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Santoshi Maa 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ankur going to talk to Santoshi. She says we will talk later, there is puja at home. He says wait, this is imp, you should know this, how much did you believe Dhairya. She thinks I should not agree to him instantly, else he will doubt. She says I believe Dhairya. He says I heard him saying I love you to Sinduri, he is cheating you. She says I know my husband. He says I don’t have proof now, else I would have showed you. She says fine then show me when you have proof. He says fine and goes. She thinks Dhairya’s plan is working.

Sharmili thinks what is Sweety doing with Guddu and cries. Daksha says its all because of your bad deeds. Sharmili says you can’t talk to me well. Daksha says I don’t think I have any benefit from you. Kanha ji as Shyam enters Santoshi’s

house. He plays flute. Sinduri listens to his flute and smiles. He greets her, and compliments her beauty. He asks about Santoshi. She asks why. He says she invited me. She thinks who is he and why did he come here.

He says my name is Murlidhar and I came for Shashti puja. She asks how did I know what I m going to ask. He says I can read expressions. She says Santoshi is not here and shows him directions. He smiles. She thinks how did this magic happen. He thanks her and says one who has to reach somewhere reaches there, no hurdle affects, its all fate and time play.

Daksha and Madhuri ask Seshnath and Janardhan to speak up, why are they silent. Sharmili cries. Seshnath says stop this drama, Guddi was not there, don’t know where did he go.

Three devis appear and bless Santoshi Maa. Santoshi Maa says I m glad you all came on my invitation. Indradev comes and greets them. He says Swarnrekha will come soon, she is excited about this festival, she maybe getting ready, you did right to organize Shashti. She says we are thankful to Narayana, he blessed world by Krishna’s avatar, we all will pray and thank Krishna, when he comes back, we will gift this cradle. He asks her to start arrangements soon, I will wait till Swarnrekha comes and then join you. Devi Parvati says its good, Swarnrekha took right lesson from the mistake. Swarnrekha says I can’t forget my insult, I will take revenge. She calls her brother and asks what can you do for me. He says everything you say. She asks him to make similar plate as Prasad plate, you have to put in your powers, then the Devis nand Devtas power will get less, don’t get late. He goes.

Ghungroo barks seeing Kanha. Santoshi worries ghungroo can bite Shyam and sends him. He says world can be won by love. She says I m glad you came, did you get bangles. He says that’s my work. She asks will you have juice or tea. He says I will eat butter, I love it. She asks who eats it these days, I will get it. He plays flute. She listens to the melody and says it feels Krishna Lord is playing flute. He says I m also Murlidhar. She says I wish to greet you. He blesses her. She goes to call everyone. He eats butter by hands. Kaki and Santoshi smile seeing him.

He finishes many pots and says I liked it, sorry I forget everything when I eat butter. Santoshi says this is last pot. He says now I m satisfied. He shows the bangles. He makes Kaki wear bangles. Santoshi asks Madhu to come and see bangles. Madhu says I don’t wear cheap bangles. Kaki says he is Santoshi’s friend and saved her life. Madhu thinks he is poor and says I wear branded bangles, which never break. Kanha ji smiles. Madhu says you think I m joking, I will show. Madhu’s bangles break.

He says sometimes ego breaks the things which no one can break. He asks her to see bangles, don’t take if you don’t like. Madhu says I will try. He makes her wear bangles. Daksha, Madhuri and Tinu come there and meet Santoshi. Madhuri likes the beautiful bangles. Santoshi welcomes the guests.

Santoshi Maa does arrangements for Shashti. Devi Saraswati asks her to see Shri Krishna sitting infront of her devotee. Santoshi says I m glad seeing this, we will start mantras in sometime. Daksha says this bangle seller looks so handsome, I wish our husbands looked handsome. Kanha ji says nature matters than face and tells about Krishna tying everyone with love, one can win world by love. Kaki says he talks sweet. Santoshi says he has something special.

He compliments Madhu. He asks all ladies to come and have bangles. Dhairya comes home. She argues with him to show Sinduri. She asks him to meet someone. He thinks I have to behave bad with Santoshi because of Sinduri. She introduces Dhairya. Kanha ji praises their Jodi. Sinduri thinks of Dhairya’s words. She says Murli saved my life that day. Dhairya thanks him. She says Murli plays flute well and Dhairya plays guitar well. Kanha says we will keep a face off.

Santoshi, Dhairya and entire family stand in the aarti. Santoshi sings Kanha tori………… Santoshsi sings aarti. A by comes and takes laddoo. Kanha ji says he likes laddoo, he is my younger brother Narad, he talks a lot but true. Santoshi gives laddoo to the boy and goes to sit and eat it. He asks Santoshi to do puja. Daksha says puja is left, its abshagun. He says no, this puja is kept by heart, there can’t be any abshagun in this. They all pray again. Sweety comes there and Madhuri and Daksha argue with her. They ask about Guddu. Sweety says I came here to meet my sister. Madhu says its me. Daksha and Madhuri get shocked.

Kanha ji plays flute and Dhairya plays guitar. Sinduri adds something in kheer and Santoshi to have Prasad first.

Update Credit to: Amena

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