Santoshi Maa 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi asking Dhairya to take her help, and taunt on her poverty later, she won’t say anyone. She takes him and says I will leave you to your room. He says I don’t want to go anywhere, I want food, you are cook, make something for me. She makes him sit and says I will get some food. He holds her hand and stops her. She asks what are you doing. He says be quiet, I bought you by 1 lakh rs, and holds her. He says I don’t want boring food, I want to eat burger. She asks what. He asks her to listen and make it, as I want burger right now. She says fine. He says go then and leaves her.

She thinks who to ask about burger recipe, Kaka will help me, but he would be sleeping right now. She thinks what to do. Daksha waits for Santoshi’s call and says Seshnath is not

giving any money. Bittoo comes there and gives her phone. She says Radhe gave me this phone and cries. She says I don’t want this, I will not keep this. Daksha scolds her for all this clever things.

Santoshi goes to Pushpa and wakes her up. She asks her about burger recipe as Dhairya is asking for it. Pushpa asks her to make it herself and sleeps. Santoshi thinks whom to call and calls Sanketh. She says she got his number from diary and called him, she wants his help. He says I will help, did Dhairya trouble you. She says no, but he wants to have burger right now, I want its recipe. He says maybe he is troubling you, and asks her to wait, till he checks on internet. Dhairya sings Santoshi is bhakt mera burger banado……

Dhairya sees her on phone and goes to her. She waits till Sanketh tells her the recipe. Dhairya says caught you, you are on call at this time, are you talking to your boyfriend. She says I don’t have a boyfriend. He says no one. She says no. He says okay, how boring. He sings koi na koi chahiya burger banana wala…….. Sanketh hears him and asks Santoshi is Dhairya drunk. She says yes, don’t worry, I will manage, did you get recipe. He says yes, its not hard, you note it down.

He tells her the recipe. Dhairya sings burger ke bin hum reh nai sakte, kyunki cook tum hi ho…. Santoshi notes down. Sanketh says take care, call me if you need help. She thanks Sanketh and ends call. Dhairya asks her is she talking to Sanketh, do you know what this mean to talk to him at this time. She says no, I was talking to him to know burger recipe. He says Sanketh knows burger making, why did you not call your Santoshi Maa, she would have sent it directly. She says sit here, I will make it and bring. She goes. He says fine, bring it.

Devi Paulmi walks on the rocks. She sees Santoshi making burger, and says these house’s humans are making my work easy to trouble Santoshi. Santoshi gets the ingredients and ties her hair. She starts making burger. Devi Paulmi plucks her hair and blows it. The hair goes on earth and falls in that burger. Santoshi takes the burger and gives it to Dhairya. He says congrats for bringing it today. She says thanks. He takes a bite and says not bad. He sees the hair and says yuck, it has hair, you idiot, you are such a loser. He throws the burger and gets angry. She asks him not to do this, else she will scream. She calls out Madhu and Kaka. Madhu and Pratap come out. Ujwal and Nupur too come there. Nupur says come lets see her. Santoshi screams and falls down, asking Dhairya to stop. Dhairya throws things on her. She says it can hurt me wait. He ruins many things. Pratap sees this and gets shocked.

Everyone come there. Santoshi asks Madhu to see. Dhairya says you have put hair in my burger. She says I did not. He says I will show my aim now. Pratap asks Madhu whats this madness, he is drunk, you spoiled him, stop him. Nupur says Dhairya broke costly flowers pots in drunken state. Ujwal says if he does anything, it will be case which I have to fight for free. Pratap says I will stop Dhairya. Madhu stops him and says it would be Santoshi’s mistake, I know my son, he never does anything without reason. Santoshi asks them to stop Dhairya. Dhairya says no one can stop me.

Madhu says I knew Kranti Mata’s insult will be costly. They all blame Santoshi. Dhairya drags Santoshi and kicks her out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Anyone plz tell me…
    Dhairya is whose son???

  2. Hi Anamika. Kaka (the old man in d house)- his youngest son. But his bari bahu treats him as her son!

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