Santoshi Maa 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa telling Dhairya that she will get food for him. He goes. Santoshi hides. Pushpa thinks who kept this plate and throws the food. Daksha asks Sharmili to say. She tells Dadi that Sharmili broke her head and took jewelry. Dadi asks Sharmili is this true. Sharmili says I respect them a lot. Seshnath also complains about her. Sharmili says I will massage Daksha’s head and take care of her. Daksha says I don’t want anything. Sharmili asks Daksha why are you blaming me, if hunger strike broke and you lost, I won’t give you jewelry. Seshnath agrees with her. Daksha says its injustice with me, Sharmili broke Janardhan’s fast by feeding him food. Daksha says this is not right. Sharmili says anyways, you lost and scares them of her dad. Sharmili leaves with Guddu.


wears a ring and says now I have worn the ring given by Kranti Maa, now nothing will happen to me. She blows dry her hair. She gets shocked seeing Santoshi there. Santoshi gives her electric shock. Madhu faints.

Daksha scolds Janardhan for not staying hungry for few days. Dadi asks Daksha how is she scolding her husband. Daksha gets angry and leaves. Seshnath says its good Sharmili is showing everyone right place. Madhuri says if Sharmili bites us then…. They worry.

Pratap wakes up Madhu. Madhu sees everyone there and says Santoshi will kill me. Pratap asks how did you faint, tell me, there is no one here. Madhu tells everyone about Santoshi attacking her. She asks Pushpa to go and find Santoshi. Pratap signs Pushpa to go. Kaka says Madhu is behaving strange. Madhu says I think Kaka and Dhairya are with Santoshi. Dhairya asks what are you saying, she is in hospital. He calls doctor and asks about Santoshi. He puts call on speaker. Doctor says Santoshi is here, I told Madhu that its not easy for anyone to run from our hospital. Ujwal says I checked all the house, Santoshi is not here. Dhairya asks did you believe now. Madhu says no, she was Santoshi, Pratap why don’t you believe me. Dhairya thinks is Madhu saying true, no how is it possible.

He goes to his room and sees food plate. He shouts to Pushpa. He asks about the food not being proper. She says sorry, its all getting wrong because of Madhu and Santoshi’s matter. She goes. He sees Santoshi’s earrings there. He says it means Madhu was saying right. He calls out Santoshi and looks for her everywhere. He goes to storeroom. Santoshi surprises him and holds him. She laughs.

Dhairya says so my heroine has come, so Madhu was saying right, how did you come here. She says you called me and I came. He says so that’s why that half roti and this earring was kept so that I find you, its good you are hiding in storeroom, else you would have been caught. She says no one can catch me, I know my hero is very smart, so you came here. They hug. Sanam re…………..plays………..

He asks how did you come here. She says its imp for you to know how did I reach to mental hospital, Madhu has sent me and bribed that doctor. He asks what, I will talk to Madhu right away, but I heard you saying you are not Santoshi. She says you came and left without meeting me, you did not get me home. He says I was there, I did not leave you, your treatment was going on, I thought my mad wife got more mad. She asks do you think I m mad. He says no, but anyone can get mad seeing you.

She says I had doubt on that doctor, my fate was good that I succeeded to run. She tells everything. He says Madhu will still try to prove you mad, I have to do something and prove you are not mad. Santoshi says no need, if we prove Madhu has sent me there, everything will get cleared, Madhu called me ghost, I will scare her as ghost now. Dhairya says you won’t do this, else you will create more trouble for you. She says don’t worry, I will manage everything, just agree, don’t you trust me.

He says fine then you have time till morning. She says its enough, I will not leave Madhu. He says I m agreeing, but you don’t think its stupidity, you don’t look good doing all this. She asks what do I look good doing, tell me. He says there is long list. She says fine, tell me what you dislike, I won’t do it again. He says fine, I will touch your nose when I find anything stupid. She says I will always remember this and not do that thing again. She hugs him and they smile. Sanam re…………….plays…………

Madhu tells Pratap that Santoshi is in this house and fooling us. Pratap says what will anyone say if just say see Santoshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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