Santoshi Maa 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Prabal kills Santoshi

Santoshi Maa 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prabal shouting on Santoshi. Dhairya hears her screams on call and asks her not to worry, he is coming. Prabal goes to Santoshi and says big wound doesn’t affect one who gets hit by love, you are my life’s aim. She cries. He tells her that he has always risked his life to get close to her. She asks what. He says my love is pure, I don’t love your body, I love your soul. She says let me go from here. Dhairya says I will not leave you Prabal. Gaumata sees Prabal and Santoshi, and worries. Santoshi says I don’t want to die. Prabal asks Santoshi to get free from earth and come with him to his world. He asks her to drink this. Dhairya tries to get help. Prabal says try to understand. Dhairya says my wife got kidnapped, anyone help me.

Kaki tells Paulomika that Santoshi

will come. Santoshi asks Prabal to leave her if he loves her. Prabal gets back and thinks how can he kill Santoshi this way. He freezes her. It starts thundering. Kaka and Kaki get worried. Paulomika asks Kaki to call Santoshi. She insists. Kaka and Kaki say she will come, don’t worry. Prabal feeds the poison to Santoshi. Santoshi’s photo falls down and breaks. They get shocked. Dhairya shouts Santoshi and runs on the road. Prabal sets Santoshi free. She holds her neck and struggles for life. She falls down. Prabal says I didn’t wish to give this pain to you, I had to do this, just some pain more, then you will be mine, I will take you from here. Dhairya gets hit by a car and falls down. He hears Santoshi screaming. Prabal looks on. Santoshi recalls Dhairya and family. She falls dead. Gaumata sees all this. Dhairya gets up and runs.

Prabal sees Santoshi’s soul leaving her body and smiles. Prabal thinks Santoshi’s soul left her body. He gets her soul in hand. He leaves. Gaumata says where did Prabal go. Dhairya reaches the place and gets shocked seeing Santoshi dead. He asks her to get up and say, what did Prabal do. Santoshi Maa tells Devi Paulmi that she will always be Indrani, she can get free from Narad’s curse by apologizing to her. Devi Paulmi says I don’t think Narad will forgive me. Prabal contacts her. She asks Santoshi Maa to give her some time to think. Prabal tells her that he has killed Santoshi. She smiles. She agrees and says I will apologize to Narad. Devis leave. Devi Paulmi says Prabal has made my victory certain. Dhairya lifts Santoshi and runs on road.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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    such utter rubbish.. as usual evil always wins. these gods and devis keep waiting for proof and lettin evil continue…. setta stupidness wei.

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