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Santoshi Maa 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with lawyer asking Madhu for Dhairya’s sign or thumb impression, else court will not accept the papers. Madhu gets shocked. Santoshi makes Dhairya’s fav food and says now all my hardwork will succeed if Dhairya likes the food. Madhu goes to Dhairya. She sees him sleeping. Santoshi goes to Dhairya. Madhu thinks Dhairya is paralyzed, he will not know that I came here. She takes his thumb impression. Santoshi opens the door. Madhu gets tensed and hides. Santoshi sees Dhairya sleeping. Madhu leaves. Santoshi says I felt someone came here before me. She goes to see.

Dhairya gets disturbed by sunlight. Santoshi comes in between and says any problem has to go through me before reaching you. Mere yaara……………….. plays……….. She sees the ink on his thumb and gets

shocked. She thinks someone is using Dhairya’s state, I should tell this to Kaka first.

She goes to Kaka and tells him everything. Kaka and Kaki get shocked. Kaka says maybe someone did this, I have seen a lawyer leaving that day, I think some family member is behind this, there are many clever people in our house, we already have a lawyer, we will see what to do.

Sharmili goes to Dadi and helps her thread the needle. Dadi smiles and thinks she is my Santoshi, she also used to help me like this. Sharmili asks Dadi what are you thinking. Dadi says you helped me, how to thank you now. Sharmili asks her to bless her, then I will do your work more. Dadi blesses her. Sharmili says I want blessing to get rich. Dadi says you are very clever. Sharmili smiles and says yes.

Madhu gives the papers to lawyer and says it has Dhairya’s thumb impression. He says I m checking what other papers will be needed, all your papers are clear, your work will be done, don’t let anyone know until 21 days, else all your efforts will go waste. She says don’t worry, no one will know.

Santoshi goes to Dhairya and says its time for your bath, I will get warm water. He refuses. She says you have to take bath. She gets a cloth and wipes cleans him. She asks him to wear black clothes. He says I will look joker, I won’t wear this. She closes her eyes band changes his clothes. He says once I get fine, I will see him. She says I can hear your scoldings to make you fine, but I will make you fine. Shani Dev blesses Dhairya. Dhairya’s hand gets fine and he holds Santoshi’s hand. Her bangles break. She gets glad and happily cries. Dhairya sees his hand and smiles. She calls Kaka and Kaki to come fast. She asks Madhu and Pratap to come.

Gaumata tells Santoshi Maa that Shani Dev got happy by Santoshi’s devotion. Santoshi Maa says I m also happy, she has made her husband fine and succeeded by her belief. Everyone come and see Dhairya getting fine. Madhu gets shocked. Everyone smile. Kaka asks Santoshi how did she get hurt. Santoshi says nothing, bangle broke, its not deep wound. Dhairya sees her wound. Kaka asks her to apply medicine. Madhu shows fake love to Dhairya and says Kranti Maa’s blessings worked. Kaki says we know whose blessings it is. Kaki says its by Santoshi Maa and Shani Dev’s blessings, come let him rest now, Santoshi will take care of Dhairya. They all go. Dhairya gets up and sits. He thanks Santoshi and asks her to get medicine box, I will do the aid. She looks at him. He asks what are you seeing, you can catch infection if wound is left open. She gets the box.

He asks her to sit. He does the aid to her hand. She smiles. He says I m sorry. She asks why. He says because I have hurt you. She says but I did not feel pain. Pal do pal ki kyu hai zindagi……………plays……………. He asks then why do you have tears in your eyes. She says its tears of happiness, you are getting fine, so I m glad. Devi Paulmi looks on and says this is not right, they can start loving each other. Shani Dev did not do this right to bless Dhairya, now my powers came back, I will punish them. Santoshi Maa asks Narad are you sure about this. Narad says yes, Mahadev has returned Devi Paulmi her powers. She says why did Mahadev do this.

Madhu says Santoshi is capturing everything at home, its matter of few days, then I will win, I will announce that I m owner of this house. Kaki comes there and calls Pushpa. She asks her to call everyone. She tells them that she wants to give house duties and keys to Santoshi. She praises Santoshi. She takes keys from Madhu. Madhu get shocked.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Santoshi u r gr8….very nice..

  2. Yes shreya she is great in reel life

  3. Marie Taylor

    Wow. Awwww their story started how beautiful, some romantic scenes will be nice. Much awaited episode❤

  4. Very nice episode…so nice to see Dharyia heart softening towards nice. Especially the scene when he cared and tender for her cut on her wrist, beautiful to watch. Lets hope Dhariya affection continue to grow for Santoshi. Precap looks dramatic, nice to see Dhariya care for Santoshi. Why has Goddess Poulmi got her powers back when she did not demonstrate remorse of learn her lesson? I thought gods were kind and forgiving?

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