Santoshi Maa 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying Santoshi did not do anything. They check the bag and do not get jewelry. Madhvi asks Dadi to say where did she send Santoshi with jewelry. They drag Dadi to take her to police. Pandit asks what are they doing. Seshnath says Amma did theft, we will take her to police station. Pandit says its kalyug and prays for Dadi.

Dhairya talks to his friend and tells about girls, who are like buses, one goes and another comes. Pushpa tries to stop the dog. Dhairya hugs the dog. He asks Pushpa about the cook. She says Santoshi. He tells Madhu that he explained Pushpa what to tell Santoshi. He compliments Madhu and asks for money. She asks him to get from cupboard. She asks Pushpa to call Santoshi.

Madhvi and Daksha hold Dadi and take her. The ladies on the road

taunt them. Seshnath says Dadi did theft, don’t make issue. Pushpa calls Daksha. Daksha does not take call. Police jeep comes there and they all stop. Inspector asks what happening here and scolds them. Daksha says I was saying… Dadi has done theft, catch her. Madhvi says yes, this Dadi and Santoshi have run away with jewelry. Inspector takes Dadi in jeep. Daksha and everyone go along.

Pushpa tells Madhu that Daksha disconnected the call. Madhu asks her to think how to contact Santoshi, its her problem. Madhvi asks Dadi to say, whats the truth. Dadi says its true, Santoshi and I did not do anything. Inspector asks them to sit quiet. Daksha gets Pushpa’s message that Santoshi will lose job if she does not come. Janardhan says don’t worry about my job. Daksha lies infront of Dadi. Daksha calls Pushpa and talks.

Santoshi sees Bittoo and that guy Raja again. She says where is Bittoo going, who is that guy. She follows them and runs. She gets shocked seeing that same guy. Raja stops the bike and checks. Santoshi thinks whats Bittoo doing with this guy. She hears them talking about audition. Raja asks her not to worry and calls Bittoo his girlfriend. He says we have to leave the bike here, the place is nearby. She thinks this guy is not right, I have to find out.

Raja brings Bittoo to some farmhouse and lies that there is audition here. He asks how did she get jewelry. She says its long story. FB shows Bittoo stealing jewelry from Madhvi’s cupboard. Santoshi hears this and is shocked. She says its good I met Bittoo here, I have to do something. Raja asks Bittoo to go inside. Pappu comes there and talks to Raja. Raja says this is our director. Bittoo greets him. Pappu stares at her and compliments her. They send Bittoo. Raja talks to Pappu and tells him that you really look a director. Santoshi hears them.

Raja says Bittoo came for her filmy dreams, now there will be film with her and us. He says Bittoo has got the jewelry, she has it, once video is made, she will get house too. Santoshi worries. Pappu says we will start show, else she will doubt. Santoshi says such creeps, I have to get Bittoo out from here by any way.

Santoshi tells Bittoo that she has come to take her. Bittoo asks her to get out, as she has come here to make her career. Santoshi runs to inform Daksha and finds the house locked. Raja gets close to Bittoo by spiking her drink.

Update Credit to: Amena

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