Santoshi Maa 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu telling Pratap that Santoshi is staying in this house and fooling us, I m not lying, I m saying truth. He says fine, but if you just see her, what will people say, does Santoshi have spirit on her like Kranti Maa said. She says we can get this answer just from mental hospital.

Sharmili sees Guddu sleeping and talks on phone to secure the jewelry. Madhuri hears her and thinks to do something to get jewelry. Daksha is angry seeing Janardhan and blames her fate. She wishes for some way. Madhuri comes there. Dakshi asks why did you come here. Madhuri says you know Sharmili is very clever, we can fight but we are united, think how to get jewelry, Sharmili is sending jewelry to her dad, do something to get jewelry. Daksha says I will think how to get jewelry, but don’t

go back on your words. Madhuri says I promise. Daksha says your bahu is very clever. Madhuri says don’t know why Seshnath chose her for Guddu. Daksha says first we will get jewelry and then think of kicking your bahu out.

Santoshi Maa visualizes Dimakh Raj’s mind and that page’s part. She tells Narad that Dimakh Raj has that page in his body. Narad asks what, how is this possible, why did Dimakh Raj not tell this to Brahmadev. She says I m also thinking the same question, we have to go and meet Brahmadev soon, Santoshi’s soul needs to be back in her body. The nurse gets free and runs to doctor. She says Santoshi had run away. Doctor calls Madhu to inform. Dhairya stops him and calls police station to scare him. He says you supported Madhu and Pratap and I will complain to police.

Doctor apologizes and says don’t complain please. Dhairya says fine, I have a condition. He tells him. they hear Madhu and Pratap coming. Doctor asks Dhairya to hide. Madhu and Pratap come there. Pratap says Madhu thinks Santoshi has run away, so we came to confirm. Doctor says its nothing like that, don’t worry, Santoshi can’t move for 24 hours by that strong injection. Madhu says no, I want to see Santoshi myself. Doctor asks nurse to check if everything is fine in room, we will come in some time. Madhu and Pratap see doctor tensed. Doctor says its fine, patient gets violent after shock, so I have sent nurse to check.

They keep another girl lie down instead Santoshi. Doctor says we made her unconscious. Madhu thinks if Santoshi is here, is this her ghost. Pratap asks are you sure now, come. Madhu sees doctor signing nurse and says I don’t believe this, I want to see her face. Doctor says sure. They get shocked seeing Santoshi there. Even doctor and nurse get shocked. Madhu gets dizzy. Pratap holds her and takes her.

Santoshi gets up and dances. She says I will party now and dances with Dhairya. They hug. Doctor comes there. He asks Dhairya not to go to police. Dhairya says this is just beginning, you have to do as we say. Doctor says we got to know she has run away, how did she come back. Dhairya tells him what happened. FB shows Dhairya says we have to make Madhu pay for her mistake. Santoshi says you made me happy, I have the plan ready, we will first take doctor on our side, we will play the same game, we will blackmail doctor. He says for this, we have to reach hospital, you have to reach that ward bed. FB ends. Dhairya says you have to do as we say. Doctor agrees. Santoshi asks nurse to do as she says. Nurse also agrees. Santoshi and Dhairya leave.

At home, Santoshi says Naag Panchami is coming, I have to prepare. Dhairya gets food for her in storeroom. He says it was tough to get food for you. She says let me have food, then I will get idea. He says fine, have food first. He smiles seeing her and says the situation in which we got married, I did not think I will fall in love with you, I filled your maang forcibly, its said love has much power and wins hatred too. They have an eyelock and smile. Mai to tere rang me…………plays…………

She says I don’t remember when you filled my maang and when you had hatred, now you are getting romantic with me, so I think I should get you in every birth. He calls her sweet. She says I m sweet just with you, I m chilli with others, will you give me if I ask something. He says yes. She says Naag Panchami is coming, its big festival, I will keep fast and do puja, you don’t go anywhere, I will do your puja. He asks what.

She says I will make kheer for you and shower flowers on you, I will make you fill my maang. He thinks Santoshi is great, I treated her so bad and she wants to do my puja. She asks him to give her four promises, his love will never get less for her, you will leave some food for me in your plate, you will never kill snakes, you will plant chandan with me. He asks why. She says chandan plant is snakes house, that’s why. He asks what about Santoshi Maa, you were her devotee. She says I don’t remember, I pray to Shiv ji, and Naag devta is dear to Shiv ji, leave all this, promise me will you agree. Dhairya says sure. They hug. She smiles.

Brahmadev does prayers. Narad asks Santoshi Maa why is Dimakh Raj not coming infront of us. Santoshi Maa says we have to make Santoshi’s soul enter her body, before any disaster occurs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thks ameena apa ?

  2. It seems by tomorrow or latest by Monday original santoshi wud come.

  3. Manju

    Oh really that’s good soon original santhoshi should come coz dhairya’s full love s going towards that false santhoshi plz don’t make him to hate santhoshi again……

  4. Manju

    Oh really that’s good soon original santhoshi should come coz dhairya’s full love s going towards that duplicate santhoshi. plz don’t make him to hate santhoshi again……

  5. How Santoshi remember her marriage ¿


      She do not remember, family told her…


    I am liking change soul of santoshi for making evils pinish…..
    But on the other side, dhairya is falling in love with this santoshi which will create problems for old santoshi as i think dhairya is not falling in love with her heart but falling in love with her change nature….

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