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Santoshi Maa 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vajramushti looking for Ganpati Ankush. He finds the ankush and tries to get it. He gets in his true form and says now this Ankush will be of my Mata, she will be glad seeing this. He is unable to take it and says its protective by mantra, I have to free it of mantra. He breaks the shield and takes the ankush. he places a fake ankush there and disappears. Gaumata gets conscious and says what am I doing here, maybe I came here in sleepwalking.

Vajramushti tells Devi Paulmi that he did his work. She says I m proud of you. He says every work will be completed by this ankush. Devi Paulmi says Devi Santoshi acts great, I will see how Santoshi Mata reaches her bhakt, she does not know that reality has disappeared for her. Gaumata comes to Santoshi Maa. Santoshi Maa asks where

did you go. Gaumata says I went somewhere maybe in sleepwalking. Santoshi Maa sees the clear sky.

Pratap, Ujwal and Nupur talk why did Madhu keep the party. Dhairya thinks its surprise for everyone. Riya comes there with her parents. Dhairya and everyone get glad. Riya happily hugs Dhairya. They both smile. Santoshi smiles seeing them. Pratap greets Riya’s parents. Dhairya says I missed you. Riya says I missed tou too. Dhairya says everyone would be thinking whats Riya doing here. Madhu comes and greets them. Dhairya says I want to say the truth, the girl because of whom our marriage broke, her lie is exposed, we got to know she did that intentionally, Riya and I cleared the misunderstandings, I want to say Riya I love you. I want to marry you soon. Santoshi cries.

Riya says I m really sorry Dhairya, I doubted on you without thinking, I should have talked to you, I overreacted, infact, I should say sorry to everyone. Madhu says its fine Riya, we know your anger also had love, when all misunderstandings got cleared, why don’t we keep their engagement today. Everyone smile. Madhu asks Pratap. Pratap says yes, why not. Everyone clap. Madhu goes and gets rungs.

She asks Riya to make Dhairya wear the ring. Riya makes Dhairya wear the ring. They all clap. Kaka sees Santoshi crying. She says I was cutting onions. He says I have seen world, and I know difference between tears and water. Madhu gives ring to Dhairya. Dhairya makes Riya wear the ring.

Santoshi’s family comes there and gets shocked seeing Dhairya making Riya wear the ring. Santoshi gets shocked seeing her family. Madhu recalls how she called Daksha by Pushpa’s name and invited them for dinner. She thinks this is my house and how can Santoshi do what she wants, see the drama now, Santoshi will leave when I want. Daksha shouts. Madhu smiles. Dadi asks whats happening. Riya asks Dhairya what are you doing. Riya’s dad says we are doing our daughter’s engagement. Dadi says how can he get engaged with someone else, as he already has a wife. Riya asks Dhairya whats happening. Santoshi thinks to stop Dadi. She asks Dadi to come and talk, its misunderstanding. Dadi asks what misunderstanding, I m seeing my Jamai to get engaged to someone. Santoshi asks them to come with her. Riya’s dad asks Dadi what is she saying. Dadi says Dhairya is Santoshi’s husband. Riya and her parents get shocked. Dadi says Dhairya married Santoshi.

Riya says what nonsense, my Dhairya is not like that. Daksha says he filled sindoor in Santoshi’s maang, ask him. Riya asks Dhairya did he fill sindoor in Santoshi’s maang. Dhairya says yes, I filled sindoor just for revenge, she ruined my marriage, so I broke her marriage, I filled sindoor in her maang to ruin her life, I m not related to her, do you really think I will marry her. Dadi says but Dhairya has married Santoshi. She asks Madhu and Pratap how is their family to watch all this.

Daksha and Madhuri murmur that they will not let golden bird Dhairya go off their hands. Madhuri says they have allowed Dhairya to celebrate suhaag raat. They all get shocked. Riya asks Dhairya. Dhairya says what nonsense, I did not even touch Santoshi. Daksha says you stayed with Santoshi at pagphere time. Santoshi asks Daksha to keep quiet. Daksha says let me say, we kept Dhairya with Santoshi in one room, he is saying he did not do anything. She asks Riya to become Santoshi’s Sautan, then she can come, but remember Dhairya’s first wife’s rights will be of Santoshi only. Madhuri says you all know world, if there is one wife, he wants second, then he can have third wife also.

Madhu, Pratap and Nupur ask Riya’s parents to understand, Dhairya and Riya love each other, we should unite them. Seshnath asks whats Santoshi’s mistake in this, why is she punished. Dhairya asks Riya to look into his eyes, no need to listen to anyone, do you think I can love someone else except you….. Riya cries.

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  1. this storyline is crap you want to tell me because dharya filled santoshi head with with sindoor that makes them husband and wife nonsense no rituals were done and as for santoshi I thought she was different and had more class than that imagine dharyia abused her so much and treat her like a dog and yet she wants to be his wife just because of the sindoor and that nice fellow who was suppose to be her husband she could not care less to fight for his love as far as I see Riya belongs with dariya and santoshi well she should do the right thing and go back to the man she was suppose to marry he is far better than dharyia is it because of the wealth that she standing all this torment from dhayria

  2. I think enough of a soft kindhearted Santoshi, it’s time to stand up to Dhayria & his family.. It’s time to make him want you. As for Santoshi Maa, it makes me mad that a Goddess can’t see good/bad of another Goddess?. God never loose sights of his children..

  3. Should they be allowed to make stories about God and Goddess on their wish for TRP’s? I researched and found out that Santoshi Mata is not even mentioned in Kuran, Vedas and other ancient texts but it is a cult following which a famous films was made.

    I am not objected to Santoshi Maa but they should not be allowed to take advantage of tolerance of Hindu Community and make a mockery of that. Hinduism will become a joke if everyone is allowed it to mend their ways for profit.

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