Santoshi Maa 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bittoo’s BF lying to everyone. He says he came to meet Santoshi. They all get shocked. He says Santoshi and I truly love each other. Devi Paulmi smiles. Bittoo thinks this guy is acting so well. Devi Paulmi says my work ends here, I will go and sit happily, what will Santoshi do to get clear of the stain. She goes. Santoshi asks what nonsense are you saying. He says no use to lie now, we are caught. Santoshi slaps him and asks why are you lying. He asks her to say truth, they won’t kill her. Santoshi beats him.

She cries and turns to see her family believing that guy. Santoshi says I don’t know him. Bittoo signs him to apologize to everyone. He nods. He says don’t get angry, I have relation with Santoshi, why will I lie. Dadi comes and says this is not true.

Santoshi cries and asks Dadi to see what is he saying. Dadi beats him and asks him to speak out.

The guy says I m bleeding. Dadi says this is punishment to lie. Madhvi blames Santoshi. Daksha scolds Santoshi and points to her character. The guy lies and says I told Santoshi this is not right, and she said no one will see. Daksha scolds her and Madhvi beats Santoshi. Santoshi says I don’t know that guy, I m saying truth. Janardhan stops Madhvi, Madhvi asks Dadi will she take Santoshi’s side now. Dadi says wait, and asks the guy to come with her, if he loves Santoshi.

He asks him to write his address, they will come to his house to fix his and Santoshi’s marriage. He says don’t do this, what will happen if my family knows, I will never meet Santoshi now. He runs away. Seshnath blames Santoshi. Dadi asks everyone to stop it and get away from Santoshi.

Dadi hugs Santoshi. Daksha says she s such a characterless girl and goes. Dadi tells Santoshi that she believes her, everything will be fine, truth will come out one day, don’t cry.

Madhvi says neighbors will think all children are bad in this house. Daksha thinks if she kicks out Santoshi, how to repay money to Bua. Bittoo goes. Guddu says I m getting sleep, I will go. He asks Santoshi what is she doing here. Santoshi asks why, can’t I come here. She cries and says I did not know you think such about me, I did not do anything, if you feel Bittoo is getting wrong influence by me, I will not stay here. Daksha gets worried. Madhvi says look at her, Seshnath says we will talk tomorrow and goes.

Daksha worries and says everyone went to sleep by spoiling my sleep. Devi Paulmi talks to some Dev and goes. He says I will not tell anything. Bittoo talks to her BF about what happened today and ends call.

Santoshi packs her clothes. Dadi asks her what is she doing. Santoshi says I don’t have respect here, I will not live here. Dadi says I m seeing you in this avatar for the first time, I m with you, you raised voice against injustice, pack my clothes too, I will come with you. Santoshi says no, you stay here. Dadi says I m old, not weak, will you not serve me. Santoshi says I will earn and serve you. Dadi says you are my world, what will I do being here, I will be with you. Santoshi agrees. Dadi says come, we should have gone earlier, we will make our world, maybe this was wish of Santoshi Maa. Santoshi says no one understand me more than Maa’s pic.

Janardhan tells Daksha that Dadi and Santoshi left home. Daksha worries. Santoshi sees Bittoo with that guy, and says what is Bittoo doing with that guy, he came to meet Bittoo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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