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Santoshi Maa 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Laxmi asking Narad to come forward again. He walks ahead and flowers get fine. Narad asks whats the problem. Santoshi Maa says the flowers are getting dull by our shadow and getting fine by your coming. He says it seems a big problem, we should think about this.

Pratap comes home and calls out Sinduri asking for water. Madhu comes and says Sinduri is not at home. He asks about Ankur. She says I don’t know. He thinks they both are not here, it can be problem. He tells Madhu that Sinduri and Ankur maybe having affair. She says no, I think Santoshi and Ankur have an affair, they went out holding hands. He thinks its good Sinduri does not go with Ankur, but why did Santoshi go.

Sweety drops Guddu home and acts sweet. She asks him to take care and kisses on

his cheek. Sharmili and family members get shocked. She says I will come again to see you and leaves. Sharmili cries and beats Guddu. Madhuri scolds Guddu. Daksha reminds Madhuri that Sweety is Madhu’s sister, she is rich, Sharmili is inspector’s daughter and did not get anything, Sweety will get money. Madhuri smiles. Daksha jokes on Janardhan. Guddu holds his cheek and smiles.

Dhairya asks Kaka to tell Santoshi. Kaka asks Santoshi why are you worried. Santoshi tells them that Dhairya was romancing Sinduri in garden. Ujwal says Dhairya is set with maids. Pratap thinks Dhairya’s affair with Sinduri, don’t know this deal is profitable for me or not. Santoshi tells Kaki that her son cheated and broke my trust. She feels sorry to lie. Kaka says I did not expect this from Dhairya. Kaki says Santoshi has ruined our hope and slaps her. Everyone get shocked. Dhairya thinks there is no way to bring our truth, forgive me Santoshi.

Kaka says I trust Santoshi, she can’t do wrong. Kaki says fine, I will support my son, I have seen Santoshi holding hand and going with Ankur, its good Dhairya told me everything. Santoshi thinks I will clear Kaki’s misunderstandings later. Dhairya and Kaki scold Santoshi. Kaka asks Dhairya to not doubt Santoshi, its misunderstanding. Santoshi and Dhairya blame each other. Kaka and Kaki argue.

Kaki says husband and wife have fights, it does not mean Santoshi will go holding someone’s hand. Kaka defends Santoshi. He asks Santoshi why did she hold Ankur’s hand. Ankur tries to say. Santoshi says I won’t give any explanation. Dhairya says she has no explanation. He asks Ankur to leave. Santoshi understands his plan and stops Ankur. She says I have half partnership in the company, you can’t decide alone to hire and fire anyone, if you make Ankur leave, I will also leave this house. Kaka asks what happened to you, will you leave house for a stranger. Dhairya says Santoshi has an affair with Ankur, ask him to give you place in his house.

Ankur says enough, I m not saying anything, it does not mean you will say all this, I will take Santoshi ji to my home. Dhairya says fine, take her. He thinks his plan worked. Ankur asks Santoshi to come. She leaves with Ankur. Sinduri smiles.

Gaumata says sorry, but I have to say Santoshi’s dilemma in between this problem. Santoshi Maa says I m not seeing her problems clearly, I don’t know the reason. Gaumata asks will Santoshi’s step be dangerous for her. Santoshi Maa says no, she is doing this by thinking well, she learnt her lesson. Narad comes and flowers glow again. He says I have told this flowers matter to Brahmadev, he called us there. Santoshi Maa says we should go fast, I feel my powers are getting less.

Ankur says you have to leave family and house because of her, I m sorry. Santoshi thinks he is regretting, maybe he will not take me to his house. Dhairya asks someone to leave from Ankur’s house, did it all get set. He says if my arrow hits right, all the problem will get over. Santoshi says you supported me, I will leave now. Ankur stops her and says where will you go alone. She says don’t know, I can’t go to my Maayka. He says you can stay with me at my house if you don’t have problem. She says no, it will be problem for you. He insists. She says fine, I will come.

Kaki says I could not imagine Saantoshi can do this. Kaka says I don’t agree, Santoshi is other name for trust. Madhu comes and fills their ears. Kaka says I m sure this misunderstanding will get cleared, its not good to form opinion about someone so soon. Madhu goes. Santoshi goes to Ankur’s house and thinks why is she not feeling Maa’s support with her. Santoshi Maa says don’t know why I see something strange between me and my devotees.

Sinduri comes to Dhairya and hugs him. He gets away. She says no one is there. Ankur says don’t worry, I will go, you will stay alone here. Sinduri says we got united, I can’t bear this distance, so I will stay with you here tonight. Dhairya says no, its too early, you will stay here after marriage, I m very excited, no one can come between us. She agrees. She goes.

Santoshi says you are having problem by getting me here. Ankur says don’t worry, sit. Sinduri says Dhairya will be mine soon, I should be not so happy, if Santoshi comes back then, I have to do something that she does not come back, what shall I do, I know where is she now. She calls police station and says I m women NGO worker, I have to give info about prostitution racket. She gives Ankur’s address and says Santoshi you are gone, now hero will be just mine, I will tell this to media too.

Santoshi says I did not think Dhairya will cheat me. Ankur says Mishra family likes to cheat always, I want to show you something. He gets Pratap’s pic. She says Pratap Sir. Ankur says he is my father. Santoshi gets shocked and asks what are you saying. Ankur says this is the truth, when my mother has torn this pic and told me my father died, I understood he is alive as no woman can tear dead husband’s pic. She says no, Pratap can’t do this. Ankur says you will know what can Pratap do.

Police comes there and says you are under arrest. Ankur asks why. Santoshi asks whats our mistake. Inspector tells about prostitution. Ankur says you are thinking wrong. Inspector asks Ankur who is this girl, she has sindoor and looks married. Santoshi says yes, its not like you are thinking. Inspector scolds them. Ankur says I don’t come here often, that’s why lights are not working. Inspector says don’t try to fool me, arrest them. Ankur and Santoshi get arrested. Ankur says we did not do anything. Santoshi says we are from good families. Ankur says we are innocent. Inspector scolds them. Santoshi defends.

Media comes and ask Santoshi about prostitution. Santoshi says don’t defame me, I did not do anything. Santoshi thinks what will happen when Dhairya, Kaka and Kaki know this, the family will face shame because of me. Dhairya thinks why did Santoshi not call. If I call her, Ankur will see and plan can flop, but her safety is imp, I will call her. He gets her phone switched off and worries.

Sinduri says this news will spread like fire, Santoshi’s respect will be ruined, she won’t have any other way than to die. She hears bike sound and goes to see. Dhairya leaves. Sinduri says where did he go, its matter of few days, then we will go everywhere together. Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa is she seeing disaster happening with Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says I think woman has become enemy of other woman, don’t worry, courageous people don’t get scared of difficulties, Santoshi is one of courageous people.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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