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Santoshi Maa 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi seeing Seshnath with the hot iron rod. She holds it with her dupatta and throws it. She asks Seshnath what was he doing. Seshnath says I was treating Daksha as she got mad. Dadi says no need to do this. Daksha says if anything happened to me, what about Tinnu and Bittoo. Madhuri says we will make you rid of ghosts. She says Amma, I m helping Daksha, her madness won’t go like this.

Madhuri thinks Daksha has troubled me a lot, see what I do now, get red chilli Bittoo. Madhuri asks Guddu to go fast. Devi Paulmi laughs and says these humans are so foolish, I get fun seeing them. Guddu brings chillies. Madhuri burns chillies and gives smoke to Daksha. Seshnath thinks Madhuri is Naagin, Daksha will die today. Santoshi stops Madhuri. Madhuri warns her and says let

me do what I m doing. Daksha coughs and gets unwell. Bittoo gives her phone to Santoshi.

Dhairya sings song for Riya. She asks him to get up, she has to do puja. He says he is meeting his GF for last time, as she will become his wife. She asks him to go. He says fine, but don’t you think I should get something. She says you are getting naughty, you will not get it. he says you don’t make me wait. She says you want kiss right, I m getting shy. He asks why, I m your to be husband. She says but you did not become husband yet, close your eyes and take step back. He says fine and goes back. She makes him out of the room and shuts the door, asking him to go. She says everything will be after marriage, I m not scared of you, love you. He smiles and leaves.

Daksha asks for water. Santoshi gets water for her. She asks Madhuri to free Daksha now. Bittoo says I will not sleep with Amma. Guddu scares Bittoo and laughs. Santoshi asks Guddu can’t he see Daksha’s state, they should take Daksha to hospital. Sanketh comes and asks what happened to Daksha. Devi Paulmi says one more devotee of Devi Santoshi, I will not leave him today. Sanketh says its good Santoshi called me, we will take Daksha to hospital.

Devi Paulmi enters Daksha and breaks the ropes. She says you came to take me. She beats Seshnath, Guddu and others. Sanketh asks Santoshi to move, I think Daksha got attack again. Santoshi gets hit. Sanketh says we can’t trust her. Daksha beats Sanketh and says I will not leave him. Sanketh asks him to come down. Daksha beats Santoshi and Sanketh.

Daksha asks Sanketh to never come back to Santoshi. Seshnath asks Madhuri to get sheets fast. Madhuri says fine, we will catch her. Daksha beats Seshnath. Santoshi thinks what to do now. She holds Santoshi Maa’s locket and prays to get help. Santoshi Maa and Gaumata look on. Gaumata asks Mata to do something, as Devi Paulmi is troubling her devotees. Santoshi Maa asks Gaumata to go on earth and do her work, and gives her protective powers. Gaumata takes blessings and goes.

Dhairya’s mehendi is done. Everyone smile. Pratap talks to pandit. Pandit gives red thread sent by Kranti Mata, which will solve all problems and double happiness. Madhu says I wish Dhairya does not marry Riya, maybe this thread can break their relation. Pratap thanks pandit. Pandit says Mata does not give this thread to anyone, she made this especially for Dhairya. Pratap asks Dhairya to tie the red thread fast to his hand.

Daksha holds Sanketh’s neck and says you can’t marry Santoshi. Madhuri and Seshnath worry. Sanketh asks Santoshi Maa to help him. Gaumata sees a cow and touches the cow. The cow runs inside the house and hits Daksha. Devi Paulmi gets hit too. She goes to her lok and says Devi Santoshi you did not do this right. Daksha gets sense. They all make her sit. Dadi asks her is she fine. Daksha asks what happened. Madhuri says I think Santoshi’s marriage got problems, I don’t think her marriage should happen. She asks Sanketh to leave, sorry we won’t let this marriage happen. Seshnath asks him to stay bachelor, better than inviting death. Sanketh says Santoshi is still same, I don’t doubt on her fate, its enough she is in my life. Santoshi looks at him.

Sanketh prays to Lord and says I m not able to see Sanketh as my life partner. A girl comes and tells Santoshi that she is pregnant with Sanketh’s child. She asks her not to marry Sanketh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Saw d epi yest. Daksha and the rest were hillarious! 😀 loved d epi

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