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Santoshi Maa 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudrakshi extending her hadn and stopping Trishna. Santoshi falls down. Dhairya comes and shouts Santoshi. Inspector asks how did Trishna come here. Rudrakshi says she is trying to kill my mumma. Dhairya asks inspector to do something. He goes to Santoshi and feeds her water. Trishna thinks how did she get saved again. Inspector asks constable to chain Trishna. Dhairya says I was explaining you, Trishna is very dangerous, she does magic, she tried to kill my wife, she trapped Santoshi by taking Santoshi’s avatar. Inspector says maybe lockup rods were weak, so Trishna broke this, we can’t prove Santoshi did not try to kill Pushpa.

Rudrakshi hugs Santoshi. Santoshi says I m fine, I won’t stay here for long. Gaumata says Rudrakshi saved Santoshi today. Santoshi Maa says

I have to meet Brahmadev. Gaumata says you have helped Santoshi and did not break devlok rules. Trishna thinks to ruin Santoshi’s life. Santoshi asks Dhairya to take care. He asks her to have courage. Santoshi Maa says we thought Devraj Indra will take decision in our favor. Brahmadev says I don’t understand it. The devis ask him to do something. He says we can’t go against Indra’s decision, we can’t do anything, I will talk to Mahadev and do something. Santoshi Maa thanks him

Kamini meets Trishna and asks how long will you stay here. Trishna says I will do anything to kill Santoshi. Kamini says but you don’t need to stay in such bad place, I m seeing what type of people stay here. Trishna sees the lady. The lady says I did many murders, go and sit quiet if you want to be safe. Trishna keeps hand on her womb. The lady raises hand. Trishna disappears. She gives her avatar to the lady.

Devi Paulmi welcomes Indra in her palace. She performs for him. He smiles. Trishna comes to Kamini in lady’s disguise. She tells everything. She says I will find a way to get saved, won’t you hug me. Kamini says yes, and hugs her. Dhairya talks to lawyer. Lawyer says if Pushpa changes statement, something can happen. Dhairya says she is in coma. Lawyer says we have to prove Santoshi’s innocence in time, else she will get punishment. Dhairya says Santoshi can’t kill anyone. Lawyer asks what happens if I obey to this, can you prove this in court that she does black magic. Dhairya says yes. Rudrakshi thinks uncle is not believing us, maybe he will believe after talking to mumma. She asks lawyer to talk to Santoshi once. He agrees. She thanks him.

Inspector asks for Ramkali. Ramkali says its me, get me out of here. Inspector calls her mad and goes. Devi Paulmi asks Daasi to get flowers to welcome Indra. Indra says I came here to talk, all this is not needed. Devi Paulmi says we will talk after your welcome. She gives him a flower. He turns to Dev Indra. She smiles. She says thanks for your help. Indra says what do you want to get. She says revenge from Santoshi Maa, she insulted me many times, till her powers get snatched, I can’t get peace. He says your motive is against your nature, I m Devraj and have some duties, I m new Indra for everyone, its true I can’t help you more. She asks who will help me then, I love you a lot, I know you also love me, you have to support me for your love.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupid episode!!! The storyline gets more absurd!! One way to destroy faith! Allow evil to win!

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