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The Episode starts with Snake telling Swarnrekha that all Devs will lose their powers slowly and they will not know of the poisonous apples, you can keep this as Santoshi Maa’s puja prasad. She sees the apples and laughs. Santoshi asks Dhairya to play guitar. Kanha ji/Murlidhar says I will play after Dhairya starts, its fine if he does not want, I will start now. He plays flute. Everyone smile. Dhairya plays guitar. Santoshi and everyone sing Hare Krishna. Sinduri sees the Prasad kept there and adds some powder in kheer. Indradev thinks why did Swarnrekha not come till now. All Devis pray. Swarnrekha comes there and smiles. She sees the fruits kept there.

Indradev holds her and says I m glad you came here, you have shown excitement towards this festival, I have to go to chant mantras with

all Devs, you also come along. She asks him to go, I will just come. The bhajans end. Kaki asks Santoshi to distribute Prasad to everyone. Sinduri asks Kaki shall I distribute Prasad to everyone. Kaki says no need. Santoshi says allow her if she wants. Kaki says fine. Sinduri smiles and gets the kheer. She says Ssantoshi you kept this puja, so I will give you Prasad first. Santoshi takes Prasad and is about to eat. Murlidhar stops Santoshi.

Santoshi asks what happened. He says this Prasad turned blue, it means it has poison. Everyone get shocked seeing kheer turning blue. Murli says if you eat this, you can die. The guests ask who did this. Murli says don’t ask this, as culprit never accepts the mistake, person should not be so selfish that he does not think before killing someone else. He looks at Sinduri and says we should be always away from crimes, its bad for our own lives.

Swarnrekha gets the poisoned apples and replaces with the fruits kept there. She smiles and thinks this poisoned prasad will affect all Devis and Devtas. She goes and sits beside Indradev. The people refuse to have Prasad. Murli says poison was just in this bowl, if you don’t eat, it will be insult for Santoshi’s Shashti puja. The people say we can’t risk our lives. Murli says calm down, I will end your worries. He eats the Prasad and shows them. Narad/little boy sees Krishna and thinks your Leela is great. He says if anyone does not eat this, I will finish it alone. The people say we will eat the Prasad. Kaka says distribute this Prasad to everyone.

Murli says I will go now, your Shashti puja got completed. Santoshi says I will leave you till outside. Gaumata gives fruits to everyone. Swarnrekha looks on and thinks this will not affect me as this is from my Kul. All Devis and Devs eat the apples. Swarnrekha says their puja got completed now.

Santoshi says I m glad you came here. Murli says you gave respect to an ordinary human to me. She says no one is ordinary, we all have Lord in us, bless me fast. Murlidhar/Krishna and Narad bless her. Murli asks her to be careful and keep an eye on things happening around her, you are very innocent, sometimes what appears does not happen, and what happens is not seen. They leave. She says why did Murli ask me to be careful, maybe he is worried as an elder brother, but I will be careful. The people thank bangle seller for saving everyone from poison. The people leave.

Kaki says Sinduri did this. Sinduri says why will I do this, you will blame me, if I added poison, I would have run away. Dhairya says we can’t blame Sinduri till we get proof, maybe some insect came in Prasad and it turned poisonous. Kaka asks why are you defending her. Kaki says don’t know from where Pratap got her. Dhairya asks Sinduri to go to her room. Sinduri thinks my hero saved me, it means he truly loves me.

Kaka says there is some drama everyday since Sinduri came here, Pratap stops me from making her leave. Dhairya signs Santoshi and goes. Santoshi thinks Kaka wait for some days and all secrets will be out.

Ankur goes to Sinduri and says your time is over, just tell me my mum’s murderer’s name else I will kill you. Sinduri says I forgot, this is joke which you did with me, I know you can’t do anything, that secret will be gone with me, then find your mum’s murderer. Ankur says I will shoot you and holds her neck. Dhairya comes there and asks Ankur to leave Sinduri.

Santoshi comes and stops Ankur. Ankur does not listen to them. Santoshi says leave Sinduri for my sake. Ankur nods and leaves Sinduri. Dhairya says great, Ankur is affected by your words these days. Santoshi asks him to focus on why Ankur was suffocating Sinduri, maybe Sinduri did something wrong, ask her what she did. Dhairya asks Santoshi to see herself, Sinduri can’t do mistakes always. He asks Sinduri to come with him and they leave. Ankur says I told you they are having affair, Dhairya got me to expose Sinduri and now he is defending Sinduri, why is he supporting her so much.

She thinks its Dhairya’s plan. Ankur says you don’t trust me, come I will show you. Kaka says don’t know what will we see in old age now. Kaki says yes. Kaka says where is Ankur taking Santoshi holding her hand. Kaka and Kaki look on. Madhu says its no use, your bahu is out of your hand, she has affair with Ankur. Kaka and Kaki scold Madhu. Madhu says fine if you don’t want to believe, when Santoshi ruins family name, don’t say I did not tell you in time. Madhu goes. Kaki worries.

Dhairya takes Sinduri outside and they have a sweet talk. Ankur asks Santoshi to see. Dhairya tells Sinduri that he is with her and holds her. He asks why is Ankur after you, it would be big thing. Sinduri says I know his mum’s murderer’s name. Dhairya asks why don’t you tell him. She says Ankur is clever, I don’t know what will he do. Dhairya asks him to say. Sinduri says you are my hero, I will tell you everything after marriage. Dhairya says we will marry, but tell me. She says I will tell all secrets after marriage.

Ankur asks Santoshi do you believe me now, Dhairya is planning to set Sinduri in this house. Santoshi thinks now next step according to plan. She goes and scolds Dhairya. Dhairya says you are also roaming with Ankur. She says don’t say anything to Ankur, I will expose your truth. Sinduri smiles and thinks I did not need to play any game today. Dhairya says I m not afraid of anyone and leaves with Sinduri. Santoshi Maa shows the flowers getting lifeless in Dev vatika. All the here devis see that. Swarnrekha thinks now just flowers turned dull, see what happens next. She smiles.

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    I enjoy watching this serial mainly because the storyline is well co-ordinated and there are English sub-titles for English viewers. However, I do have one reservation and that is with the role of Swarnrekha. Could the producers not have picked a better looking woman, even with make up she is a far cry from good looking.

    1. Looooool ikr i think she has eating disorder cos her face looks unhealthy

    2. My thoughts too, but I didn’t want to comment on that, as it would be insensitive. At least Poulmi was pretty to look at and it was easy on the eye, but poor Swarnrekha is just not attractive and looks scary especially when she cackles on of her evil laughs…lol

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