Santoshi Maa 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gaumata coming. Trishna opens door for her. Sharmili frees Santoshi and removes the tape. Santoshi vomits. Dhairya asks Gaumata where did she go. She says I have to gone to make my dad have medicines, Santoshi did not send me, don’t worry, I will feed her food. Dhairya says if you get careless, I will not leave you. Trishna asks her to leave home if she does any mistake. Santoshi Maa thanks Gaumata for taking right decision on right time. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi will bear pain for 7 days and then….. She laughs.

Gaumata tells Trishna that Santoshi ate food. She thinks when to succeed by taking Trishna’s hand prints. Trishna asks for cloth to clean. Gaumata smiles. She gives her white cloth. Trishna holds cloth. She calls Gaumata weird. Trishna cleans her

laptop with the cloth. Gaumata thinks her hardwork succeeded. Santoshi Maa smiles. Trishna puts the cloth. Gaumata takes the cloth.

She goes to Santoshi Maa and shows the cloth. Santoshi Maa thanks her. Santoshi Maa prays. Gaumata asks what’s this place. Santoshi Maa says just Devis and Devtas are allowed to come here, we can find truth by this waster easily. She puts cloth in water. She says this will take some time. She prays. Santoshi cries. Dhairya and Trishna catch a man and threaten him of death. Dhairya says idiots work hard, I m smart to have shortcuts. The man says I have family, you will also have wife and kids. Dhairya slaps him and asks him not to say about wife. Trishna asks the man to agree. Dhairya and Trishna get glad as the man agrees. They leave that man. He scares the man and asks him to drink. He laughs.

Sharmili talks to Santoshi and says I m thinking wrong things about Dhairya, he is annoyed with me, so he is behaving like this. She stays positive. Sharmili says he should have taken care of you. Santoshi asks what are you hiding. Sharmili says you are living in big cheat, Dhairya has kept you here only for child, he has cheated you and took your sign on divorce papers. Santoshi gets shocked.

She asks how do you know, I did not sign any papers. Sharmili tells her everything. Santoshi cries. Sharmili apologizes. She tells Dhairya’s plan. Santoshi and Kaka get shocked. Santoshi gets angry and shouts why is Dhairya doing this with me. She cries. Kaka consoles her.

She says this time I will not listen to anyone. He asks her to think for her baby. She says its my child. He says I can understand your plan, I heard everything, I was happy to get you in this house, I thought Dhairya will change, I forgot Dhairya can never change, he has become devil. She says its about my child, Dhairya does not know mother can do anything, he has to face me now. Kaka feels guilty. He asks her to go with Sharmili and never come back, this is good for your child. Sharmili opens the chain lock. Kaka blesses her.

Santoshi Maa and Gaumata see the cloth changing color. Gaumata asks why do you look worried. Santoshi Maa says its strange, Trishna is on earth, she has no past and future, how is this possible.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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