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Santoshi Maa 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ankur following Dhairya. Dhairya sees him and changes way. Dhairya recalls Santoshi’s state and worries for her. He says Santoshi is unwell, I will end work and go to her. Santoshi has high fever and wishes Dhairya comes back soon. A man’s car comes from wrong way and the man argues with Dhairya. Dhairya says you came wrong way, whats your problem. Ankur asks the men to go and start.

Sweety likes the tea made by Guddu and says you made good tea, you have all the qualities of a good husband. Madhu asks what other qualities he has. Sweety says he does not ignore anything I say. Seshnath and Madhuri come there and greet them. Guddu asks why did you come here. Madhuri says we will stay where our son stays, we will help you in work. Madhu says shut up, Sweety kick

them out. Guddu thinks I can get out because of them.

Sweety asks Madhu to let them stay here, they will help us. Madhuri calls Sweety sweet and hugs her. Hari says Dhairya, you ended work soon today and asks him to sign on register to get money. A man comes and tells Dhairya that ten boxes are missing. Dhairya asks how can this happen, I counted boxes, I did work honestly. Hari says where did boxes go, leave from here, I don’t want thief driver. Dhairya says I did not do anything, my wife is not fine, I m not lying, I need money, give me my wage. The man asks him to get lost else he will call police. Dhairya leaves.

Ankur tells Madhu what he did. She laughs. He says see what happens later. She says this should be horror for them. Ankur asks for 6 lakhs for a contract. She asks what if you don’t get contract. He says don’t worry, that man won’t cheat me. She says maybe that man cheats you, don’t get into this. She goes. Pratap thinks to make plan to kill Madhu. Ankur gets angry and thinks mom thinks I m her servant, I have to think something for her. Dhairya comes to Santoshi and sees her bad state. He gets worried and checks her high fever. He goes out and stops a taxi. He asks him to give lift till hospital, I don’t have money. The taxi driver scolds him and goes.

Dhairya takes Santoshi in his arms and walks on the road. A man gets a stall. Dhairya asks his help. The man asks him to make Santoshi lie on it. Dhairya thanks him and takes her to hospital. The man asks him to trust Lord. Doctor checks Santoshi and says why did you get late in coming here. Dhairya asks what happened. Doctor says fever turned into infection, its dangerous. He writes medicine name and asks Dhairya to get it. Dhairya goes to buy medicine and says my wife is unwell, give me medicine on loan, I request you, her life is in danger. The man refuses to give him medicine. Dhairya requests and says make me do some work. The man asks him to go. Dhairya worries.

Nurse says patient’s state is getting bad. Doctor checks Santoshi and asks nurse to go and get injection. Dhairya prays to Santoshi Maa and says save your devotee. Narad says Mata, Santoshi is getting unwell, you have to save Dhairya. Santoshi Maa says this time is of Dhairya and Santoshi’s love. Dhairya sees beggars. The girl says I m not able to sing, my throat is aching. Doctor gives injection to Santoshi. Dhairya tells the beggar that he will sing and won’t ask for money. He sings Tere bina bhi kya jeena…… People give money. Doctor says don’t know when will her husband get money, it will be tough to save her, nurse check if we have substitute medicine.

Dhairya recalls Santoshi and sings. Girl collects much money. Doctor checks Santoshi and says we gave temporary medicine, but we can’t save her if her husband does not get medicine on time. The beggar gets glad by good collection and gives half share to Dhairya. Dhairya goes to pharmacy and buys medicine. He rushes to hospital. Nurse says maybe she won’t get saved. Dhairya gets medicine and says please save Santoshi. Doctor says good, we will try our best now. Santoshi is treated and opens eyes. Dhairya smiles.

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