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Santoshi Maa 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi asking Sinduri what did she do. Sinduri says I have damaged laptop, you thought you will fool me, the video is gone forever. Santoshi cries. Sinduri calls her big fool and says if you don’t remember anything, why don’t you accept that you are not the one whom my hero loved, this is called a big hit. She laughs and goes. Santoshi worriedly cries and says what will I do now.

Swarnrekha says Devraj Indra, I have lost, such woman is not loved, but is sympathized with, so I had to get you here. She says its true, I love you a lot. She laughs seeing the parrot.

Santoshi cries and lies in Kaki’s lap. Kaki asks did you see that video, tell me what is the matter, don’t cry. Santoshi says Sinduri damaged the laptop. She tells everything. Kaki says I will

see her. Santoshi says no, if I m weak, why should we scold her, I could not love Dhairya truly, I can’t do this acting more, its enough now, I will end this matter, I will tell truth to Dhairya. Kaki asks are you mad. Santoshi says I got my senses, Dhairya likes Sinduri’s talk and behavior, I can act like Sinduri, but I can’t become like her, I can’t get true love, I m ready to sacrifice for my love, I will give Sinduri to Dhairya and go from his life.

Guddu gets late to wake up and go for interview. Sharmili calls him lazy. Daksha and Madhuri come home. Daksha cries and hugs Tinu. She scolds Guddu. Madhuri and Daksha get scared of Sharmili. Seshnath and Janardhan ask Sharmili to pity on her mum in law and Daksha.

Santoshi says I will tell truth to Kaki. Kaki asks how can you lose so soon. She puts a sindoor lines at the door and tells Santoshi that this is sindoor rekha, if she goes out of this line, she won’t have right to apply this sindoor in her maang. She says this sindoor will give her strength and not let her lose. Santoshi thinks of Dhairya and walks towards door. Kaki says if you tell Dhairya once, you will not get anything, stop praying to Santoshi Maa if you want to lose courage. Santoshi stops at the line hearing Santoshi Maa’s name. Kaki asks her to break Santoshi Maa’s name who believes her devotee.

Santoshi takes sindoor in hand and says I can’t break like this and fall weak being Santoshi Maa’s devotee, she taught me to live, I will not move back like this. She applies sindoor in her maang. Kaki smiles. Santoshi says I m ready to fight again, I will show Sinduri that Santoshi Maa’s devotee does not lose, but wins by devotion and love. Kaki hugs her.

The builder’s boss comes to meet Guddu. Everyone get shocked seeing her. Daksha asks why did you come here. The girl says I m Sweety, I want to know why don’t you want to sell house. Guddu says we were going to sell. Dadi says its priceless for us, we will not sell it. Sweety says you can do this deal with me when you want money, I will give any amount. She gives her card to Seshnath. Sweety leaves.

Santoshi goes to room. Dhairya asks are you still angry with me, I did not wish to hurt you, I wanted to clear my doubt. She says I forgot that, I m thinking where are you going now. He says I have meeting. He gets ready and sees lip mark on his shirt. She tells him that she did not kiss on his shirt. He says its my fav shirt, you won’t accept your mistake. He says you don’t remember anything, and reminds her how she kissed on his shirt and stopped him from going to meeting. He says it was such a lovely moment, try to recall.

He says don’t feel bad, but I feel was it Sinduri whom I liked, I really think she may win on Naag panchami day, don’t do this, else I can’t do anything. He wears another shirt and leaves. She says since I got memory, its tough to spend a moment. She recalls her words and says I will fulfill promise to Kaki, Dhairya is mine and I m of Dhairya.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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