Santoshi Maa 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi doing some yagya. Shani Dev comes there. Devi Paulmi greets him. She tells him about a bad man Dhairya on earth, you increase your effect on him. He says I m Lord of justice, I can’t do injustice, the man who tries to please me gets protected by my effect. She asks him to help her, she is Devraj Indra’s wife. He says its not right to end anyone’s freedom, sorry I can’t do this work. He leaves.

Narad comes to her and says I have always seen no work is done easily, but you are Devraj Indra’s wife, you just command everyone, then see who can refuse you. She thanks him for good advice. He says Devraj Indra is in Naaglok, how will you reach there. She says I can enter any lok to do my work, its not about devotion, but about my self esteem, I will give

right fruit for Santoshi’s devotion. Santoshi massages Dhairya’s feet. He asks her to get away. She smiles and calls Kaka and Kaki fast.

Kaka asks what is the matter. Santoshi says Dhairya’s foot has movement. Kaka says this is because of your efforts. Dhairya says I don’t want any massage. Santoshi says I m also stubborn, I will do massage. He asks them not to force. Madhu comes and asks what happened. Kaka tells her about Dhairya’s improvement. Madhu gets shocked and thinks to do something soon. Dhairya tells Santoshi that once he gets fine, he will punish her. She smiles.

Madhu calls lawyer and asks him to prepare papers soon, as Dhairya is getting fine. Kranti Maa visits Madhu’s house. Madhu and Pratap greet her. Ujwal tells Kranti Maa that everyone is preaching Santoshi Maa here, and they believe Kaki got fine by Santoshi Maa’s blessings. Kranti Maa asks them to call Vidya. Madhu says even Kaki is praying to Santoshi Maa. Kranti Maa says I think she is in some illusion, once she meets me, she will know it was my blessing, where is she, I have to meet her.

Kaka asks Dhairya to allow Santoshi to keep Santoshi Maa’s pic. Dhairya says no. Madhu gets Kranti Maa there and says everything will happen by Kranti Maa’s blessings. Kranti Maa asks him to eat the magical Prasad, he will get fine. Santoshi says sorry, making someone eat laddoos don’t bless, prayers make a person fine. Kaki got fine by Santoshi Maa’s blessings, Dhairya will get fine too. Madhu says we have more right on Dhairya, let us also try to make Dhairya fine. She asks Kranti Maa to give Prasad to Dhairya. Kaki comes and stops Kranti Maa.

Madhu asks Kaki to make Dhairya eat Prasad. Kranti Maa says yes, like Vidya got fine by my Prasad, her son will also get fine. Kaki says I will not feed this prasad to my son, you leave from here, he will get fine by Santoshi’s devotion. Kranti Maa says its my insult, I m going. Madhu asks Kranti Maa to wait. She asks Kaki what did she do. Kaki says I did right, you all will know who has powers. Kaka and Santoshi smile.

Madhuri and Seshnath make guest list. Daksha is annoyed. Seshnath asks her to not to worry, we wrote your Maayka relatives also. Daksha says Santoshi’s name is not there. Seshnath says we decided we will not invite Santoshi, she did not do good to us.

Santoshi takes care of Dhairya. He asks her to remove Santoshi Maa’s locket, I hate it. She feeds him medicines. Devi Paulmi goes to meet Brahmadev. She apologizes and says I m not satisfied with your justice, I m your granddaughter, you should help me, but you are punishing me. He asks her to say it clearly. She says I want to see you should help me, I feel weak, you did injustice with me, give me my powers back, I promise this will be just between us. He says you are not infront of your grandfather, you are infront of Brahmadev, it will be good if you present your words well. She says I m anxious to meet my husband Indra, atleast allow me to use my vehicle. He says you have to fulfill your punishment, decision can’t change now, else devlok will question me, its against my rules, if you don’t make your behavior good, then your punishment can get long. She greets him and goes.

Devi Paulmi meets Santoshi Maa. Gaumata says Mata is in Dhyaan, don’t create hurdle. Devi Paulmi breaks Santoshi Maa’s dhyaan. She says I m away from my husband because of you, you have to pay for this. Santoshi Maa says I understand your problem, I can help you in meeting Devraj Indra, I don’t have personal problem with you. Devi Paulmi says I don’t have my powers, even then I can reach him. Narad comes and greets them. He talks to Gaumata about Devi Paulmi’s anger. Devi Paulmi goes. Gaumata asks Santoshi Mata why did she say about helping Devi Paulmi, when she did bad. Santoshi Maa says we should always help others. Narad says I think something bad will happen, Devi Paulmi went in anger. She says I agree, don’t know what will she plan this way. Gaumata says she can hurt herself and everything around her. Santoshi Maa says yes, but we can’t do anything, we can just keep an eye on her, but now I have to focus on my devotee Santoshi.

Santoshi takes Dhairya outside and asks him to try to stand, they can see medicine affect on him. She asks him to try a bit. He falls down. He gets angry and blames her for this. He asks her not to show her locket. She says I promise you will not see this locket, try again, else your nerves can get ache. She makes him sit. Guddu’s baraat is leaving. Everyone dance.

Dadi asks Janardhan for his phone. She calls Santoshi and tells her about Guddu’s marriage. Santoshi says no one told me about this. Dadi asks what, no one told you. Dadi gets angry and says I will see them, wait. Santoshi says don’t tell them anything. Dadi says they have to answer for this, else I will not stay in marriage.

Devi Paulmi tries to reach Devraj Indra and says I want his Raj mudra to meet him.

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