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The Episode starts with Santoshi going out of house. Ankush meets her and asks is there any solution to get Sinduri’s memory back. She says no, she is saying she will prove she is Santoshi on naag panchami day. Sinduri comes there and sees Ankush with Santoshi. She says its same guy, who came that day, what are they talking, I can’t hear, this fake Santoshi got this guy to prove I m Sinduri, I will trap Santoshi by her plan. She asks Dhairya to come out and see fake Santoshi’s truth. He thinks if I don’t go, she will trouble more. She says just come with me once. He goes with her. Madhu looks on and thinks its of her use.

Ankush asks why is Sinduri saying this that she is Santoshi, why is she leaving her own identity.

She says don’t know. He says you have big heart, Dhairya is lucky to get you, and you are still helping Sinduri, hats off, thanks for support. Sinduri shows Santoshi talking to Ankush. Dhairya and Madhu get shocked. Ankush says I will drop you to bus stand, come. Santoshi says no, I will go. He says come, I m going that way. Santoshi leaves with him in his car. Dhairya gets shocked.

Sinduri asks is he seeing how his fake Santoshi is cheating him, she is enjoying with a guy. Dhairya asks how can you say Santoshi does not know that guy, I trust her, she will come and tell me about that guy. Madhu says sorry to say but maybe she cooks a story, she changed. He says enough, I trust her, she can’t even think to cheat me. Madhu says what can we do if you want to keep eyes closed, she tried to kill me and then said she did not do anything, now she is threatening me. Sinduri smiles. Dhairya says I trust Santoshi and goes. Madhu smiles and says doubt will break them.

Swarnrekha recalls Indra’s words and goes to meet Santoshi Maa. She prays and gets Santoshi Maa’s attention. She says I don’t want to stay as thing in devlok, I want my own identity, give me powers. Santoshi Maa smiles and gives her some powers. She asks Swarnrekha to please Mata Parvati, Mata Laxmi and Mata Saraswati and get powers, your Divya shakti will get completed. Swarnrekha thanks her.

Dadi says its good you came Santoshi. Santoshi asks what happened. Dadi says its about this house. She tells everything. Dhairya watches tv. Sinduri comes there and says I can’t see you worried for Santoshi. He says she is my wife, stop this. She says fine, don’t get angry, if you trust her, call her and ask where is she. She goes. Dadi says they can come anytime to break the phone. Santoshi asks what can I do in this. Dhairya says its better I call Santoshi, Sinduri is right, but what will she feel, I m doubting on wife like Santoshi. Santoshi calls him. He asks where are you, fine I will reach there soon. He leaves.

Builder comes and everyone to come out, else we will break this hall. Santoshi asks what nonsense. Seshnath asks her to save the house, else we will come on road. Santoshi says this is illegal. Janardhan asks them to leave. Dadi asks don’t you have pity on us. The man says its my madam’s order. Dhairya comes and asks is she any mayor that her words became rule. Santoshi sees Dhairya and starts talking like Sinduri in rough language. She scolds the man and everyone get puzzled by her language.

Santoshi says I have share in this house, I did not sign, how did you get this property. Dhairya says maybe by cheat, we can go to police too, we can get you arrested, who is your madam. The man says I m going, but remember my madam will teach lesson to you all. He goes. Santoshi scolds Guddu and asks how can he send house without telling family. Dhairya says Guddu should have shame, son is roof of house and you were selling roof. Sharmili says I m inspector’s daughter. Santoshi scolds her.

Dhairya says I think your inspector Papa did not teach you laws, if you try to sell property by doing fraud, you will go to jail, Santoshi can complaint and send you to jail, tell me will you rectify mistake or go to jail. Sharmili apologizes for her mistake and says I will do as you all say. Dadi thanks Santoshi for proving that she is this house’s diya, who will never let the house get darkness.

She thanks Dhairya for being more than a son for them. She scolds Guddu. Seshnath says Amma is right, Santoshi made us proud today, I have this useless son who wanted to sell house, you risked life for us. Santoshi says leave it, beat Guddu and he will get fine. Seshnath says I will beat him a lot. Guddu apologies and says I won’t do such mistake again. They thank Dhairya. Dhairya says I m doing a son in law’s duty. Santoshi Maa and Gaumata are happy that Santoshi’s family regarded her family member, truth never loses.

Dhairya and Santoshi are on the way, and smile. Main hoon hero tera………plays…………. She thanks him for managing everything at home. He says you also supported well. He holds her hand. She sees Ankush. Ankush waves to her. She waves to him. Dhairya sees that and leaves her hand. He asks shall I stop the car. She says no, why. He asks who was that man following you. She says no one, someone known. She thinks if I tell Dhairya about Ankush, he will think I m doing this to get saved from naag panchami challenge, I should tell him after I get proof against Sinduri. He thinks why is she not answering and doubts on her. He asks her who is that man. She asks him not to worry, I know him. He says I did not hear about him. She says you will know about him soon, drive now, I have much work. She plays song.

They reach home. She thinks I have no way, I m lying to Dhairya, but to bring truth out, you will know it soon, forgive me. Swarnrekha prays and impresses all the three Devis. Devi Parvati says you made your place in devlok, why did you come. Devi Saraswati asks why did you chant mantras. Swarnrekha says I don’t have identity without powers, so I request you to give me Divya powers so that I can also live well. The three devis bless her and give her powers. Swarnrekha gets the Divya powers. Her black dress turns into white elegant one with pearls. She looks a Devi.

Devi Parvati says whenever anyone on earth prays to naga devta, they will pray to you, you will be naag Devfi from today, when you get more devotees, your powers will increase. Swarnrekha smiles and thanks them. She thinks Indra created trouble for himself by showing me path to become Devi. She goes and meets Devraj Indra. He says I was waiting for meet you. She asks why. He says you made me fall in love with you, my heart is not in my control, you wanted to know why I was restless to meet you. I wanted to ask you, will you marry me.

She asks whats all this. He shows her shagun. She says Devraj I accept your proposal. He asks really, my heart got happy, I will not delay in this good work, we will marry today itself. She says I can’t marry you this way, I m not from Devlok, I m girl form Naaglok, we have different rituals for marriage. He asks her to say. She says you have to unite with me, we have to love each other before marriage, if we succeed and satisfy each other, this marriage will happen then, we have to unite tonight. He agrees to her. She smiles and thinks you gave me many gifts, now its time to gift you, you will be insulted in devlok.

Santoshi cooks food. She calls Dadi and takes her welfare. She says if Sharmili does anything again, don’t hide from me. Dadi says everything is fine. Santoshi asks her to take care. Sharmili gives burnt roti and onion to Guddu. He asks the reason of getting such food. She asks him to find job, else she will leave house. He says I m finding job, I have to go on interview tomorrow. She calls him useless and goes. He gets angry and does not eat food.

Indra meets Swarnrekha at night. She gives him some drink. He smiles seeing her and drinks. She says this is Naaglok special drink, you will fall in illusion and my work will get easier. She dances on Kali khile…… He smiles. She ties him with her powers. He asks what did she tie his hands. She laughs. She chants some mantras and gets a fire ball. She cages Indra in it. He asks what is she doing. She says you are so innocent and could not understand what she is doing with him. He asks what do you mean. He chants mantras and could not break the cage. H asks her not to joke. She says its true, you are captivated here. She turns him into a parrot and laughs.

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