Santoshi Maa 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa looking for Devi Paulmi. Narad says we have to find her soon, as bad activities in world are increasing. Santoshi Maa meets Devi Paulmi, who has lost her Kaya/looks. Santoshi Maa tells about the disaster and just she can save Devlok. Devi Paulmi asks what do you mean. Santoshi Maa tells her everything. Devi Paulmi says everyone has insulted me, you were against me, by what hope did you come to ask for my help. Santoshi Maa says if you have enmity with me, you can take revenge, but Brahmadev is waiting for you, leave anger, come with me. Devi Paulmi says I will not help you. But I can’t insult Brahmadev, if he called me, I will surely come. Santoshi Maa smiles and takes her to Dev Sabha.

Brahmadev welcomes Devi Paulmi and says I know you left your body,

you are from my family, so I will give you a Kaya. He gives her a Kaya/appearance. Devi Paulmi smiles. She thanks Brahmadev and says you called me for your benefit, else you would have not given me this appearance, you want me to help you, what is my profit. He says crime should be punished, only then justice is done, I m giving you a chance by which you can get clear of all crimes. She asks him to agree to him, she wants Indrasan. They get shocked.

Devi Parvati says don’t do this Brahmadev, else Devlok will fall in danger again. Devi Laxmi says yes, it means Devraj Inder will have to obey Devi Paulmi. Brahmadev says I have no way, so I give Devi Paulmi her wish. Devi Paulmi gets Indrasan and thanks him. He asks her to do her work.

Ujwal gets ready as lawyer. He says I made papers ready, we have to take Papa’s sign on NOC, and then house will be yours. Ankur compliments his looks in lawyer’s clothes. Tanasur is somewhere. Devi Paulmi comes to him and greets him as Mama Shri. She says you are from Asur family, Devtas cheated me and ended my identity and they think I will help them, I did this to get powers, now Kaya and Indrasan are mine, now three loks will be mine. The Devtas tell Brahmadev and everyone that Devi Paulmi did big cheat with them.

Tanasur laughs and says maybe you can cheat me too. She says no, there is no one more than relations for me, I have powers, but I have to do Tapp on mountain to get extreme powers. They both go. Brahmadev says if their tapp gets completed, they will become supreme and it will get tough to stop them, Devi Paulmi cheated us. Agnidev says she can’t attack on us and goes to stop them. Agnidev throws fire balls on them. Devi Paulmi fights back. She catches Agnidev. All Devis and Devtas get shocked. Devi Paulmi says now you are our detainee. Agnidev says you did not do right with us. Tanasur says you proved you are from Asur clan and laughs.

Brahmadev says I think I have to go now. Brahmadev and all Devias come there. Devi Paulmi opens eyes and gets a weapon to kill Tanasur. Tanasur gets shocked by the attack. Tanasur falls dead. Devi Paulmi and Agnidev smile. Brahmadev looks on. She apologizes to Agnidev to capture him, else Tanasur would have not believed her. Everyone get glad. Brahmadev says thanks a lot Devi Paulmi. She also thanks him. Devi Parvati says we could not understand you, forgive us. Brahmadev says you saved devlok from big danger, and blesses her. Santoshi Maa says you came to protect devlok on my request, thanks. Devi Paulmi thinks my motive was to get my powers, now my revenge will start. Devi Paulmi goes to her throne and sits. She thinks I have come back Devi Santoshi, I have more power and respect, see how I treat your devotees that they will pray to me. She laughs.

Dhairya and Santoshi are on the way with Paras and Bubbly. Santoshi says we are going right. Dhairya asks her to recall. She says I was in dicky and could not see well, I m saying this by guess. He asks her to think well. He gets angry on her. She says I m trying. Paras says don’t fight, Dhairya is also in tension. Dhairya apologizes to Santoshi. She smiles and says I thought you changed, its good I was wrong. Devi Paulmi sees Santoshi and says my first attack will be on Santoshi, I will do this work today.

Santoshi says its this road, I know. Devi Paulmi changes the road. Dhairya asks Santoshi to see now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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