Santoshi Maa 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kranti Maa saying Santoshi will do my Aarti today. Everyone get shocked. Madhu asks what are you saying, she is a maid. Madhu says its Maa’s command, take this aarti plate. Santoshi thinks of Maa Santoshi. Madhu says take this. Santoshi takes the aarti plate. Madhu lights the diya and asks Santoshi to go. Santoshi prays that she can’t worship anyone else in any birth, forgive me, I m helpless, I m doing aarti, but I have you in heart, accept my devotion. Santoshi Maa blesses her. Santoshi sees Santoshi Maa infront of her and does aarti. Devi Paulmi gets angry and says how dare Santoshi Mata go to earth for this girl, how is this possible. Narad smiles and says if Bhakt has pure Bhakti, then Lord can’t move back, Santoshi’s belief has taken Mata there.


Paulmi asks did he start taking their side. He says this is unique example of a devotee’s devotion, tell me where you can see this, that Santoshi can see her Mata while doing someone’s aarti. Santoshi prays that her devotion and heart are just seeing Santoshi Maa. Gaumata plays shank. Mata opens eyes, and flowers fall on her.

Madhu and Dhairya smile. Madhu asks Santoshi to move back, ad welcomes Kranti Maa. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi, your devotion has made me feel unique experience, I got contentment today. She blesses Santoshi. Devi Paulmi looks on angrily. Narad says the way Santoshi has pleased Mata Santoshi, the place got happiness, will you not go there, I understood your thoughts. Devi Paulmi says you get happy by small achievements, but you know result is once the competition ends, it will be in my favor.

Santoshi gets water. Madhu washes Kranti Maa’s feet. The man says this water got pure now, throw it in house. Sanketh and Santoshi look on. Kranti Maa says keep some water, I will say what to do. Madhu asks Santoshi to do as Mata said. Madhu apologizes to Kranti Maa. Kranti Maa says don’t worry, I will do Shuddikaran and bless you all. Madhu asks her to come.

Seshnath asks Madhuri why did Daksha call us. Madhuri says don’t know. Daksha says this time its about my Tinu’s life, I want 10000rs, tell me who can give me money, you know goons kidnapped Tinu, tell me will you give money or not. Seshnath says I could not get money to save my own life, I can’t arrange money. Daksha says Santoshi saved your life, have shame, you also do some work. She says you don’t have money, but there is Madhuri’s jewelry, sell it and give me money. Madhuri says I love Tinu but.. Seshnath says gold rate is less, it will be loss, why to sell it.

Daksha says I understand what is going on, but you can also be on my place. She curses them. Guddu thinks they are fighting, I have to do something to get money. She asks Madhuri to give 4000rs to Daksha which Mausi gave her on diwali. Madhuri and Seshnath sign him angrily. Daksha asks Madhuri why did you not tell me. Madhuri says I forgot. Dadi asks Madhuri to get money. Madhuri says I m getting it, and thinks to see Guddu later.

Daksha says I will also check to sell few things to get money, don’t know how is Tinu. Tinu eats chocolates and hears the goons. Tinu says I will go if you don’t listen, I can talk more, play with me, else I will shout. They agree and play with Tinu. They tie Tinu and apply tape to his mouth. Shyam says we will call Guddu, where did he go. They all go. Tinu think they don’t know to play game well, they did not tie rope well. Daksha counts money and says its less. She argues with Seshnath. Madhuri gets angry and says we gave you 4000rs. Guddu gets Shyam’s call. Dadi says I don’t have money. Guddu says you will get your money, don’t do anything to him. He calls Daksha. Daksha says I m trying to arrange money. Guddu says arrange money soon else….. he ends call. Daksha and Dadi cry. Madhu and everyone take Kranti Maa’s blessings and gives her gifts. Santoshi thinks whats happening, Saraswati Maa and Laxmi Maa insult. Nupur asks for clients. Kranti Maa asks her to do charity always, like Pratap donated her 10 lakhs, some money will go to poor people who will bless him. Nupur says yes, Ujwal will also donate a small cheque. Ujwal says yes. Kranti Maa blesses them. Ujwal also takes blessings. Vidya asks her to bless her. Kranti Maa asks her to have patience, she will be fine soon. Santoshi looks on.

Devi Paulmi asks Narad to see when greed comes between belief and devotion, my place is made. Narad says sorry, I don’t understand, explain me. Devi Paulmi says humans pretend as Lord and fool innocent humans in superstitions, and then they preach me qualities. Narad says I understood what you mean to say, till superstition is there in humans, greed, evil and jealousy will not go anywhere. She says I will rule till many generations.

Tinu runs seeing Santoshi and calls her out. The goons catch him. Santoshi hears Tinu and turns to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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