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Santoshi Maa 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gaumata saying Dhairya can go on violence path. Santoshi Maa says person fights for own rights, it depends on which path he takes. Santoshi calms down Dhairya and says I know your pain, if one way shuts, Lord opens other way, why to do work which needs guarantee, work should be guarantee. Kaka agrees and says person’s hardwork and success is attack on enemy. Paras comes angrily and asks Dhairya what did you do, you cancelled a big order like a fool. Dhairya reads the mail and says no, I did not do this, someone else did this. Paras asks who else will do this. Dhairya says I wanted property papers to crack this deal. Madhu knew this and wanted to save property papers, she would have done this email. Paras says now we will need original papers, we can tell truth to Ashish

and get deal back. Dhairya says don’t worry, we will get papers and deal. He asks Santoshi to take Kaka and Kaki inside room, they are tired. Santoshi asks him not to go on wrong path. He says fine, go.

Gaumata asks what does Dhairya want to say. Santoshi Maa says its making me worry too. Devi Paulmi laughs and says it will make you worry Devi Santoshi, your values are insulted, truth is not followed. Dhairya says I will go in card party at Madhu’s house and bet. Paras says it will be big risk, if you lose… Dhairya says I will win by playing their game, I will test my fate one last time. Paras asks are you sure, I can’t invest. Dhairya says I m sure, just don’t say Santoshi. Paras asks why will Madhu play with you. Dhairya says I have a plan but we need Bubbly. Santoshi asks what.

Dhairya and Paras lie to her. Gaumata says Pandavas had to lose everything in that game and then Mahabharat happened, don’t know what will happen here. Devi Paulmi says the one whose heart has greed, lie and cheat, I will reside there, Dhairya attracted me to himself by cheating. She laughs.

Guddu meets Sharmili and asks are you mad to remarry. Dadi and Sharmili smile. Sharmili thinks Dadi’s plan is working. She asks if you can stay with other woman, can’t I remarry. He says you are woman and I m man, you stop this. Sweety calls him.

Dhairya wakes up and goes out to meet someone. Santoshi wakes up and sees him. Dhairya gets some bag. She acts to sleep. He keeps bag in cupboard and sleeps. She thinks Dhairya is hiding something. Sharmili asks Guddu to answer call. He says I m not scared. He answers call and lies to Sweety that he is at friend’s house. She asks him to make video call fast and show friend’s house. Guddu asks Sharmili and Dadi not to talk. He makes video call. She asks him to show house well. He says I will come home in some time. She insists. Sweety comes there and Guddu gets shocked.

She gets angry. She asks Sharmili did she not get a guy to remarry, when will she stop trapping Guddu, we will stay here, does Guddu miss Sharmili, I will not leave him. Guddu says I came to say Sharmili not to call me, I love you only. Sweety takes him along.

Its morning, Santoshi asks Dhairya what were you keeping in cupboard at night. He asks did you start spying on me. She says no, I just asked. He says peon got something from office. She asks what. Paras and Bubbly come. Paras asks for bag. Dhairya asks Bubbly to get it from cupboard. Santoshi says wait, I will get it. Dhairya says if Santoshi sees whats in bag then… Paras says don’t worry, I will manage. Santoshi asks whats in this bag. Paras lies that its dry cleaned clothes.

Seshnath commands servants and says Madhu is owner and we have to protect her. I will make you practice what to do when anyone comes. They beat up Seshnath. He asks them to stop. Madhu comes and asks whats happening. She asks him to stop all this and calls him too much.

Kaki says Santoshi we know you are worried, Dhairya has passion to go ahead, if you stop him for everything, he will get irritated. Santoshi says I also want him to succeed, but I worry that he can do wrong, you know wrong way earned money does not give happiness, I will go and buy for Dhanteras puja items. Kaki asks her to buy silver coins. Santoshi goes.

Madhu plays cards with her friends. Seshnath sits under table and drinks. Madhu wins and laughs. A lady says this time I will not let you win. Daksha catches Seshnath. Madhuri too talks to them. Ankur tells Madhu that you can’t win. Madhu asks him to sit quiet and see. Madhu wins again. Ankur says wow mom, you are a genius. Paras and Dhairya come in disguise, and challenge Madhu to win over them. Paras asks Nawab Sahab/Dhairya to come. Dhairya smiles.

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