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Santoshi Maa 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi taking Mata’s pic. She says this is not our house now. Kandin asks Mata is she listening Santoshi, you have taken Santoshi’s problems on you. Santoshi says its like death to point to any woman’s respect. Santoshi is pure like Ganga, how can she bear anyone doubting her, she will surely win this fight of truth.

Dhairya scolds Pushpa. Madhu asks him what happened. Dhairya says Pushpa does not know cooking, see his burnt toast. Pushpa says I could not manage everything alone. Pratap comes and Madhu asks Pushpa about Santoshi. Pratap says anyone will run after what your son did, where is my breakfast. Dhariya says here it is, burnt toast with butter. Pushpa says Nupur ordered food for herself and Ujwal. Dhairya says I m hungry. Madhu says I will cook something

for my son. Dhairya says no need, I will have something outside. Pratap says son has gone, but I m here, make something for me. She asks him to have anything from outside. He eats burnt toast.

Pushpa calls Daksha and asks why did Santoshi not come for work. Daksha says she is at home, she can’t come today. Madhu says we will increase salary. Pushpa says send her at work, we will increase salary to 20000rs. Daksha gets glad and thinks how to send Santoshi to work, I will apologize to her.

She goes to call Santoshi. Janardhan says Santoshi and Dadi are not here. Seshnath says he is saying right. Madhvi cries and says Santoshi has taken all my jewelry, I m ruined. Janardhan says she left home being fed of you all. Daksha scolds her. Seshnath says I will get Santoshi and goes. Daksha worries that hew jewelry was mortgaged and now Madhvi’s jewelry is also gone, help Lord, else we will come on road.

Pandit goes to temple and sees Santoshi and Dadi sleeping. He says they look sorrowful, bless them Maa. He does aarti. Santoshi wakes up and smiles. Dadi says I m seeing your contentment. She hugs Dadi. Dadi says she forgot her medicines at home and coughs. She asks Santoshi to get some water. Santoshi asks how to get money. Dadi gives money and says Janardhan gave me, he is good. Santoshi asks Dadi to take care, and goes. She buys medicines and sees Bittoo going with that guy on his bike. She says it means that guy came to meet Bittoo and thinks she is wrong to assume this.

Madhvi cries and Daksha worries. They both argue. Daksha calls Janardhan and asks him to meet outside temple. Madhvi says she will come along. Daksha gets angry. Santoshi sees a man going and his wallet falling. She calls to tell him and picks the wallet. Another guy lies and says give it to me, its mine. She says don’t lie, I have seen him, tell me how money is there. The guy runs. The man says Santoshi taught him right lesson. She says but I have to return wallet and runs to stop that man. The man leaves on his bike and she runs after him. The man sees her in mirror and stops bike. He asks why is she after him. She says your wallet and gives him. She says it fell there. He says thanks, I just withdrew money for mum’s operation, its tough to get honest people like you. She says person can’t be happy with other’s thing. He says nice thoughts and blesses her.

Mata asks Kandin to see, if humans become like Santoshi, no one will be in problem. Narad comes and greets her. He says I agree, Santoshi gave money in such tough situation. Mata says yes, the person who thinks of other’s profit in bad times is true, humanity is alive by people like Santoshi. Kandin asks what about people like Bittoo, how will Santoshi clear her character stain. Santoshi says lies can be dense, but can’t stop truth.

Pandit talks to Dadi. Dadi gets shocked seeing her family there. Daksha and everyone scold Dadi and ask about Santoshi. Madhvi says Santoshi has stolen her jewelry. Dadi asks what jewelry. Seshnath argues. Dadi is shocked knowing the theft. Devi Paulmi is enjoying and sees Santoshi. She says Santoshi lost everything, how will be content now, this is Santoshi’s test, lets see who wins.

Madhvi takes Dadi to police station. The guy takes Bittoo somewhere and tells his friends that Bittoo has stolen jewelry, she will get house too when they make her video. Santoshi hears this and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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