Santoshi Maa 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asurs saying we will test your love. They hurt Santoshi. Dhairya shouts and says you trouble me, spare her. Santoshi says I got hurt in my feet. Kaki says but there is nothing to hurt you. Santoshi Maa says I got the link, Dhairya is there. Kaka says there is something invisible here. Ujwal says maybe ghost, we will run, we will call some tantric. Santoshi says you can go, but I will stay here till night, I know it will be same like before, I will not go without Dhairya.

Dhairya asks why are you doing this with me. Asur says its our Devi’s plan, we will snatch your independence if you do this. Dhairya asks which Devi. Asur says Devi Paulmi. They go. Dhairya says there will be some way to leave from here, I have to find out. Santoshi Maa goes to Brahmadev and asks about

humans getting invisible from Devi’s sight. He says such place is in Asurlok and Naglok, there is no such place on earth, else it will be some Maya, we have to find out its solution. She says we have to find about its creator. He asks her to wait, he will try to know about it. He says this is not any ordinary Maya, just Mahadev can help. Take three Devis along and go to Mahadev, tell him about this Maya.

Kaka says its night, we will find Dhairya. Santoshi asks Kaki and Ujwal to go home. Ujwal thinks if Kaka and Santoshi disappear at night, I will be rich. Dhairya sees Santoshi and thinks to do something to reach her. He takes a stick and checks the wall. Asur Raj sends the Asur. Devi Paulmi comes there and greets him.

She praises Asur Raj. She says we will get Santoshi here and then sacrifice them. He says there is a small problem, Santoshi and Dhairya are ordinary humans, we can’t stop their soul, our secret can come out, we will make any human sacrifice them, so that Devgans stay in illusion. She asks how will we get human. He says Kranti Maa will do this. She says she is scared after Santoshi Maa’s incident. He says her greed will make the way for us. She says I trust you. Santoshi and Kaka sit there. Dhairya says there will be some way to go out. He finds a way. Asurs catch him. Dhairya runs.

Asur Raj meets Kranti Maa. She says I got saved by good fate. He asks her to come with him and see his gift, a kingdom. She asks what, we will see. Devis come to Mahadev. Devi Parvati plays shank and awakens Mahadev. She tells the problem. He asks her not to worry, he will send Kumbak and get info.

Kranti Maa asks why are Santoshi and Kaka sitting here. Asur Raj says they are sitting to see what I m going to show you. He shows her a village. She gets shocked. She asks what’s this miracle. Santoshi asks who is there, help us. Asur Raj and Kranti Maa enter the village. Santoshi says I heard someone. Asur Raj says this is Devi Paulmi’s maya, Santoshi wants to see our world as her husband is trapped here. Kranti Maa thinks Devi Paulmi is powerful. Asur Raj says I made this world, you can do anything here. Kranti Maa smiles. Gaumata says I have to keep an eye on them to inform Maa. Kaka says its your illusion, we would have seen someone. Santoshi prays to Maa.

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