without looking at it. Gaumata ties the cloth and walks. Narad says great, its such nice sight, I recall Narayan seeing their bond.

Devi Paulmi says I will see how you reach your destination. She makes road diversions on the highway. Santoshi counts second wise. Dhairya says we know you know counting. Santoshi says I m trying, you are taunting. She asks is there any fruit vendor. Paras says yes, its there, recall more. Santoshi says see, now drive 500 metres straight. Dhairya applies the brakes. Santoshi assks why did you stop the car. He asks her to remove blindfold and see. They get shocked seeing too many diversions. Dhairya asks Santoshi to say what to do now.

Santoshi says it will be tough to say without this cloth. She ties it back. Gaumata opens the blindfold. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi will find some way by her cleverness. Santoshi asks Dhairya to drive straight. She thinks I lied, sorry Maa, else Dhairya would have not gone ahead, maybe we can reach destination by this way. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi proved devotion every moment, this is sign of right devotee. She hears junk man calling and guides Dhairya. She says Ankur kept Kaka at a small house. Bubbly says stop, house is there. Santoshi sees the house and says we have to get down car here.

Dhairya says we have to plan what to do. They plan. Devi Paulmi says what if you crossed one path, you did not reach destination, see what I do. They get down the car.

They make goons go as lighting crackers. Dhairya and Santoshi reach Kaka and Kaki, and free them. Kaka and Kaki get glad. Dhairya asks them to come. Kaka is annoyed. The goons think to go and see who came to save Kaka and Kaki. Kaka says first tell me did Dhairya do this, we will not go with Dhairya. Dhairya asks what are you saying, goons will come. Kaki refuses to come and says they were taking Dhairya’s name. Santoshi asks can we do this, if Dhairya did this, why would he come to free you, come fast. Kaki says I knew Dhairya can’t do this.

The goons catch them. Ankur, Madhu and Ujwal come there and see the goons tied. Ankur asks where are they. Madhu gets shocked. Ankur says Kaka and Kaki are not here. Goons say they were 4 people and had spray in hand, we fainted and they tied us. Madhu says Dhairya and Santoshi did this. She shows Dhairya’s pic and asks did he come. Goon says yes, it was him. She scolds the goons. Ankur says I will not leave them. Ujwal says no use, come. They leave.

Santoshi Maa looks on. Gaumata says I recall Dev Asur fight seeing this. Santoshi Maa says you chose right example, its war of two thinking, Devi Paulmi will be till world’s end and she will affect humans mind, then that person will have anger, jealousy and hatred, he will become like Asur, when person has contentment, his thinking will become nice, every human has Asur and Dev in mind and fight goes on, human should know to balance it, only then he can win.

Dhairya and Santoshi get Kaka and Kaki home. Dhairya says thank God we had pepper spray with us. He asks them to freshen up and get ready, they will have food. Santoshi says I will make your fav food. Kaki asks why do you look worried. Santoshi says not worried, I m very annoyed with both of you, you did not tell us, you lied and went, we were together in any state, we were so worried thinking of you. Kaki apologizes. Kaka says you both were starting new life, I did not wish to increase problems. Kaki says think from parents’ view, we did right. Kaka apologizes. Santoshi asks him to bless them. She makes them promise they will not take such step in life again. Kaka and Kaki promise. Santoshi hugs them.

Dhairya shouts and reminds Santoshi how Madhu insulted them, now he will go and ask his property, he will play the game and see who stops him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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