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Santoshi Maa 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya saying no one can stop me, as this house is of my father… Kaka comes and stops Dhairya. He scolds Dhairya and says you should be ashamed to take my support, when you should support me. He asks them why did they not stop Dhairya. Dhairya says no one will stop me, Santoshi has put hair in my burger. Kaka says so what, hair can come from anywhere, its not necessary that its Santoshi’s hair. Dhairya says why you take her side always, its our matter. Kaka sends him. Dhairya asks Pushpa to get food. Kaka asks Santoshi to sleep with Kaki today and sends her.

Devi Paulmi gets angry and says this old man always comes to protect Santoshi, but till when, he will not be with you some time, then what will Santoshi do, tomorrow’s sun will bring dark clouds for you,

not light.

Its morning, Santoshi makes food for everyone. She keeps Santoshi Maa’s pic there in kitchen and does tilak. Kaka and Kaki come out and hear the puja. Kaka says it would be Santoshi doing puja. Santoshi prays for everyone’s safety and apologizes for mistakes. She keeps pic back in her bag. She hears Vidya doing Kranti Mata’s aarti. She sees Kaka playing aarti on tape, it means he become Kranti Mata’s bhakt for Kaki, its good.

Santoshi goes to him and says you look good, what to make for Kaki in food. Vidya asks her to be silent. Santoshi asks shall I make karela, its good for diabetics. Vidya says I m already ill, do you want me to get more ill by having karela. Kaka says she is saying right. Vidya argues and says tell her to take me out. Santoshi takes her out and says this rose will look good in your hair. She gives her the rose and says Kaka said you like paneer. Kaki says yes, everyone like paneer, I will not become Santoshi Mata Bhakt, whatever you say. Santoshi says bhakti is my own power of devotion, one day you will feel Santoshi Maa’s powers, she is in my heart. Vidya says leave all this.

Nupur calls Santoshi and asks for orange juice. Santoshi says Kaki, we will go and come later. Kaki says I m fine here, you go, I m inside house. Santoshi asks watchman to take care of Kaki. She locks the wheelchair. Vidya Kaki asks her to come soon and chants Kranti Maa’s name.

Watchman gets a call says I will inform. He sees Kaki fine and goes. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi you are Santoshi Maa’s bhakt, you give me chance always. She unlocks the wheel chair and pushes it by magic. Kaki realizes this and worries. Narad greets Santoshi Maa and asks what is this happening, this old woman is troubled by Devi Paulmi. Santoshi Maa says this is importance of good humans, they get troubled by other’s pain, Devi Paulmi wants to trouble Santoshi by hurting this old woman. Vidya Kaki calls out everyone for help. The family hears her. Vidya is about to hit the wall. Santoshi holds the wheelchair and stops it. The family looks on.

Santoshi says its good I came on time, else don’t know what…. She sees everyone. Madhu says I knew Kranti Maa’s insult will affect us badly. Pratap asks Santoshi why did she leave Maa alone. Santoshi says I went to give juice to Nupur. Nupur says don’t blame me now. Vidya says calm down, but I told her to go. Nupur says she should have used her common sense, she left an handicapped person alone. Pratap says since she came here, all problems are coming. Kaka says forget this, afterall Santoshi saved Vidya’s life. Dhairya says no, Pratap is right, now she will go from here.

Dhairya asks her to get lost. Santoshi asks him not to throw her bag, as it has Santoshi Maa’s pic. Dhairya takes out the pic and says is she not helping you then. Nupur says when you know we don’t do puja of someone else here than Kranti Maa, how dare you get this pic. She raises hand and Madhu stops her. Madhu says its our mistake that we insulted Kranti Mata in her ashram. Kaka says what mistake did Santoshi do, that she is blamed, its not sin to do Santoshi Maa’s puja. Kaki says never, but its sin if puja is done in this house.

Kaka says fine and takes her. Madhu asks Santoshi to stop this drama. Santoshi says its not drama, its my devotion. Nupur says I think she is responsible for whatever happened in Kranti Maa’s ashram. Ujwal agrees. Dhairya says I know what to do with Santoshi, she will stay here but her Santoshi Maa will go out from this house. They smile. Dhairya says Santoshi Maa’s bhakt can stay here but no bhakti can happen here, and she has to preach Kranti Maa with us. He asks Santoshi to take this pic anywhere. Santoshi asks where to keep this. Nupur says why don’t you keep it on your head. They all go inside the house. Santoshi cries.

Madhu says Kranti Maa is not ordinary devi, we should not make our charity less. Ujwal says we should convince her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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