Santoshi Maa 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa smiling after seeing the flowers blossoming. Devi Paulmi looks on. Brahmadev comes there. Santoshi Maa greets him. Brahmadev says you completed your punishment, so your powers are given back to you. He gives back her powers. Everyone smile. Brahmadev goes. Narad comes there and greets Santoshi Maa and Gaumata. He says your hardwork proved that work done by true heart always succeeds. Devi Paulmi comes there and says you mean I lost and Devi Santoshi has won. Narad greets her and says I did not say this, it will be true if you are saying it.

Santoshi Maa says truth has won, hardwork has won, it you and me, its true if there is devotion to do any work, the work can’t fail after many hurdles, did I say true. Devi Paulmi asks her not to waste time by talking,

but help devotees by her powers. She thinks time will not be with Devi Santoshi always, I will win next. She goes. Gaumata says I m most happy Mata, you can use me as your vehicle, I will take you to your lok.

Dhairya’s haldi goes on. Ujwal and Nupur dance. Madhu applies haldi to Dhairya. Nupur asks Kaka why is he upset, if he not happy in Dhairya’s sangeet. She says maybe you are missing Santoshi a lot.

Dadi tells Daksha and Madhuri to come to apply haldi to Santoshi, as rituals won’t be completed without five suhaagans. Dakshi says we will not apply haldi to her. Santoshi cries. Madhuri wishes Santoshi’s marriage breaks and scolds her. Santoshi rests in Dadi’s lap. Gaumata tells Mata that I m very happy, after you came here, Santoshi place came in old form. Santoshi Maa says humans can go anywhere, but he gets happiness in his place, like I m getting happiness here.

Santoshi’s mother Riddhima comes there and asks Maa to bless Santoshi, its injustice happening with her, Santoshi is getting married, she is your Param Bhakt, and all this is happening in her marriage. Santoshi Maa smiles. Dadi asks Santoshi to calm down, I will apply haldi and call ladies from neighborhood. Daksha stops Dadi and says we will do your bidaai too with Santoshi. Dadi says I will see how you stop me. Daksha says go, then I will see who lets you come inside home. Santoshi stops Dadi and asks her not to go. She says you have to stay here after I go, I don’t want any troubles, haldi ritual is completed by love, not people, your love is enough for me, no need to call anyone.

It starts thundering. Dadi asks whats happening, why is this thundering happening. Madhuri says Lord can’t bear that this marriage happens. Three Devis, Santoshi Maa and Gaumata come there on earth. Santoshi Maa thanks three Devis who came to bless Santoshi on her request. They all dressed in simple attires some to Santoshi’s house. Dadi smiles.

Dadi says sorry, but I don’t know you. Devi Parvati says we are banjaran and become part of everyone’s happiness, we got to know there is marriage here, so we came. Gaumaat says we like marriage functions and came to celebrate. Madhuri says you don’t have any work that you came here. Santoshi Maa asks Dadi did anyone else not come. Daksha says we did not call anyone, you also go. Dadi asks Daksha to stop it. Daksha says do anything, we will not stay here. They leave. Santoshi Maa says marriage is to celebrate happiness. Gaumata asks Devi Saraswati to start haldi rasam. They all make Santoshi wear floral jewelry and sing haldi song for her. Devi Parvati applies haldi to Santoshi, followed by other Devis. Daksha and Madhuri look on. Santoshi Maa applies haldi to Santoshi. Santoshi sees Riddhima in her. Riddhima sees this from heaven and smiles. Santoshi greets all of them. Riddhima gets thankful to Santoshi Maa. Santoshi cries and says I don’t know who are you all, but I felt like I m meeting my mother. She thanks all of them for coming, else her haldi ritual would have been incomplete. She asks them for blessings to fight with every hurdle and fill happiness in all her relations. All the devis bless her.

Devi Paulmi looks on. Devis forward hand and get bridal dress and jewelry for Santoshi. They give it to Santoshi. Devi Laxmi says these are gifts from our side. Devi Saraswati says its our blessings. Devi Laxmi give her jewelry, Devi Saraswati gives her book, Devi Parvati gives her mangalsutra. Santoshi Maa gives her a bridal saree and says think your Maa is giving this to you. Dadi comes and gives them sweets. They all eat sweets and say we shall leave now. They leave.

Narad comes to Devi Paulmi and greets her, saying this is really amazing sight, see Santoshi’s haldi done by Devis, this happened for the first time. Devi Paulmi fumes.

Dadi asks Daksha why is she breaking mandap decorations. Daksha falls down. Santoshi looks on. Daksha gets electrocuted by the wires. Madhuri blames Santoshi for all this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. i really wish santoshi marry sanketh…he is such a sweetheart unlike dhairya who is a snob….

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