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The Episode starts with Dhairya and Santoshi walking on the road. A car comes their way. Santoshi falls down. Paras gets down the car and asks Santoshi did she get his car to die. He sees Dhairya and greets him. Dhairya tells Santoshi that I gave blood to his son. Santoshi greets Paras and asks how is his son. Paras says he is fine, its good Dhairya met here, I could not talk, where are you going at night. Dhairya says we have no place to stay, we were finding a house. Paras says if you find right, you can stay at my house. Dhairya says no need, thanks, we will find some place. Paras says I m not doing favour, I m just helping, as you helped my son, please… Dhairya says fine if you are saying, but you take the rent whatever we give. Paras says we can talk tomorrow about this, come. Dhairya and

Santoshi sit in his car. They leave.

Paras takes them home. Paras says this is my old house, no one is staying here, its dusty, you can stay here from today. Dhairya and Santoshi smile. They thank Paras. Paras says I know Dhairya you are educated and you are in trouble by some reasons, keep my card, meet me tomorrow at my office, take these keys, adjust here, come office, I will see you get job by your qualifications, take care. Paras leaves.

Dhairya and Santoshi get inside the house and switch on lights. They see the dusty webbed place. Dhairya says house is good. Santoshi says its four walls now, we will make this home, I will clean it. He says no need, you are unwell, you won’t do this. She says where will we stay. He says don’t worry, I will clean the house.

Santoshi Maa smiles. Narad says great, Mata its such a sweet sight, I m happy seeing them. Santoshi Maa says I m also happy seeing her devotion, she got a place to stay. Narad says this is your miracle, that’s why that man met Santoshi and Dhairya. Dhairya asks Santoshi to sit, I m cleaning it, its enough for today. She says I did not know you work so well. He asks what did you think then. She says smart husband, everyone feels so, see how Paras bhaiya helped us, else don’t know where would we go, its Santoshi Maa’s blessing. He agrees. Narad asks Mata why are you silent. Santoshi Maa says no, I did not do anything, its fruit of their good deeds. He says but I have a question, what about those humans who trouble them. She says even if they trouble, person frees himself of trouble by good deeds.

Santoshi and Dhairya eat food. She says Paras Bhaiya met me and gave a roof, we arranged food too, I know you can’t bear hunger. He says I don’t bear your problem more than hunger. She looks at him. They smile. O Karam khudaya hai…… tere sang yaara……plays……….. plays…………. He asks her to sleep on his shoulder. She says you are stubborn and did not let me do anything. He says once you get fine, do what your heart says. She says I m not ill, I m weak, it will end till morning. He says that’s what I want, you get fine. He makes her sleep.

Its morning, Santoshi gets tea for Dhairya and wakes him up. He drinks tea and thanks her. She asks him to take bath and meet Paras. He says yes, I will get ready first and have tea later, I will come back home and clean it. She says this is my department, go and meet that good man who helped us on right time. He says if you are fine, then make me fine too. He flirts. She asks him to go now.

Madhu dislikes the tea and scolds Pratap. Pratap says I m trying. She compares him with the dog. He murmurs my time will also come. She says if you don’t do work well, I will say truth to police. He thinks I will add anything in tea and Madhu won’t know. She asks him to go and prepare food. They hear Guddu shouting. Madhu says why is Guddu shouting and goes to see.

Guddu asks servant to do as he says. Madhu asks why is he scolding servant. Guddu says I was not getting feeling to stay in big house, so I was taking class of lazy servant. Sweety asks Madhu to let him do. Madhu says I m fed up of daily drama and goes. Sweety asks Guddu to come, we have to go with mom. They leave.

Dhairya thanks Paras and says I don’t know how to thank you. Paras says I did not do favour, I wanted a salesman. Dhairya says you are trusting me without seeing my work. Paras says my company sells solar panels, you will get more commission if you sell many panels, I know you need money, so I will give half month salary as advance, keep it, I will take work from you. Dhairya smiles and thinks its happening because of Santoshi’s belief, she will be glad knowing abut my job. Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa.

A girl comes and says I m Bubbly Tiwari, I m your neighbour, we are two sisters, my elder sister is like you, I will call you Didi, I know you are thinking do I stay here alone, no, I stay with my mum, you can tell me if you need help. Santoshi thinks she talks a lot, but she is lovely. She asks her name. Santoshi says you did not give chance to me to say, I m Santoshi Dhairya Mishra. Bubbly says its lovely name, I will help you. Santoshi says no, I will manage. Bubbly asks why. Santoshi says your clothes will get spoiled, I will call you when cleaning is over. Bubbly says I will come n my own, and goes. Santoshi smiles.

Madhu asks Ankur to find Dhairya and Santoshi. Ankur says I m trying, don’t know where did they go. She asks him to keep trying, they don’t have money and would be roaming on roads.

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Santoshi Maa, is gradually slipping into the realms of stagnation. The constant hounding by the fat and ugly Madhu and her adoptive son Ankur of Dhairya and Santoshi is as interesting as watching paint dry. Week in and week out the theme of the serial is the same, the belittling of Pratap, the thuggish behaviour of Ankur, and the bullying of Dhairya and Santoshi. Surely, their must be other storylines that can be introduced into this boring serial. How about, one of the Gods taking human form and sorting out Madhu and Ankur, by swindling Madhu of all her ill gotton gains and Ankur arrested for thuggery. Come on Mr Producer spice up the story lines and give the viewing public a treat.

    1. Cuteprincess

      yes , it would be great if they introduce a good story line , and maybe something like what you have mentioned above..

  2. Agree with both of the above comments.


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