Santoshi Maa 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi asking Santoshi Maa to help her and crying. Santoshi Maa helps her. Rudrakshi asks Dhaitya to sit and have some rest. Dhairya says we will get late if we sit here, we should go. He lifts her and they leave. Devi Paulmi says this girl is definitely created by Devi Santoshi, if Dhairya reaches home, Trishna will find him, I should create hurdle and stop him here. She makes Dhairya fall down by putting stones in his way. Rudrakshi falls away and shouts Dhairya. He sees some deep pit and thinks is she inside. He asks her not to worry, he is coming to save her.

He gets a tree branch and holds it, to get down in pit. Devi Paulmi laughs and says if you have to save your life, you have to leave that girl and leave. Dhairya sees many snakes coming to the pit surface.

Gaumata and Santoshi Maa look on. Rudrakshi comes and saves Dhairya by hitting the snakes. He sees her and asks how did you come here. She says I came out before. She helps him. He comes out and gets her on shoulders. She says I feel like sitting on Hanuman’s shoulders. He smiles.

Sharmili comes to Madhuri. Madhuri hides the money. Sharmili asks for her share, and says if you don’t give, I will tell truth about Seshnath. Madhuri thinks and asks her to take share from Daksha. Sharmili goes. Madhuri thinks Sharmili is so greedy and can do anything for money.

Kaka waits for Santoshi and calls her. He thinks did Trishna and Kamini do anything to Santoshi, he should find her. Santoshi sees her phone ringing and could not answer. Dhairya and Rudrakshi are on the way in jungle. He smiles hearing her talks. He shows the light and says maybe we will find some way there. She asks him to walk ahead.

Kaka comes to jungle and says Kamini comes here to pray, maybe Santoshi came here. He looks for Santoshi. Kamini and old lady do some evil puja. Old woman says Kamini don’t worry for Santoshi, I will see her, I have to take revenge from her. Kamini leaves. Kaka sees her and follows her.

He stops Kamini and asks about Santoshi. She says how will I know. He says Santoshi was following you to find Dhairya, tell me where is she, does she not have right to find Dhairya, if he is her husband, answer me. She asks him to find himself and goes. Kaka says this woman will not tell me, I have to find Santoshi myself.

Rudrakshi says I think we are on right path. Dhairya smiles. Kamini tells Trishna that we caught Santoshi, if we do something about Kaka, we will get this house, there is no one left. Trishna asks what did you say, you meant you killed Dhairya, you lied to me. She holds her neck and says I will kill you. Kamini says listen to me. Trishna says you can’t be my mom, I will kill you. Devi Paulmi orders Trishna to leave Kamini. Kamini asks her to atleast listen to Devi Paulmi. Trishna refuses and suffocates Kamini.

Devi Paulmi says my devotees can’t fight. I have to stop Trishna. Narad comes there and greets her. She thinks to send Narad. Narad asks her why did she leave from Shivratri function. She says I will answer you later. She thinks if Narad does not go, then Kamini will die.

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