Santoshi Maa 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi coming to Dadi’s house. She says I can’t bear Dhairya’s tortures, I came here to tale Dadi with me, we will go away where Dhairya can’t find us. Sharmili says Dhairya wants to do Santoshi’s delivery next week, he wants baby to be born in 7 months. Madhuri and Daksha get shocked. Dadi says Dhairya is doing wrong. Daksha says don’t worry Santoshi, we are with you. Madhuri says yes, Santoshi is pregnant, we will see who hurts her. Dadi asks Santoshi to stay here with them. Daksha says we all will protect you. They all join hands. Dadi says Dhairya has to face us to reach you.

Dhairya gets angry and asks Kaka where is Santoshi. He breaks things and asks Kaka to answer. He scolds Kaka. Kaka says Santoshi cried day and night, you did not see her tears.

Dhairya says stop this lecture, tell me where is she. Kaka says she went to her Dadi’s home, you did not like her staying here, now be happy she is not here. Dhairya says she went to her Dadi’s house, I will teach her a lesson. Trishna says relax, love is cheat, relax get the baby later. She holds him and asks him to relax. He says Santoshi always stands against me. She says you need that baby. He sees her holding him.

Santoshi Maa says one thing is clear, since we have asked Narad to keep an eye on Devi Paulmi, we did not see him, I doubt he went to Devi Paulmi’s palace, he would have got some proof to expose her truth, so she caught him. Gaumata asks her to go to Devi Paulmi’s palace and free Narad. Santoshi Maa says yes, but I can’t go in Devi avatar. She turns into a butterfly. Gaumata says you can fall in trouble in this avatar. Santoshi Maa asks her not to worry, I know there is danger in this work, but its question of Narad and my devotee, I will bring out Devi Paulmi’s planning infront of devlok. She goes to Devi Paulmi’s palace. Devi Paulmi gets ready. She sees the butterfly.

Devi Paulmi sees Santoshi Maa in butterfly and creates web to catch her. She says Devi Santoshi, this is Indra palace, no cheat can hide her, now you can’t come in your real avatar. She thinks its right time to attack on Devi Santoshi, as she will be powerless in this avatar. She sends a spider. Gaumata looks on and worries. Spider goes to Devi Santoshi. Santoshi Maa gets free and flies away. Devi Paulmi thinks to control her, else she will know I have trapped Narad, even Trishna’s truth can come out, what to do.

Dhairya goes to Trishna. She asks what is it. He says I forgot. She smiles and says fine, sit, maybe you can recall. He says I…. He sees her and tells about the deal. She says we will think of profit and loss later. Music plays….He stares at her. He says check the file, I will submit it tomorrow. She holds his hand. He says I will leave.

Devi Paulmi stops Santoshi Maa. Gaumata greets Brahmadev and tells everything. Devi Paulmi says you cheated me. Santoshi Maa says you don’t try to come in my way, else it won’t be good, how can you hold Narad captive. Devi Paulmi says I don’t need to answer you. Santoshi Maa asks her to answer. Devi Paulmi asks what are you doing here, what’s reason to enter here by cheat. Brahmadev and Gaumata come there. Devi Santoshi says I came here to free Narad, he is captive here. He gets shocked and asks who have kept him captive.

Devi Paulmi says I did not make him bee, if any man hides and enters my Kaksh, he becomes bee, Narad broke my privacy and got punished, I have no idea when did Narad become bee. Santoshi Maa says I think he is here, we should find him. He says fine, I will find him. He prays. Narad appears. He greets Santoshi Maa. Brahmadev asks him why did he become bee. Devi Paulmi worries.

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